Direct hit recovery pain point lead battery utilization has a target responsibility system.

  China is a big producer and user of lead-acid batteries, and the output of lead-acid batteries accounts for more than 40% of the world’s total output. At present, despite the rapid development of lithium batteries and hydrogen batteries, lead-acid batteries are still widely used in transportation, communication, energy storage, logistics and other industries because of their stable performance, safe use and high cost performance. Zhang Tianren, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Tianneng Group, told the Science and Technology Daily reporter that with the improvement of environmental protection and industry access, at present, the pollution source of lead-acid batteries has shifted from production to recycling and regeneration.

  The Interim Measures for the Management of Lead-acid Battery Recycling (Draft for Comment) (hereinafter referred to as the "Measures") drafted by the National Development and Reform Commission, etc., is precisely to grasp the weakest link in the prevention and control of lead-acid battery pollution throughout its life cycle, and requires that the standardized recovery rate should reach over 60% by the end of 2025.

  "Underground industrial chain" recycling accounts for 70%

  With the continuous exploitation of lead ore resources in China, there are not many primary lead reserves, which can no longer meet the domestic industrial demand for lead. The data shows that in 2018, China’s refined lead production was about 5.25 million tons, accounting for about 44% of the global lead production. Among them, there are about 3 million tons of primary lead and 2.25 million tons of recycled lead. At this development rate, China’s lead ore resources will be basically mined after 10 years. If the recycling of waste lead-acid batteries and lead-containing wastes is not accelerated, there will be a serious shortage of lead resources in China.

  Zhang Tianren said that the environmental pollution of lead-acid batteries in the manufacturing process can be prevented, cured and controlled, but the pollution situation in illegal recycling and disposal is serious. Some small business hawkers buy illegally in the streets and lanes. After simple crushing, they sell lead plates to unqualified small workshops and small smelters. Small smelters lack or even have no environmental protection facilities, and they can be smelted with just one pot; Batteries are disassembled at will, acid liquid is dumped at will, lead dust is discharged at will, and lead slag is disposed at will.

  According to incomplete statistics, about 198 million lead-acid batteries weighing more than 5 million tons are scrapped every year, of which only 30% are recycled through formal channels and standardized smelting, while 70% are recycled through "underground industrial chain". In China, more than 300,000 tons of lead-containing waste acid are directly dumped due to illegal recycling every year, which seriously pollutes the environment.

  In order to solve the problem of illegal purchase by small traders and hawkers, the Measures put forward the "ledger system and big data management", that is, the electronic ledger system for key nodes in the whole life cycle of lead-acid batteries is implemented, and lead-acid battery production (import), sales, collection, storage, transportation and resource utilization enterprises should establish ledgers as required to record the types, quantities, flow directions and other information of waste lead-acid batteries; Enterprises such as lead battery production (import), sales and resource utilization record electronic ledger information, and upload the last quarter ledger information to the lead battery life cycle management information system within the first 15 days of each quarter.

  Zheng Qiuhua, general manager of Guangdong Lvxun Energy Technology Co., Ltd., said that this enables the collection of each waste lead-acid battery to achieve the purpose of "traceability, quantity and responsibility", thus improving the standardized recovery rate of waste lead-acid batteries and reducing the risk of environmental pollution.

  Solve "difficulties" such as trans-provincial transshipment and network construction.

  "Supporting large-scale backbone lead-acid battery manufacturers to establish a standardized recycling system and bringing the recycling and disposal of used batteries into a standardized track will help protect the ecological environment." Zhang Tianren explained that there are three main difficulties in building a recycling system. First of all, it is difficult to transport lead-acid batteries across provinces. As waste lead-acid batteries are classified as hazardous waste, a hazardous waste transfer form must be filled in when transferring them across provinces. Generally speaking, even if the approval procedures are smooth, it will take about 3 months; Secondly, it is difficult to build outlets. According to the requirements of relevant national laws and regulations, it takes more than half a year to engage in the recycling business of used lead-acid batteries, and the procedures are complicated. It is also necessary to build a standardized recycling company in each prefecture-level city, which is costly. There is also a shortcoming in finance and taxation. Recycling enterprises disperse recycling from individuals or outlets. It is impossible for individuals to issue VAT invoices to recycling enterprises. However, when selling waste batteries to regular recycling enterprises, 17% VAT invoices are required, which is too expensive. Small business hawkers sell to small smelters through invoice-free transactions, and the cost is greatly reduced. "This is the main reason why regular enterprises can’t collect used batteries or buy them at a loss."

  The "Measures" propose that the undamaged waste lead batteries with intact tamper-proof labels should be conditionally exempted from hazardous waste management in collection, temporary storage, storage and transportation; If there is no tamper-proof mark, the tamper-proof mark is incomplete or damaged, it shall be managed as hazardous waste.

  "In the past, even the waste lead-acid batteries with complete packaging and no damage had to be transported by special vehicles for hazardous chemicals logistics, and the price of special vehicles for hazardous chemicals logistics was more than twice that of ordinary logistics transport vehicles." Zhang Tianren said that the differentiated management of the Measures has greatly reduced various procedures for formal recycling enterprises, reduced their operating costs and improved their market competitiveness.

  The Measures also put forward "joint recycling", that is, encourage lead battery manufacturers, sales enterprises, standardized recycling enterprises, resource utilization enterprises and harmless disposal enterprises to strengthen cooperation and jointly build a recycling network system for waste lead batteries; Encourage production enterprises to establish a reverse recovery network system of used lead batteries by relying on motor vehicle maintenance outlets and battery sales networks, and encourage production enterprises to adopt business strategies such as "trade-in" and "sell one for another" to improve the reverse recovery rate.

