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Huawei P7 realizes the dream of tens of millions, and needs to climb over "three mountains"

The Huawei Ascend P6 was a success.

On June 18, 2013, the P6 was released in London, UK, priced at 2688 yuan. This is a brave exploration of Huawei’s brand road. Yu Chengdong, president of Huawei’s end point, released a bold statement that the sales target of P6 is 10 million units. In a year, P6 sales 4 million units, far from achieving the so-called goal. But this does not affect the success of P6.
Say it’s a success, because P6 is a pathfinding product. Since it’s a pathfinding, it doesn’t matter if you can reach your goal. The key is to see where the road leads. If the road is right, don’t be afraid of the distance.
Taking this road, Huawei wants profits, and related to it, there are brand premiums and reducing dependence on operators. Although thousands of people have invested in research and development and over 100 million in marketing investment, shipping 4 million at a price of about 3,000 yuan is enough to amortize these costs. According to Yu Chengdong, a certain brand premium has been formed. Huawei’s global brand recognition of consumer goods has increased from 25% in 2012 to 52%. P6 is indispensable. Xu Qinsong, vice president of Huawei’s consumer business, said that the ratio of Huawei’s intelligent end point in domestic public channels to operator channels is 1:1. It is speculated that P6 should not be delayed in reducing dependence on operations. In addition, Yu Chengdong continues to sit at the end point and continue the P6 strategy, which also reflects Huawei’s high-level recognition of the success of P6.
It is not easy for Huawei Ascend P7 to continue the P6’s dream of millions.
In recent days, Huawei Ascend P7 has held press conferences in Paris, France and Beijing, the capital. Yu Chengdong once again threatened that the sales volume of a single product will reach 10 million, and this dream of tens of millions has been transferred from P6 to P7. On the road of the brand, P6 is the way to explore, and P7 has already identified the direction and started to run. Huawei will have a sales forecast, even if it is less than 10 million, it will definitely not be a small number. The burden of P7 is really not light.
There are four advantages that can give Huawei the confidence to take the plunge on the P7:
First, the brand influence of Huawei and P6 can play a roleIt has been mentioned above, and it will not be expanded here.
Second, replication expansion can increase overseas market share.Huawei’s strength lies in getting operators. At present, most of the overseas markets are shipped through operators, which is highly reproducible. Although the situation in each country in the overseas market is different, the expansion experience can be learned. At the press conference in Paris, Yves Beyer, executive vice president of France Telecom Orange, was on the P7 platform, which can see the recognition of Huawei. This year, Huawei’s overseas marketing investment is still very large, including sponsorship marketing covering the five major European leagues. The first batch of P7 listing countries has risen from the original 8 countries to the current 33 countries. It is foreseeable that P7 will achieve good results in overseas markets.
Third, Huawei’s HiSilicon chip is a powerful backing for production capacity.The 4G end point has not seen scale, and the bottleneck is the chip. Huawei HiSilicon chip sold $2 billion in 2013, making it the largest chip solution company in China and ranking among the top 20 in the world. In the process of achieving the five-mode and ten-frequency requirements of operators, HiSilicon’s time progress is second only to Qualcomm (currently also Marvell and Ericsson have realized it, but the production capacity is limited). At present, Qualcomm accounts for more than 80% of the 4G chip, and the production capacity of general 4G end point products depends on Qualcomm. And Huawei can have no worries about production capacity with its own chips and good cooperative relations with Qualcomm.
Fourth, there is still a certain window period for the development of 4G end points.MIIT Telecom Research Institute released data show that from January to April this year, the cumulative sales volume of 4G mobile phones 16.36 million, which is far behind the sales target of the three operators totaling over 100 million. The current 4G market is still less than demand, at least from the perspective of operators. Although Huawei wants to reduce its dependence on operators, it still acknowledges that operators are the main body of its channel sales. With 4G subsidies from operators, it is relatively easy for P7 to form a certain sales scale.
However, to achieve the dream of selling tens of millions of units, it is still very difficult overall, and there are "three mountains" in front of you.
First, the operator’s channel end point subsidy will be tightened, and P7 sales will be affected.
Since the beginning of this year, the three operators have increased their investment in the construction of 4G networks; the inter-network settlement has greatly reduced the profits of Huawei P7’s largest partner. The implementation of the "business-to-business" policy after June 1 will bring pain to the operators in the short term. Overall, it will be an indisputable fact that the profits of operators will drop sharply. The SASAC, the regulatory department of the three operators, will not sit idly by and will definitely put forward requirements to reduce costs and ensure profits. The network is fundamental, and investment in it cannot be reduced. Then it must be made a fuss about end point subsidies and channel remuneration.
