The fastest in history! Harbin International Auto Show was stopped after only one morning.

Harbin international auto show.

Harbin international auto show.

  Cctv news(Reporter Li Wenxue) Due to the need of epidemic prevention and control, on August 3, the 24th Harbin International Auto Show in 2021, which opened only one morning, was called the fastest auto show in history.

  On the evening of August 2nd, the Harbin Municipal Command for Dealing with Pneumonia in novel coronavirus issued the 25th Announcement, temporarily closing and stopping some places and activities that are easy to cause the spread of the epidemic. Sun Zhe, mayor of Harbin, also stressed at the meeting of the leading group for the city’s response to the COVID-19 epidemic that it was unnecessary not to hold large-scale meetings, forums, trainings, performances, exhibitions and promotions.

  The Harbin Auto Show, originally scheduled to be held at Harbin International Convention and Exhibition Center from August 3 to 9, opened as scheduled.

  Harbin International Auto Show, called Harbin International Automobile Industry Exhibition, is sponsored by China Automobile Industry Association, China Automobile Engineering Association, Harbin Municipal People’s Government and Harbin Great Wall International Exhibition Co., Ltd., which brings together 892 latest models from 12 countries and regions, with an exhibition area of 125,000 square meters, divided into 2 main venues, 12 exhibition areas, 7 exhibition halls, 4 outdoor exhibition areas and 3 activity areas.

  Due to the need of epidemic prevention and control, the 24th Harbin International Auto Show in 2021 was stopped after only one morning, and will be postponed.

Reasons for parking your car and not wanting to leave Inventory of advanced car audio.

  [XCAR 2018 Guangzhou Auto Show Original]

  I don’t want to leave after parking the car. I want to enjoy my solitude in this private space and listen to a music that moves me. And a good car stereo can often maximize the restoration of your favorite songs and turn the car into a concert hall. At Guangzhou Auto Show, many exhibition cars are equipped with world-class stereos, and friends who like music and driving should not miss it.



  Not many people know about ELS audio. If it weren’t for it, it is estimated that this set of high-end audio is also unknown to Chinese people. In fact, ELS is a product of Panasonic. ELS surround sound system is an audio brand of enthusiast level.


  This set of ELS car audio is produced by Elliot Scheiner, a master of music hall. He has won more than 20 Grammy nominations, 8 awards, 4 Emmy nominations and 2 awards. The Grammy Music Award is one of the highest music awards in the world and one of the four major music awards in the United States, which is equivalent to the Oscar of the film festival. The old man can win the prize eight times. Who else in the music industry refuses to accept it?


  This stereo has 16 speakers and 16 independent channels, and four Highline ultra-thin stereos are installed on the roof, creating a wonderful sound stage effect and a delicate sound quality close to the original sound, thus creating an immersive 3D hi-fi experience.

  As for the appearance, the fog-silver decorative cover looks a little single. If it is not the words ELS STUDIO 3D above, it may only be felt when it sounds.


  As the world’s top audio manufacturer, DYNAUDIO Dynaudio is an old friend. Although Dana’s position in the audio industry is unshakable, the car audio market is another environment. Volkswagen has spent a lot of time on the former Phaeton model, and Phaeton even had a higher priority than (|) within the Volkswagen Group. Volkswagen has never been stingy with building materials on this model. Dana also contributed this Dynaudio Confidence Sound System to Phaeton, and now Phaeton is gone.


  It is mounted on the Volkswagen Touareg model and is called Dynaudio Consensus Tanner advanced sound system. This set of audio has high requirements for sound source and high sound resolution, and is suitable for listening to high notes or medium notes. Compared with Harman’s stereo, the bass drums may be cleaner and less sloppy. The total power reaches 730 watts, which is more inclined to the original sound.


  In terms of appearance, the shape of Dana audio comes down in one continuous line with Volkswagen, which is low-key and not fancy, without gorgeous metal patterns, like deliberately integrating audio into the interior, so that you can ignore their existence. If you want to get eye-catching visual effects and friends to show off, Dana may let you down.

Bespoke Audio System“(|)d By Music”

  In the past, the models did not pay much attention to the sound, and there was a certain gap between them and other top brands in terms of appearance and hardware used, not to mention the positioning of ultra-luxury brands. The appearance of this Bespoke Audio System car audio system is necessary.


  This sound system has 18 speakers, driven by an 18-channel amplifier, and the maximum power reaches 1300 watts. The data is not eye-catching, but it is definitely high-end and the price is extremely high.


  In terms of appearance, the Bespoke speaker package is very conspicuous, the golden metal texture is a little too heroic, and the grid design is elegant. The double R logo in the middle shows its identity, and also highlights the artistic conception of taking the car as the center and the sound system as the supplement.

The activity of "Meeting Cherry Flower Sea" in Xixiang County of Hanzhong City was launched.


The spring breeze fills the garden, and it is as beautiful as snow. In the past few days, the temperature has warmed up, and the cherry blossoms in the cherry ditch scenic spot in Xixiang County of Hanzhong City are competing to bloom, attracting tourists from all walks of life to enjoy the flowers and take photos, and experience the wonderful artistic conception of "People in Traveling in a pictorial world".


On March 6th, the launching ceremony of "Meet the Cherry Flower Sea" activity in Xixiang County of Hanzhong City was held on the water stage beside the Cherry Lake in Cherry Valley Scenic Area. This year’s "Meet the Cherry Flower Sea" activity is sponsored by Xixiang County Party Committee and Xixiang County People’s Government, and will carry out activities such as wearing Hanfu to swim in the flower sea, painting and calligraphy into the scenic spot, and "walking in the garden to bask in the beautiful scenery" to commend advanced models such as county-level civilized units, civilized towns and villages, moral models, honest villagers and civilized families in 2023. The activities are rich in elements and elegant in style, allowing tourists to appreciate the beauty of ecology, nature and humanity from multiple angles in the landscape and pastoral areas.


The activity of "Meeting Cherry Flower Sea" is one of the characteristic cultural tourism brands created by Xixiang County, which has been successfully held for 15 sessions. During this activity, Xixiang County will not only carry out a variety of cultural tourism activities, but also focus on strengthening scenic route guidance, environmental improvement, food supervision and other guarantees, continuously strengthen the comprehensive improvement of the tourism market, improve the quality of tourism services, and ensure a good and comfortable tourism environment for tourists.


Cherry Valley Scenic Area is famous for its abundant cherries. After more than ten years of development and construction, it has developed and built a core area of 4 square kilometers, and has won the titles of "National Agricultural Tourism Demonstration Site", "Beautiful Garden" and "National Soil and Water Conservation Science and Technology Demonstration Park" successively. Today’s Cherry Valley Scenic Area is characterized by mountains and rivers, flowers and birds, beautiful scenery and complete infrastructure. The four seasons garden, viewing platform, cultural corridor, Zodiac Garden and other punch-in sightseeing spots are all beautiful, integrating leisure, vacation and agricultural eco-sightseeing, and have become the back garden for people’s daily leisure and entertainment.