  Zheng Qiuhua said that countries such as Europe and the United States have started collecting and utilizing waste lead-acid batteries earlier, and have more standardized recycling systems and policies. If the United States implements the deposit system, users need to add a high recovery deposit when purchasing lead-acid batteries, forcing users to hand over scrapped lead-acid batteries to designated recovery points for recycling, otherwise the deposit will not be refunded; German law requires manufacturers of lead-acid batteries to sell and collect waste lead-acid batteries in a "one-for-one" way, otherwise the sales of lead-acid batteries will be prohibited. The "Measures" also absorbed foreign advanced experience and narrowed the gap between domestic and foreign countries in regulating recycling and recycling.

  Improve the punishment mechanism to prevent "resurgence"

  Waste lead batteries contain 65% lead plate, 20% sulfuric acid, 15% plastic and other auxiliary materials. The lead recovery rate of waste lead storage batteries in developed countries is over 98%, and that of large-scale recycled lead enterprises in China is generally over 90%, and some recycled lead enterprises adopting international technology and equipment even reach 99.9%. However, the process of small workshops and smelters is backward, and the lead recovery rate is less than 70%. Even if the recovery rate is 90%, the annual lead loss caused by small smelters is about 700,000 tons. Moreover, the cost of obtaining resources through regeneration is much lower than the cost of obtaining resources directly from smelting and processing of ores and raw materials.

  In order to combat and put an end to illegal recycling and recycling, the Measures stipulate that units and individuals engaged in the sale, collection, storage, transportation and resource utilization of lead-acid batteries without obtaining industrial and commercial business licenses shall be punished; Those who sell waste lead-acid batteries to non-compliant enterprises shall be ordered to make rectification within a time limit and other relatively perfect "punishment mechanisms".

  In this regard, Zhang Tianren said that small recycled lead refineries built without environmental protection approval should be resolutely banned, joint law enforcement should be strengthened, a high-pressure situation should be maintained, and a long-term mechanism should be established to prevent "resurgence"; Those responsible for causing environmental pollution shall be severely punished and held jointly and severally liable; Give play to the role of public supervision, set up a reward mechanism for reporting, and investigate and deal with reports together; Increase consumer education, so that the whole people can establish the concept of saving resources and protecting the environment, and consciously resist the pollution in the process of disposal and regeneration of waste lead batteries.

  Including the planning and tightening of lead storage battery recycling management, the threshold of lead storage battery industry is being further improved. For example, at the beginning of July this year, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology punished seven lead battery manufacturers, including Jiangsu Jinchangxing Power Supply Co., Ltd. and Shenzhen Xiongtao Power Technology Co., Ltd., which did not meet the "Lead Battery Industry Specification Conditions (2015 Edition)" and "Lead Battery Industry Announcement Management Measures (2015 Edition)". (Reporter Li He)

Hacking into other people’s computers and stealing virtual coins to cash in 28 million, 7 people were sentenced for theft.

  The Paper learned from the Jiangbei District Procuratorate of Ningbo on May 24th that the first large-scale money theft case in Ningbo, which was prosecuted by the court a few days ago, was tried by the court, and seven defendants were sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment ranging from 3 years to 4 years and 10 months.

  According to reports, from June to December 2021, seven people, including the defendant Su Moumou, tricked others into downloading by publishing a website with Trojan software on the Internet. Once someone clicks download, the computer is hacked and controlled remotely. Su Moumou and others can control the victim’s computer and steal the virtual currency of his virtual currency account. At the same time, they also pretend to be victims to provide accounts to their friends to receive virtual coins.

  Relevant criminal suspects were arrested in ningbo evening news

  The division of labor of the money-stealing gang is clear, and the boss He Moumou (handled separately) is responsible for providing funds for renting houses, renting servers, buying computers and Trojan horses, and paying others’ wages; Su Moumou is responsible for directing and specific operations, including recruiting people, assigning tasks, etc. Others are responsible for logging in the victim’s account in different places and forwarding the currency washing address.

  Related crime tools

  Mr. Xu, a citizen of Ningbo, is the victim. In December 2021, Mr. Xu found that more than 1.61 million TEDA coins were missing from his account. A few days later, Mr. Xu contacted a friend through a software to ask for virtual coins. After sending the address to a friend, he did not receive it. He asked the other party but was told that the virtual currency had already been transferred. Mr. Xu checked the chat record and found that the account had been replaced long ago, and the friend’s virtual currency directly entered the account of the money-stealing gang. Mr. Xu realized that his account had been stolen.

  It turned out that after Su Moumou invaded Mr. Xu’s computer, he also monitored its dynamics in real time. Once it was monitored that Mr. Xu’s chat record with his friends involved virtual currency transactions, he logged into Mr. Xu’s chat account in different places, and received more than 3.98 million TEDA coins and 100 Ethereum coins from the victim’s friends by replacing the virtual currency account. In addition, Su Moumou and others also took the initiative to pretend to be Mr. Xu and "borrowed" 100,000 TEDA from another friend of his.

  As determined by the procuratorate, He Moumou cashed in a total of 28 million yuan with virtual currency.

  After the incident, the public security organs recovered some virtual coins by freezing the receiving accounts. He Moumou took the initiative to compensate Mr. Xu for 15 million yuan and was forgiven by the other party. Other defendants have also paid back the illegal income in full and compensated the victims for their losses.

  The case was prosecuted by Jiangbei Procuratorate. Recently, the court sentenced Su Moumou, an accessory, to four years and ten months’ imprisonment for theft, and the other six members of criminal gangs were sentenced to three years’ imprisonment, suspended for three years and six months to five years.

Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region held the fourth press conference on Xinjiang-related issues in Beijing.