How big the impact on P7 will be depends on the time proposed by SASAC. The worst case scenario is that the three operators’ profits fell sharply in June and began to reduce end point subsidies in July. In a better case, it is not expected to be later than the end of the year.
The tightening of end point subsidies for operators will make the indicator orientation of mobile phone sales more prominent. The so-called indicator orientation, first, if operators want to retain or develop high-end customers, they must sell a certain amount of high-end mobile phones, such as Apple, Samsung, HTC, etc. Second, if operators want to expand the scale of users, they must sell a large number of low-end mobile phones to impact sales. Limited subsidies will flow to the high-end and low-end. The price of Huawei P7 is 2888 yuan, which is very embarrassing and may be separated from the operator’s key development models. There is not much time window left for P7. Whether it can reduce the impact depends on Huawei’s negotiating ability with operators.
The second one, the 2000-3000 yuan open market is almost monopolized, and the P7 competition has greater resistance.
The reason why the thousand-yuan machine market is in full swing is that the entry threshold for this price segment is low, the competition is fierce, and there is no monopolist. The mid-range and high-end are different. It is an indisputable fact that the high-end is monopolized by Apple and Samsung. The situation in the mid-end market is similar. There are two forces. One is the price-reduced version of foreign high-end products, such as Samsung, Apple, HTC, LG, Nokia, Sony, etc. The user base of this force is very clear. They want to buy high-end foreign brands. They only want to own them at a reasonable price, not early adopters. The other is the three major brands in the open market, Gionee, OPPO, and VIVO (among which OPPO and VIVO belong to BBK). No matter whether it is on a third-party e-commerce platform or a physical mobile phone store, the new products in this price range are basically dominated by these three companies.
From the perspective of product configuration, design and quality, P7 is not inferior in this price range, but it is not outstanding either. Four brands are on the table, each with their own strengths. In this case, it is marketing and channels that are at stake.
In terms of marketing investment, Huawei is much smaller than these three companies. Mainly because Huawei has long-term cooperation with operators, the need for marketing efforts is not large. The three open market brands are different, and they need to rely on their own strength and invest more in entertainment program titles, in-feed ads, soft advertising, etc.
In terms of channels, Huawei is in its infancy. The three open market brands are all their own fixed sales channels, which are spread all over the country. Thanks to long-term manufacturers’ profits, the channel loyalty is high. Huawei has also been expanding social channels in the past two years. Its expansion model is "4 + Top16", that is, it cooperates with agents of the four major chains of Sunny, Gome, Dixintong, and Leyu and Top16 in various provinces. This kind of cooperation has just started, and the channel support is difficult to match the three open brands. Channel construction does not happen overnight. Having channels is just the beginning. The key is the enthusiasm of the channel, which depends on the coverage rate and first push of the product in the channel.
The third block, the omni-channel layout product, poses a great challenge to P7 traders.
Generally, when a manufacturer launches a flagship product, they will choose one or several main channels for sales. This can not only cultivate channel feelings, but also improve the sales enthusiasm of the channel and invest more resources. The strategy of P7 is different. Just online, P6 has chosen 7 channels such as Huawei Mall,, Tmall, Ning, Gome, Yihaodian, and Amazon to sell at the same time. For users, this is a good thing, and products can be bought in various channels. For channel providers, they cannot reflect their own advantages, and their enthusiasm will not be very high. If you want which channel to launch P7 first or increase promotions, then most of this investment must come from Huawei.
The more channels there are, the more difficult it is to trade. It is mainly reflected in two aspects. One is price management. Each channel has its own small nine or nine, and has its own promotion strategy, so P7 will definitely form different prices in different channels. The appearance of random prices will affect the brand of P7. A shrewd channel provider will definitely require Huawei to provide a full price guarantee or a price guarantee for several months, transferring the risk to Huawei. The second is inventory management. Each channel provider forecasts market demand differently, and the sales situation is also different, so there will be a large amount of inventory spread on the channel. This is a great challenge for Huawei’s traders. Poor inventory management, even if a single product earns more profits in the early stage, it may be tied to the later clearance of tail goods.
The "three mountains" are all pressing on Huawei’s soft underbelly. If you turn over, both the P7 and Huawei’s brand strength will be greatly enhanced. If you can’t turn over, I think Huawei will continue to climb and explore on this road, and will not stop.
Author: Mei Garden Statement; WeChat official account: Statement (mhy_chenshu)