Tianshan net News: On February 10th, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region held the fourth press conference on Xinjiang-related issues in Beijing. The following is a transcript of the press conference:

On February 10, the press conference was held. Pomegranate Cloud/Xinjiang Daily reporter Wang Yushe

Bi Haibo: Welcome to the fourth press conference on Xinjiang-related issues. Today, Xu Guixiang, deputy director of the Propaganda Department of the Party Committee of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, Yiliang Anayiti, spokesman of the Information Office of the People’s Government of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, and graduates from teaching and training centers engaged in all walks of life are specially invited to Beijing (Ministry of Foreign Affairs) to attend this press conference. The theme of our conference today is about the students of Xinjiang Education and Training Center.

Now let’s enter the question-and-answer session. The first question is asked by the reporter of People’s Daily.

People’s Daily: We know from the white paper "Vocational Skills Education and Training in Xinjiang" that the teaching and training center helps people infected with religious extremism, who commit minor crimes or violate the law to get rid of religious extreme thoughts. Can graduates please talk about how they are infected with religious extreme thoughts and how the teaching and training center helps to get rid of religious extreme thoughts?

On February 10th, Xu Guixiang, Vice Minister of Propaganda Department of the Party Committee of the Autonomous Region, answered a reporter’s question. Pomegranate Cloud/Xinjiang Daily reporter Wang Yushe

Xu Guixiang: In this question, please invite Alimujiang Mohammad Aili, a graduate student from Hotan City, Hotan Prefecture, and Baihetiguli Tursun, a graduate student from Wensu County, Aksu Prefecture, to introduce the relevant information.

On February 10th, Alimujiang Mohammad Aili answered a reporter’s question. Pomegranate Cloud/Xinjiang Daily reporter Wang Yushe

Alimujiang Mohammad Aili: Hello, my name is Alimujiang Mohammad Aili, and I am 28 years old. I am a graduate student of Hotan Education and Training Center in Hotan area, and I am currently working in a real estate company.

I used to do jade business in Hotan, during which I met several so-called "friends". They said to me, "Heaven has a more beautiful paradise than heaven and earth, where you can marry 72 of the most beautiful wives, as well as endless money and delicious food." I asked them curiously, "How can I get into heaven?" They told me: "You can go to heaven by praying to’ Hu Da’ every day, but there are conditions for going to heaven, that is, participating in’ jihad’ and killing infidels". In order to live a life in heaven, I believe their stories and hang out with them all day. Later, they gave me a passport and a road map to participate in the "jihad" and asked me to leave Guangdong and go abroad to participate in the "jihad". So, I gave up my business and prepared to realize my dream of "jihad martyrdom into heaven".

In the process of leaving the country, because I took a fake passport, I was caught by the public security organs of Guangdong Province, and they sent me back to Hotan City. Only after being informed by the public security department did I know that I had committed the crime of crossing the border and should be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of less than three years. At that time, I felt stupid. I thought I was going to heaven, but I ended up going to prison, and I was very scared. The police told me that in order to save people like me, the government specially opened a teaching and training center. He enlightened me to study in the teaching and training center.

In the training center, I studied the Constitution, Criminal Law, Anti-terrorism Law, Regulations on Religious Affairs, Depolarization Regulations and other laws and regulations, and learned what is legal, what is illegal, what can be done and what can’t be done. Recognizing the ugly faces of those religious extremists, they just want to turn us into murderous demons and let us be cannon fodder and do illegal and criminal things. At that moment, I realized that all the so-called "friends" told me were false, and "jihad martyrdom into heaven" was also false. I regret my stupid behavior very much and almost ruined my life. If there is no education and training center to save me, then I will definitely fall into the abyss of sin and become a murderous devil. Now that I think about it, I am very scared.

In the teaching and training center, I also learned marketing knowledge. After graduation, I found a stable job in a real estate company and had a satisfactory income. At the beginning of last year, I got married and bought a car. When my parents saw my change, they were all happy for me. My family is now very happy and grateful to the education and training center.

Xu Guixiang: Next, I would like to invite Baheti Guli Tursun to brief us.

On February 10th, Baheti Guli Tursun answered a reporter’s question. Pomegranate Cloud/Xinjiang Daily reporter Wang Yushe

Baihetiguli Tursun: My name is Baihetiguli Tursun. I am a graduate student of Wensu County in Aksu region, and now I am the logistics supervisor of township hydropower stations.

A few years ago, my daughter was ill, and a friend around me advised me not to let the child go to the hospital to "suffer". It was more useful to find the village’s "Imam" Ahmad Mohammad than to find a doctor, and gave me his phone number. With a try attitude, I found the "Imam". While pretending to treat the children, he told me that "government-run hospitals can’t go, and those Han doctors are pagans, and the medicines they prescribe are not halal, which will kill people." "Don’t associate with Han people, and make friends with these pagans, which is going to hell."

From then on, every time my child fell ill, I went to the "imam" and listened to his extreme religious thoughts. Slowly, I began to hate the Han people around me and thought they were "pagans". In order to avoid them, I even quit my job at the hydropower station, and I didn’t go to the shop opened by the Han people to buy things, thinking that what they sold was unclean and not halal. It’s time for my daughter to go to school, and I won’t let her go to school. I think the school is run by the government, and books and pencils are not halal. My behavior scared my relatives and friends around me. Under their persuasion, I came to the teaching and training center to study.

In the teaching and training center, I found that many students, like me, listened to the bad words of these bad guys and were infected with religious extreme thoughts. Their jobs were gone, their families were separated and their family ties were far away, and they all hated religious extreme thoughts. Through studying in the education and training center, I learned a lot of legal knowledge, what is true Islam, and that the "imam" was not a religious person at all, but a terrorist and extremist. Later, he went to prison for carrying out terrorist activities.

After graduating from the teaching and training center, with the help of community cadres, I returned to work in the hydropower station. Now, I have been promoted to the position of logistics supervisor, and my salary and income are higher than before, and my family’s economic conditions have also improved. My family of four lives happily.

Bi Haibo: Now I’d like to ask a question from the Pakistan Associated Press.

Pakistan’s Yonhap News Agency asked: Some western media and institutions said that the education and training center was a "concentration camp" and a "detention camp" where millions of Uighurs and other ethnic minorities were detained. What do you think of this?

Xu Guixiang: I would like to ask Mr. Yiliang Anayiti, spokesman of the Information Office of the People’s Government of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, to answer this question.

On February 10th, the spokesman of the Information Office of the People’s Government of the Autonomous Region, Yiliang Anaiti, answered a reporter’s question. Pomegranate Cloud/Xinjiang Daily reporter Wang Yushe

Yiliang Anayiti: I emphasize again that there is no so-called "concentration camp" or "detention camp" in Xinjiang. Some foreign politicians, media and institutions always vilify Xinjiang Vocational Skills Education and Training Center as a so-called "concentration camp", which is totally ulterior motives. In fact,The vocational skills education and training center established in Xinjiang according to law is essentially the same as the DDP (Transformation and Disengagement Project) established in Britain and the depolarization center established in France. It is a useful attempt and active exploration for preventive counter-terrorism and depolarization, and conforms to the principles and spirit of a series of anti-terrorism resolutions such as the United Nations Global Counter-Terrorism Strategy and the United Nations Action Plan against Violent Extremism.

The education and training center strictly implements the basic principles of respecting and protecting human rights in the Constitution and laws of China, fully guarantees that the personal dignity of the students is not infringed, and it is strictly forbidden to insult and abuse the students in any way; Fully guarantee students’ personal freedom and communication freedom, and implement boarding management, so that students can go home and take time off; Fully guarantee the students’ right to use their own spoken and written languages, and all rules and regulations, curricula, recipes, etc. use both the national common spoken and written languages and the spoken and written languages of ethnic minorities; Fully respect the customs and habits of students from all ethnic groups, provide a wide variety of nutritious muslim food free of charge, and give each student a daily food subsidy of 20 yuan; Fully respect and protect students’ freedom of religious belief, and religious students can decide whether to participate in legal religious activities when they go home. The teaching and training center has complete living facilities, and the dormitory is uniformly equipped with radio, television and air conditioning. There are sports venues such as basketball, volleyball and table tennis, cultural venues such as reading room, computer room and projection room, and cultural performance venues such as small auditorium and open-air stage, and extracurricular activities such as folk songs and dances and sports competitions are held regularly to meet the needs of students in study, life and entertainment to the maximum extent. Set up a medical room to provide medical services to students 24 hours a day. Minor illnesses can be treated in the infirmary, and severe emergencies can be quickly sent to the hospital for treatment. Set up a legal consultation room to help students solve legal difficulties and questions in time. Set up a psychological counseling room, provide psychological counseling services, and care about the mental health of students. There are such "concentration camps" in the world.Detention camp? ! In October 2019, all the trainees who participated in the "three studies and one trip" have graduated, and with the help of the government, they have achieved stable employment, improved their quality of life and led a normal life.

The so-called "education and training center holds millions of Uighurs and other ethnic minorities" is even more unfounded rumors and slanders. Vocational skills education and training carried out in Xinjiang according to law has always insisted on not linking with specific regions, nationalities and religions, and it has nothing to do with whether they are Uighurs or not and whether they believe in Islam. The American independent news investigation website "Gray Zone" once published an article revealing that,This sensational rumor was fabricated and spread by non-governmental organizations and anti-China elements supported by the U.S. government. First, the "China Human Rights Defender Network" came to the absurd conclusion that "of the 20 million people in Xinjiang, 10% are detained in’ re-education camps’" only by interviewing and roughly estimating eight Uighurs abroad. Second, Zheng Guoen, a pseudo-scholar, made up such a rumor according to a media report. Even Zheng Guoen himself admitted that his estimate was "uncertain".On July 25th, 2020, Max Bruchtel, editor of the "Grey Zone" website, American award-winning journalist and best-selling author, said at the international symposium on "Rejecting the New Cold War" that the alarming data reported by many media about the detention of millions of Uighurs in Xinjiang, "the source of the news can’t stand the test".

In August, 2019, the white paper "Vocational Skills Education and Training in Xinjiang" issued by the Press Office of the State Council, People’s Republic of China (PRC), systematically expounded the practical background, legal basis, teaching and training contents, management measures, human rights protection and remarkable results of teaching and training in Xinjiang. On August 24th, 2020, China Central Radio and Television General Station Chinese International Channel broadcasted a TV feature film "Lies and Truth-Documentary of Xinjiang Education and Training", which vividly showed the study and life of the education and training center and students with real stories and scenes. Today, we also brought these materials and gave them to journalists and friends after the meeting. I believe that after reading them, you will understand the real teaching and training center and teaching and training work.

Bi Haibo: Let’s ask Xinhua News Agency reporters questions.

Xinhua News Agency asked: We saw some reports that "the trainees were tortured and even had their liver and kidney removed". At the same time, people who claim to have teaching and training experience overseas also broke the news to the media that they were "brainwashed and abused" in the teaching and training center. May I ask the graduates whether these statements are credible?

Xu Guixiang: In this question, please ask Mai Dingjiang Yili Mu, a graduate student from atushi Education and Training Center in Kezhou, and Aili Tuniazi, a graduate student from awat Education and Training Center in Aksu, to introduce relevant information.

On February 10th, Mai Dingjiang Yi Limu answered a reporter’s question. Pomegranate Cloud/Xinjiang Daily reporter Wang Yushe

Maidingjiang Yilimu: My name is Maidingjiang Yilimu, and I am a graduate student of atushi Education and Training Center in Kezhou. Now I have established an extracurricular tutoring institution for primary and secondary schools.