The movie "Hua Qiangu" released the "Stay with You" version trailer on January 20. It is difficult to choose between good and evil

A few days ago, starring Chen Turin and Li Chengbin, Mao Zijun starred in a special role, Lai Meiyun and Zhang Zining starred, Xu Muchan starred in a special friendship role, Chen Xiaodong and Zhang Li starred in a friendship role, and Jiang Yiming, Wang Xichao, Yang Yi, Xie Chengze, Xie Zichen and other co-starring Oriental fantasy film "Hua Qiangu" exposed the "Stay with You" version of the trailer. As a phenomenal hit IP, the release of many famous scenes in the trailer makes people dream back to the past, restarting the memory of this unparalleled love for the whole people. Hua Qiangu and Baizi paint immortals and demons in a special way, but they can’t love each other, and they can’t choose between good and evil. The film uses Oriental fantasy colors as a light painting style, re-presenting the strong theme of female growth, transformation and relief. After nine years of company, the audience is invited to join the long-term stay. The movie "Flower Qiangu" will be released nationwide on January 20.

Cultivating immortals and changing one’s life is fate or calamity, and it is destined to stay for a long time and rise again

The movie "Hua Qiangu" is adapted from Guoguo’s work "Hua Qiangu", which tells the story of the ancient times, when all the immortals worked together to annihilate the demon gods, and the power of the demon gods was sealed in the three major artifacts. After a thousand years, the evil thoughts of the world gathered, and the seal of the three major artifacts loosened. Once the power of the demon gods gathered, the six realms would be destroyed. The head of Changliu, Bai Zihua, summoned a group of immortal secret merchants with the intention of strengthening the seal. But all the forces of all parties competed for the artifact for their own selfish desires, which caused Bu Yuanding, the leader of the three artifacts, to erupt with deadly poison gas and slaughter the villagers. There was a girl in the village, Hua Qiangu, who had provoked the demons since she was a child, and the flowers and plants withered wherever she dripped She was the only one who survived the village slaughter, and those who didn’t know it thought that she had invited the natural disaster and chased after her. Hua Qiangu went to stay for a long time in her life, trying to change her fate through immortal cultivation. But who knew that Hua Qiangu was not only involved in the battle for the artifact, but also found out that she was the real body of the demon god. Fortunately, Bai Zihua saw that her nature was pure and kind, and taught her personally. However, in order to welcome the arrival of the demon god, the mastermind behind the scenes set up a plan to lure Hua Qiangu to gather the artifact, causing the lives to be ruined… In the face of the murder of her lover, the departure of her loved ones, and the annihilation of Hua Qiangu by pain and resentment, how should she choose this time