As a graduate student, I know the situation of the teaching and training center very well. The teaching and training center is a school with spacious and bright classrooms, and each room is equipped with multimedia teaching equipment, which is convenient for us to study in class. We have six classes every day from Monday to Friday, and rest normally on Saturday, Sunday and national holidays. At school, you can take time off for work and contact your family and friends. I remember that my parents called me that year and said that a relative was getting married, so I took a day off to attend his wedding and brought candy to my classmates when I came back. At school, our after-school life is very rich. We often hold basketball games, tug-of-war games, cultural performances and other cultural and sports activities. Our class also won the first place in the tug-of-war competition. The school respects our customs very much, and provides us with free halal meals such as noodles, pilaf, thin paper bags and soup rice every day. When we are sick, the teacher takes care of us, just like relatives. I remember one time I sprained my foot playing basketball and didn’t go to the restaurant to eat. After the teacher knew it, he brought me plaster and a plate of minced meat and noodles. I was very moved.

As for the overseas media’s statement that "the trainees were tortured and their liver and kidney were removed", it is totally a rumor and slander. My classmates and I are very free and happy in the teaching and training center. We have never been abused, not to mention having our liver and kidney removed. Now we are all very healthy and our families are very happy. Those people who claim to be teaching and training students abroad, the lies you made up may deceive others, but can you still deceive us? Thank you all.

Xu Guixiang: Let’s invite Ali Tunyazi to continue to introduce the relevant information.

On February 10th, Ali Tuniazi answered a reporter’s question. Pomegranate Cloud/Xinjiang Daily reporter Wang Yushe

Aili Tuniazi: My name is Aili Tuniazi. I am a graduate student of awat Education and Training Center in Aksu, and now I am the legal representative of a construction company.

In the teaching and training center, teachers are very concerned about us. What moves us most is that our class teacher can remember all the students’ birthdays, and whenever students celebrate their birthdays, they will receive her blessings. Moreover, she can discover the strengths of each of our students and always tries to encourage everyone. Everyone likes to chat with her, feeling that she is not only a teacher, but also a "bosom sister". I remember that when I first arrived at the teaching and training center, the class teacher knew that my country’s common language and writing foundation was good, so he made me a "teacher" and taught my classmates to learn. At that time, I was both excited and proud. At school, teachers love us like family members, and students help each other like brothers and sisters. We have forged a deep friendship, and we still keep in touch with each other frequently. Just last Saturday, several classmates and I invited our head teacher to have a meal and talked about many things in the teaching and training center. Everyone missed that time.

My classmates and I have never heard of anyone being abused or having their liver and kidney removed. You see, we graduates are so cheerful and healthy now, as if we had been abused? Please stop telling lies with your eyes open!

Bi Haibo: Please ask a reporter from China International Television (CGTN).

China Television International (CGTN) asked: Some people abroad revealed to the media that female students in the education and training center were forced to inject unknown drugs or get an IUD, and there were cases of forced sterilization. Are these facts true?

Xu Guixiang: In order to solve this problem, we invited two female students, Tudiguli Nur and Mirenza Khare, who graduated from Kashgar Education and Training Center, and asked them to talk about this.

On February 10th, Tudi Guli Noor answered a reporter’s question. Pomegranate Cloud/Xinjiang Daily reporter Wang Yushe

Tudi Guli Nur: Hello, my name is Tudi Guli Nur, and I come from Kashgar. I am a graduate student of teaching and training, and what some people outside China say is deceptive. After I graduated, I gave birth to a girl, who is almost one year old. Look at my daughter’s photo, isn’t it cute? If we are "sterilized", how can we have children? Thank you all.

Xu Guixiang: Let’s invite Mirenza Kage to brief us on the situation.

On February 10th, Mirenza Kage answered a reporter’s question. Pomegranate Cloud/Xinjiang Daily reporter Wang Yushe

Mirenza Khare: My name is Mirenza Khare. I am a graduate student of Kashgar Education and Training Center, and now I am the chairman of the village women’s federation in Seman Township, Kashgar City.

During this time, I heard someone outside the country say that "the education and training center forced female students to inject unknown drugs and get birth control rings", and I was very angry! It is impossible for such a thing to happen in our teaching and training center. I have two children now, and I can have another one according to the national family planning policy. I got married after graduating from the dormitory with Gulanbel Amat, and gave birth to a very lovely daughter last year.

Some time ago, when we were having dinner together, she told me that when her daughter grew up, he and her husband planned to regenerate. Some people outside the country talk nonsense all day, which makes us hate like flies.

I am the chairman of the Women’s Federation in our village, and I deal with women every day. Many sisters have told me that they think it is particularly good to be gifted and educated. Children can receive a good education and grow up healthily, and women also have time and energy to do what they want to do. We women can also enjoy many reproductive health policies. For example, the government provides us with free health check-ups every year, and also provides premarital check-ups and prenatal health check-ups for women of childbearing age. Everyone is very satisfied. Thank you all.

Bi Haibo: Now I’d like to ask the reporter of China-Arab Satellite TV.

Question from China-Arab Satellite TV: On February 2, the British BBC disclosed the so-called "experience" of Tursunai Ziauton, a graduate student of beauty sex education, and published a report saying that "women in detention camps were systematically raped, sexually abused and tortured" in Xinjiang. A spokesman for the State Council in the United States also responded by saying that he was "deeply disturbed by reports of systematic rape of Muslims in refugee camps in China" and reiterated that "China committed crimes against humanity and genocide in Xinjiang, which shocked people’s conscience and must bear serious consequences". What’s your comment on this?

Xu Guixiang: I’ll answer this first. I solemnly declare once again that the so-called "crimes against humanity and genocide committed in Xinjiang" is a "century lie" deliberately concocted by Pompeo and others, and it is the biggest framed case in human history. The remarks made by the spokesman of the State Council in the United States seriously trampled on international law and the basic norms of international relations, seriously interfered in China’s internal affairs and seriously hurt the feelings of people of all ethnic groups in Xinjiang. In this regard, the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region and the people of all ethnic groups in Xinjiang expressed strong condemnation and resolute opposition!

The so-called Xinjiang-related issues are not ethnic, religious or human rights issues at all, but anti-terrorism, anti-secession and anti-extremism. Xinjiang has always adhered to holding high the banner of the rule of law, insisting that anti-terrorism and depolarization are not linked to specific ethnic groups, religions and regions. We set up a teaching and training center in accordance with the law, aiming at eliminating terrorism and religious extremism at the source, which fully conforms to the principles and spirit of a series of anti-terrorism resolutions such as the United Nations Global Counter-Terrorism Strategy and the United Nations Action Plan against Violent Extremism. In recent years, the preventive anti-terrorism and depolarization work carried out in Xinjiang has achieved remarkable results. There have been no cases of terrorism for more than four consecutive years, which conforms to the people of all ethnic groups’ longing and expectation for peace and stability for many years. This is the greatest guarantee for human rights, and there is no such thing as "crimes against humanity" and "genocide"! ?

According to the verification, the real identity of Tursunai Ziauton mentioned in the BBC report is Tursunayi Ziyaodeng, female, 43 years old, Uygur, from xinyuan county, Yili Prefecture, who left the country on September 26, 2019. After leaving the country, in order to defraud the refugee status, she was willing to be a "pawn" and "actor" of anti-China forces and shamelessly fabricated her so-called "encounter" in the education and training center many times. But these lies have been hit in the face by facts again and again. For example, last year, she lied to the outside world that women who were "detained" in the education and training center were either sterilized by surgery or received drugs to stop menstruation. She said that the tubal ligation and sterilization operation she was forced to undergo was carried out in an irreversible way. As a matter of fact, she has never had birth control surgery at all, and all her relatives know that she is inherently infertile.

It is also known that Tursunnayi Ziyaodeng had two marriages, and divorced her first husband, Tursun Jiang Ahematitian, because she was unable to have children, and failed to have children with her current husband. Her so-called "biological daughter" in Kazakhstan is actually the daughter of her current husband’s niece. Do people like her still need to give her "compulsory birth control"? This time, she did the same thing again, making up that she had been "tortured and raped" in the training center, which is even more nonsense.

The BBC reported that "women in detention camps are systematically raped, sexually abused and tortured" in Xinjiang, which is sheer nonsense. The teaching and training center strictly implements the constitution and laws of our country, and ensures that the basic rights of the trainees are not violated. It is impossible to have the problem of "sexual assault and torture".

Xu Guixiang: Today, we invited a female student who graduated from teaching and training in Kashgar in Nur Namaitihage to talk about her views on this issue.

On February 10th, I was answering a reporter’s question in Nur Namaitihage. Pomegranate Cloud/Xinjiang Daily reporter Wang Yushe

Zainur Namaitihage: Hello, my name is Zainur Namaitihage, and I am a graduate student of Shufu County Education and Training Center. I am currently the chairman of Bercy Village Women’s Federation in Arik, Zhanmin Township. During our female students’ stay in the training center, all rights were fully guaranteed, and the teachers were very kind to us. As a graduate student of teaching and training, I want to solemnly declare that no female student has been sexually assaulted in the teaching and training center. The BBC is talking nonsense. It’s all nonsense! All our female students are very angry! We want to warn the BBC and those who spread rumors that if we insult our female students again, we will pursue your responsibility through legal channels and save our reputation! Thank you all.

Xu Guixiang: On the issue concerning Xinjiang, the BBC has always resorted to fraud and deliberately created troubles. I personally received interviews from BBC reporters in Xinjiang. During this period, we made warm and thoughtful arrangements, frankly and openly communicated, fully satisfied their interviews and showed the greatest sincerity. However, their subsequent reports were quite different and seriously inconsistent with the facts. Some time ago, BBC reporters forcibly filmed Aksu without the consent of the interviewee, and without interviewing any Uighurs, they pretended to have "conclusive evidence" of the existence of large-scale "forced labor" in Xinjiang by using only a few non-real satellite images and the so-called reports of anti-China people, and even openly forced foreign companies investing and setting up factories in Xinjiang to evacuate. This practice seriously deviates from the professional ethics of journalism, from the objective, balanced and fair position, and is seriously inconsistent with the facts. It fully exposes the sinister intention of the BBC to mislead people and discredit Xinjiang for political purposes, and also destroys the reputation of the BBC as an internationally renowned media.

Recently, there have been many rumors about this kind and some Xinjiang "actors", and all media reporters and friends are also concerned about it, and we also responded in time. For example, regarding the situation of Guli Bahar Maihamuti Jiang, a Xinjiang resident in France, Mr. Yiliang Anayiti has already introduced it at the last press conference on Xinjiang-related issues. Recently, there are still media inquiries. I would like to take this opportunity to ask Mr. Yiliang Anayiti to brief you on the situation again.

Yiliang Anayiti: Now let me introduce the situation of Guli Bahar Maihamuti River again. Guli Bahar Mehmutijiang, female, born in China, Uygur, 55 years old, from Karamay, Xinjiang, left her post for a long time and went out of business. She is a retired employee in the Engineering Technology Company of Xinjiang Oilfield Company. She is a separatist and terrorist through and through. His self-proclaimed experience in Xinjiang is pure "nonsense".

It has been found out that Guli Bahar Maihamuti is a member of the separatist organization "World Peace Council" and has been engaged in separatist and terrorist activities for a long time. In 1985, together with her husband Abdul Karim Haitiwaji, she participated in a separatist demonstration in Urumqi in response to the organization of the veteran separatist Duolikun Aisha. Later, she and her husband joined the separatist organization "World Peace Council", secretly carried out separatist activities and plotted terrorist activities.