In the latest trailer released today (January 4), Hua Qiangu, who has the real body of the demon god, was misunderstood by the world and fled all the way to long stay, but she asked to no longer be displaced in the chaotic times and have a place to live. Bai Zi Hua accepted her as a disciple, and the destined fetters of the two have been intertwined since then. However, creation has tricked people, and Hua Qiangu’s demon god power has gradually been stimulated. In order to protect the common people and rescue his apprentice from being hurt by the demon god’s power, Bai Zi Hua decided to use his thousand-year cultivation base to give it a go. Even so, he still couldn’t get Hua Qiangu out of the fate of being pierced by the soul-destroying nail. The injustice of the world made Hua Qiangu cry unwillingly to fate, and finally woke up the demon god to return to the world. At the end of the trailer, the seriously injured white painting picked up his sword and looked at the powerful demon god with his eyes like torches. How would the ending be?

It is difficult to choose between good and evil, and join hands to go to the nine-year covenant

The identities of Hua Qiangu and Baizi Hua Fairy and Demon were born into opposition, and they couldn’t love each other. Baizi Hua knew that Hua Qiangu was burdened with too many misunderstandings from the world, and from the moment he saved Hua Qiangu, the tribulation of their love began. Love sprouted between the day and night of the master and the disciple’s relationship and thoughts, but the injustice of fate and the hatred of the world eventually pushed the two to the end of their lives. In order to save the master, Hua Qiangu was injured by an arrow, but in exchange for the sword stab of the beloved person, the sword of broken thoughts symbolizing the friendship between the master and the disciple was finally broken. Flower Qiangu, the demon god, stood proudly in the world, opened the revenge mode of divine power, and completely stimulated the conflict and broke with the world. Bai Zi painting in order to end the calamity to risk, even if he for Hua Qiangui block the anger of the world, but the opposition between good and evil they ultimately hard to choose.

As a phenomenon-level hit IP, from the novel to the drama, to the current movie, the fatalistic sadomasochism between the two has been deeply concerned by IP fans, and it can still ignite the enthusiasm of IP fans after nine years. Hua Qiangu’s love is hard to hide being deeply corroded by the pool of unfeeling water, and famous scenes such as Bai Zi’s painting of being punished by immortals to protect her life make people dream back to the past, restarting the memory of the whole people for this unparalleled love. The film’s unswerving and reckless emotional interpretation of the two is exciting. From the slender girl to the peerless demon god, from "I wish, I ask" to "I dare, I can", the film gives a hearty and colorful writing of Hua Qiangu’s fate transformation.

The entire film was filmed in Guangxi, which not only integrated the beautiful natural scenery of Guangxi into the film, but also skillfully integrated world-class cultural heritage Huashan rock paintings and national intangible cultural heritage Nuo opera into the plot at multiple levels and perspectives, enhancing the influence and dissemination of Chinese civilization in a way that "moisturizes things and is silent".

The movie "Hua Qiangu" is produced by Tang Lijun as producer, Li Jinwen as producer, Zhang Chaoli as director, Zhu Yuhan as screenwriter, Zhang Wenbao as director of photography, Guo Yongren as action director, Li Zhou as director of modeling, Wang Jingjing as art director, A Kun as music director, Lin Aner as editing director, the film will be officially released on January 20, so stay tuned for this romantic fantasy love story.

Getting started is not enough? LaVida’s new time limit is 79,900 "freezing point price", which breaks the entry threshold.

  To meet the scorching summer, LaVida Xinrui, the "new national quality family car" of SAIC Volkswagen, will launch the summer freezing point price from now on. Before August 31, 2023, it will be reduced by 20,000 yuan and 79,900 yuan within a limited time, and on the basis of the original "entry is high", the threshold will be further lowered and it will become the king of cost performance that no one in its class can match.

Getting started is not enough? LaVida's cutting-edge limited time is 79,900 "freezing point price", which breaks the entry threshold _fororder_image001

  Buy "new" and not buy the old one for less than 80 thousand, and you can have Volkswagen’s latest boutique sedan.