On May 26th, 2006, Guli Bahar Mehmutijiang left the country with his eldest daughter Guli Humar Abdul Karim and his second daughter Guli Gail Abdul Karim, holding passports of the People’s Republic of China, and lived with her husband Abdul Karim Haitiwaji (vice chairman of the French branch of the World Peace Council) who settled in France as a "political asylum". Later, together with her husband, she stepped up ties with the leaders of the "East Turkistan" organization, and planned a series of separatist activities such as anti-China demonstrations in July 2009 in response to the "July 5" incident in Urumqi. Her daughter Gulihumar Abdul Karim was also induced to join the "World Peace Council" and wore the "East Turkistan" flag to participate in anti-China demonstrations.

At the same time, Guli Bahar Maihamuti Jiang and her husband also secretly linked with domestic contacts in an attempt to incite and create terrorist activities. In 2009, she returned to China on the grounds of visiting relatives, participated in inciting the "July 5" incident in Urumqi, and attempted to incite similar incidents in Karamay. Subsequently, from July to August 2012, from February to March 2014, and from April to May 2016, she entered the country several times with her husband and daughter in an attempt to incite and create terrorist activities in China.

In November, 2016, Guli Bahar Maihamuti once again entered China in an attempt to incite and create terrorist activities under the guise of returning to China for retirement. Because Guli Bahar Mehmutijiang was suspected of separatism and terrorism, after his return to China, the public security organs arrested him according to law after close investigation.

On January 29th, 2017, the public security organ filed a case for investigation against Guli Bahar Mehmutijiang, and took criminal detention measures on the same day. In the process of being investigated by the public security organs, Gu Gu first confessed truthfully, trying to conceal the crime of sheltering himself and his family and making false certificates. Because his trick of making false certificates was discovered, Gugu changed his face again. While continuing to conceal his terrorist crimes, he claimed to realize the harm of his husband’s and daughter’s separatist behavior and pleaded guilty and repented. The case-handling organ considered that he had pleaded guilty and repented, and made a decision not to prosecute according to law. During his criminal detention, all his legal rights were guaranteed according to law.

Since then, Guli Bahar Maihamuti has been living a normal life in Xinjiang, visiting relatives and friends, traveling and playing in Urumqi, Karamay, Yili and Altay for many times. During his stay in Xinjiang, Gu Gu also took the initiative to write a repentance book, saying that it was illegal for her husband and eldest daughter to engage in separatist and extremist activities, and advised her husband and eldest daughter not to engage in criminal activities again. Considering that Guli Bahar Maihamuti Jiang is suspected of committing a crime, but her eldest daughter needs to be taken care of when she is pregnant and in labor, the relevant domestic departments agree to her application and allow her to leave the country for humanitarian reasons. On August 21st, 2019, Guli Bahar Maihamuti left for France.

After leaving the country, Guli Bahar Maihamuti not only didn’t appreciate the lenient treatment, but reappeared the nature of separatists and terrorists and fabricated all kinds of so-called "encounters" at home. She claimed that she was "tricked into going back to China for arrest". In fact, she took the initiative to return to China on the pretext that she had to go back to China and negotiate with the unit to sign the Internal Retirement Agreement for Employees of Xinjiang Oilfield Company. She claimed that she was sentenced to "re-education" for seven years. In fact, the judicial organs have never investigated her criminal responsibility, and there is no such thing as "re-education". How can we talk about "re-education" for seven years? As for her claim that she was "detained", "abused" and "sterilized", it is not worth refuting. She has been visiting relatives and friends and traveling in Urumqi, Karamay, Yili and Altay. Where did she get "detained" and "abused"? What’s even more ridiculous is that she is 55 years old. Does she still need to be sterilized?

At the same time, people who are slightly familiar with Guli Bahar Maihamuti River know that she is of poor quality, lazy and chaotic in her private life. During her life in China, she committed adultery with others and was reported by her neighbors. After she left the country this time, in order to fawn on the anti-China forces, she conspired with the "World Peace Council" to fabricate a series of lies, which once again exposed her bad conduct of being full of lies and having no sense of shame.

Bi Haibo: Now please ask the reporter of Global Times to ask questions.

Global Times asked: Some overseas media said that Xinjiang Education and Training Center forced students to work and produce products under the guise of vocational skills training. Can you ask the students to talk about whether this has happened to them in the teaching and training center?

Xu Guixiang: For this question, please ask Hilary Emailjiang, a graduate student of Mo Yuxian Education and Training Center in Hotan area, to introduce the relevant information.

On February 10th, Hilary Emailjiang answered a reporter’s question. Pomegranate Cloud/Xinjiang Daily reporter Wang Yushe

Hilary Aimerjiang: Hello, my name is Hilary Aimerjiang, and I am a graduate student of Mo Yuxian Education and Training Center in Hotan area. Some foreign media said that the education and training center forced our students to work, which is nonsense. There is no such thing at all.

The teaching and training center offers many majors, such as animal husbandry, beauty salon, computer technology, sewing technology, commercial marketing, fashion design, food processing, hotel management, etc., all in order to let our students master the employment skills and find jobs smoothly in the future. You can choose your major according to your hobbies, without anyone forcing you. Take the students in our class for example. Some students choose food processing, some choose sewing technology, and some choose hotel management. I like playing computer since I was a child, so I chose computer technology as my major. In the process of learning, I am fascinated by drawing software, because it can show what I think in my mind on the computer through two-dimensional or three-dimensional graphics. So I seriously asked the teacher for advice in class and delved into it myself after class, and soon I was able to master it skillfully, and I especially liked interior decoration design.

All the majors we choose need to study theoretical courses before they can enter the practical operation stage, and the practical operation stage will not produce products. Our students who study food processing don’t sell cakes, but usually share them with other students. Students who study sewing technology practice with some corner cloth and do not produce clothes; Students who study hotel management, the classroom is a simulated hotel environment, and they will not produce products; The home improvement works I designed are all my own, and the school has never asked me for them. It is incredible that some foreign media should regard our training operation as forced labor.