  In recent years, there are few new faces in the entry-level sedan market, and LaVida Xinrui, as a brand-new product, just went on the market in June this year. LaVida Xinrui is based on the brand-new MQB platform of Volkswagen Group, and adopts brand-new young design, adopting the same starry front face design of LaVida family, lattice energy star drilling lower grille and penetrating dynamic upper grille, which satisfies users’ pursuit of high value. LaVida Xinrui also launched a brand-new body color, such as "dopamine color" such as turquoise blue and cat’s eye blue. After going out of the street, the rate of turning back is extremely high, which easily captures the hearts of young people.

Getting started is not enough? LaVida's cutting-edge limited time is 79,900 "freezing point price", which breaks the entry threshold _fororder_image002

  Getting started is not enough? 79,900 "freezing point price" lowered the entry threshold again.

  In addition to the attractive appearance, LaVida’s cutting-edge entry model is also fully equipped, which can be called "entry is high", and then superimposed this time, it will drop by 20,000 yuan, which will bring users a sense of value directly.

  LaVida is not only equipped with LED headlights as standard, but also equipped with an 8-inch LCD instrument and an 8-inch central control panel, which is very scientific and technological; Users can also use wireless CarPlay to maximize the use habits of smart phones; Digital parking radar, ramp assist system, cruise control and other practical driving assistance functions make driving easier.

Getting started is not enough? LaVida's new time limit is 79,900 "freezing point price", which breaks the entry threshold _fororder_image003

  In terms of safety, LaVida Xinrui not only adopts a high-rigidity safety body, but also comes standard with 6 airbags, IQ. Drive intelligent driving butler and other active and passive safety systems. The standard AEB automatic emergency braking system can improve the overall driving safety.

Getting started is not enough? LaVida's cutting-edge limited time is 79,900 "freezing point price", which breaks the entry threshold _fororder_image004

  Superimposed high-value repurchase daily car cost is less than a cup of milk tea.

  Now, if you buy LaVida Xinrui, you can not only buy it at a price of less than 80,000 yuan, but also enjoy a high-value repurchase of 15% for two years/20% for three years *, an increase/replacement subsidy of 3,000 yuan for old customers, and a loan policy of 0 interest rate for up to two years. The average daily car cost (about 15 yuan) is less than a cup of milk tea. After three years, you can exchange it for a new SAIC Volkswagen car at an affordable price. How to calculate it is very cost-effective.

Getting started is not enough? LaVida's cutting-edge limited time is 79,900 "freezing point price", which breaks the entry threshold _fororder_image005

  LaVida Xinrui inherits the excellent DNA of the LaVida family, and has a brand-new face value, leapfrog configuration and comprehensive safety guarantee. It was originally a rare high-quality all-round family sedan in the 100,000 yuan class, but now it allows users to start with 79,900, which is really a big surprise in summer freezing point. (Photo: provided by SAIC Volkswagen)

Focusing on new productivity and building a better life, members of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference attended the second session of the 14th National Co

  The second session of the 14th National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference was held in Beijing on March 4. What are the hot issues in which the members of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference are concerned? Shenzhen Business Daily reporters learned that paying attention to new productivity and building a better life are the key points for members to write proposals and participate in politics.

  Chen Qianwen, member of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference in Shenzhen

  It is recommended that the Sha Tau Kok Shenzhen-Hong Kong International Consumer Cooperation Zone be upgraded to a national strategy

  Chen Qianwen, a member of the Shenzhen National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference and vice chairperson of the Shenzhen Municipal Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, believes that Shenzhen and Hong Kong have great potential in consumer cooperation. If we can make good use of the area of Sha Tau Kok and improve more policies, we will further strengthen the connection between Shenzhen and Hong Kong, and even between Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao, so that the consumption in the Greater Bay Area can be better promoted and developed. It is recommended that Sha Tau Kok Shenzhen-Hong Kong International Consumer Cooperation Zone be raised to a national strategy.

  Chen Qianwen said that Shenzhen Qianhai is a platform for Shenzhen-Hong Kong cooperation and innovation in the modern service industry. The construction of Qianhai-Shenzhen-Hong Kong Modern Service Industry Cooperation Zone has been included in the national strategy. Last year, the Hetao area was included in the national strategy as a platform for Shenzhen-Hong Kong science and technology innovation. These two regions have played a very good role in boosting the development of Shenzhen. At present, Shenzhen-Hong Kong exchanges have become increasingly close, and interactions in the consumer field are also very frequent. In the past year, Hong Kong compatriots have been present in major business districts and cultural tourism facilities in Shenzhen, which actually shows the great potential of Shenzhen-Hong Kong consumer cooperation. As a special area for consumer cooperation with Hong Kong, Shenzhen Sha Tau Kok, if it can get a policy promotion, I believe it will play a good role in promoting consumption in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area. Chen Qianwen suggested that the customs supervision measures should be improved to create a model that allows for the looser circulation of consumer goods between the two places, so as to promote the integration and exchange between Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao through consumption upgrades and release consumption potential.

  He Jie, member of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference in Shenzhen

  Further consolidate the first-mover advantage of science and technology innovation finance and digital finance

  He Jie, a member of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference and deputy secretary-general of the Standing Committee of the Shenzhen Municipal People’s Congress, will propose this year aroundAnd financial innovation, among other topics.

  He Jie believes that while bringing social progress, there are also hidden dangers, and how to establish a corresponding standardized system is an important issue. In addition, how China participates in or dominates international governance and deeper artificial intelligence governance legislation is also worthy of consideration.

  Finance is the area he is most familiar with. He believes that the Central Financial Work Conference has proposed "five major articles" on the development of the financial industry – science and technology innovation finance, green finance, inclusive finance,Financial and digital finance, there is a lot of knowledge to be done in each major article. Guangdong has already taken the lead, and the next step is how to further consolidate Guangdong’s first-mover advantage. He Jie believes that the high-quality development of the financial industry cannot be achieved solely throughOn this, he will deepen and refine it, and then make further suggestions. His proposal this year will also involve the unification and establishment of a large financial marketPlatform to strengthen financial supervision, international digitalBridge and other topics.

  Wang Lizong, member of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference in Shenzhen

  Further relaxation of restrictions on cross-border movement of professionals from Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao

  Wang Lizong, a member of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference and chairperson of the Guangdong High-tech Industry Chamber of Commerce, plans to submit proposals such as "Suggestions on Accelerating the Issuance and Implementation of the Negative List for Cross-border Service Trade to Promote High-level Opening up".

  Wang Lizong suggested that the Ministry of Public Security and other departments further relax the restrictions on the cross-border movement of natural persons from Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao in the field of professional talents. He gave an example that the exhibition industry has the characteristics of high mobility of personnel. Under the background of Shenzhen, Hong Kong and Macao’s continuous deepening of "one exhibition, two places" exhibition cooperation, Shenzhen, Hong Kong and Macao tourist visas and work visas cannot meet the needs of organizers for daily round-trip between Shenzhen, Hong Kong and Macao. Issuing specific talent visas for exhibition professionals will solve the problem of cross-border professional flow in the opening and development of the exhibition industry, which will help promote the interconnection of exhibitions in Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao, and build a cross-border cooperation model of "one two places exhibition". At the same time, it will promote more world merchants to visit Guangdong, Hong

  Wang Lizong also suggested that the Ministry of Commerce and other departments study and accelerate the implementation of the national version and the free trade zone version of the cross-border service trade negative list, and make commitments to opening up in the field of cross-border service trade in the form of a negative list, without additional restrictions in areas outside the list, and introduce overseas investment to a greater extent to encourage the expansion of service exports.

  Wu Yihuan, member of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference in Shenzhen

  Promote the deep integration of physical education and empower young people to grow up healthily

  Wu Yihuan, member of the Shenzhen National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, vice chairperson of the Shenzhen Municipal Committee of the Chinese People’s League, suggested that all sectors of society innovate and promote the deep integration of physical education to empower young people to grow up healthily.

  Wu Yihuan said that in recent years, the integration of sports and education in our country has made great progress, and a series of effective measures have been launched in various places, such as Shenzhen’s promotion of "Sunshine One" activities and "See You Every Day in Physical Education Classes". However, there are still problems such as poor service quality of youth social sports organizations and insufficient protection of sports professional teachers. Wu Yihuan suggested that we should innovate support policies, mobilize social forces, standardize the development of youth social sports organizations, and at the same time unblock the channels for elite retired athletes to enter schools as sports coaches or sports teachers, and lead students to do a good job in sports competitions.

  Nie Zhuqing, member of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference in Shenzhen

  The system solves the problem of installing elevators in old residential areas

  Nie Zhuqing, a member of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference and chairperson of Shenzhen Pengxin Asset Appraisal Land and Real Estate Appraisal Co., Ltd., told the Shenzhen Business Daily that the topic of people’s livelihood is the focus of his duties and will submit proposals around the installation of elevators in old neighborhoods and the safety of prefabricated dishes.

  Born in rural Hubei, Nie Zhuqing has a strong sense of responsibility for promoting rural revitalization and construction in the new era. In July last year, he followed the Guangdong Provincial Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference inspection team to Lanzhou City, Gannan Prefecture, Linxia Prefecture and Zhongwei City, Yinchuan City, Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, has first-hand information on ethnic areas and rural revitalization. Last year, he put forward a proposal on the construction of rural health centers, which received attention and positive responses from relevant state ministries and commissions. This year, he will vigorously enhance farmers’ enthusiasm for farming and promote the high-quality development of the homestay industryWait for a proposal.

  The elderly who live in old staircase houses choose not to go out all year round because of the inconvenience of their legs and feet. The real story I saw during the community visit has made Nie Zhuqing pay attention to this issue related to the well-being of many elderly groups for a long time. He will submit a proposal this year "on systematically solving the installation of elevators in old residential areas and improving the safety of old elevators". It is recommended to formulate and issue unified standards and norms at the national level in combination with existing local standards and industry standards, to guide the installation of elevators in existing residential buildings in old residential areas, and to promote the establishment of a long-term mechanism for follow-up care.

  Jin Li, a member of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference in Shenzhen

  Attach importance to the elderly care industry and encourage the development of the elderly care industry

  Jin Li, a member of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference and vice president of Southern University of Science and Technology, said that he will continue to write proposals on the topic of elderly care this year. He believes that while paying attention to the elderly care cause, we must also vigorously encourage the development of the elderly care industry, and supplement market forces to stimulate and enhance the vitality and quality of the elderly care industry.

  Jin Li believes that there is a difference between the elderly care industry and the elderly care industry. The elderly care industry places more emphasis on the public welfare attribute, which is a kind of care, support and protection for disadvantaged groups. It is mainly aimed at the poor or widowed elderly in cities and the five-guarantee households in rural areas with poor living conditions. The elderly care industry needs the supplement and expansion of the elderly care industry, and the elderly care industry needs the attention and support of the whole society to generate certain and reasonable economic returns. Only in order to mobilize more social resources into the elderly care industry can we not only regard the elderly care as a public welfare.

  Jin Li believes that the elderly all hope to have cost-effective market-oriented high-quality elderly care services. At present, the investment in elderly care is too small. If this market is fully developed, its volume will be larger, and the economy of scale and scope will be formed. Through the system integration of upstream and downstream of the industrial chain, costs can be greatly reduced and efficiency can be improved. If the cost of elderly care is reduced by half or even two-thirds, it is possible to make some high-quality elderly care services benefit a wider range of ordinary peopleGroup. If the pension cost and other pension issues can be effectively solved, it can not only meet people’s growing demand for high-quality pension, but also release more economic vitality, allowing people to consume more boldly, and the relevant industrial chain will also be driven.

  Jin Li believes that elderly care provides rich and diverse application scenarios for the development of science and technology, which is a huge driving force for China’s future GDP. In the process of elderly care industrialization, it can release a large amount of demand and fully stimulate the development of various industries, especially high-end manufacturing.