After graduation, I opened an interior design and decoration company, engaged in one-stop service from design to construction. I use the drawing software learned in the teaching and training center to design home improvement renderings, and customers are willing to find me to decorate after seeing what it looks like after decoration. Now I have more and more customers. The number of employees in the company has grown from 2 at first to nearly 20 now, and I can earn more than 300,000 yuan every year. Thank you all.

Bi Haibo: Now I’d like to ask a question from the Indonesian antara News Agency.

Question from Indonesian antara News Agency: Some western media claimed that the students in the education and training center had no personal freedom and their right to freedom of religious belief was deprived. Can you ask the graduates to talk about whether this is the case?

Xu Guixiang: Thank you for your question. Please ask Alimujiang Ahemat, a graduate student from shache county Education and Training Center in Kashgar, to introduce the relevant information.

On February 10th, Alimujiang Ahimat answered a reporter’s question. Pomegranate Cloud/Xinjiang Daily reporter Wang Yushe

Alimujiang Ahemat: Hello, my name is Alimujiang Ahemat. I am a graduate student of shache county Education and Training Center in Kashgar, and now I am a middle-level supervisor of a company.

The education and training center has never restricted our personal freedom. Every weekend, I go home to accompany my family and help my parents do housework. I celebrate with my family on traditional festivals such as Eid al-Adha. For students who are far away from home, the school has arranged a weekend shuttle bus for everyone to ride for free. Something happened at home, and we can ask for leave at any time. Usually, we can contact our family by phone and video. When I talk to my family by video, I often tell them about the education and training center, the new knowledge I have learned, and talk to them about my future plans.

Through study, I know that respecting and protecting freedom of religious belief is a basic policy of our country. I also learned from studying the Regulations on Religious Affairs that it is entirely up to us to choose whether we believe in religion or not. I know that the school is a teaching place and religious activities are not allowed. In the training center, it is also stipulated in this way. But on holidays, when we get home, we can decide for ourselves whether to go to church or to the mosque to listen to the Imam’s Koran. No one has ever interfered.

Bi Haibo: Now I’d like to ask a question from the reporter of China Daily.

"China Daily" asked: Some people outside the country claimed that the trainees were forced to arrange jobs after graduation, and their income was low, and their personal freedom was restricted and they were monitored. Can you ask the graduates to talk about it? Is this really the case? How did they find a job and what are their current working and living conditions?

Xu Guixiang: For this question, please invite Mohammad Abdulla Maiti Tursun, a graduate student from Qira County Education and Training Center in Hotan area, to introduce the relevant information.

On February 10th, Mohammad Abdullah Maiti Tulson answered a reporter’s question. Pomegranate Cloud/Xinjiang Daily reporter Wang Yushe

Mohammad Abdulla Maiti Tursun: Hello, my name is Abdulla Maiti Tursun of Mohammad. I am a graduate student of Qira County Education and Training Center in Hotan area, and now I am the department manager of a construction company.

After graduating from the teaching and training center, I was recommended by a friend to work in a sand and stone factory in Qira County, mainly responsible for office paperwork, with a monthly salary of 3,000-4,000 yuan. Because of my personality, I couldn’t sit still in the office, so after the contract expired, I quit my job in the sand and stone factory. Later, in the talent exchange market in Qira County, I saw a construction company recruiting people, and the salary was relatively high and the welfare treatment was very good. I applied for this company and signed a labor contract. In the company, we work 8 hours a day. After work, I usually go home and sometimes go shopping and have dinner with my colleagues. In the company, we have a vacation every year. Last year, when I was on vacation, I went to Zhengzhou and Kaifeng with my colleagues. Every traditional festival such as Spring Festival, Jizi Festival and Eid al-Adha, the company will have a holiday and distribute daily necessities such as beef, mutton and rice flour oil to employees.

In the company, I became the backbone of the company’s business in less than a year because of my hard work and knowledge of architecture. Now I am the manager of the company’s engineering department, with a monthly salary of more than 8,000 yuan. Last June, with the money I earned, I built a house of more than 80 square meters in the village, decorated it beautifully, and bought home appliances and furniture such as TV, sofa and wardrobe. Last September, I got married. When I got married, I bought my wife a gold necklace and a gold ring, and she liked it very much. After getting married, we also bought a car. When we have a rest on Saturday and Sunday, my wife and I will drive to the surrounding counties and cities to play. We are now living happily. In the future, I will continue to work in the company, learn more management knowledge, and strive to be promoted to a higher position and get more wages.

Some people abroad say that we are "forced to arrange jobs after graduation, with low income, restricted personal freedom and monitored", which is nonsense. If we are forced to arrange work and our personal freedom is restricted, can I resign from my original enterprise? Can I be the department manager of a construction company? If our income is low, can I afford to build a house and buy a car?

Xu Guixiang: If you have a chance, all of you here can visit Abdulla Maiti Tulson’s new house in Mohammad.

Bi Haibo: Now I’d like to ask a question from a reporter from China News Agency.

China News Agency asked: Can you ask the graduates to talk about what they have learned in the teaching and training center and what they have gained? How do the knowledge and skills they have learned help their work and life?

Xu Guixiang: In this question, please ask Alimu McMaitimin, a graduate student of Pishan County Education and Training Center in Hotan area, to introduce his situation.

On February 10th, Alimu McMatimin answered a reporter’s question. Pomegranate Cloud/Xinjiang Daily reporter Wang Yushe

Alimu McMaitimin: My name is Alimu McMaitimin. I am a graduate student of Pishan County Education and Training Center in Hotan area, and now I work in a rabbit factory.

When we are in the training center, we can learn the national common language, laws and regulations, vocational skills and so on. Through study, my national common language level has been greatly improved. At the same time, I also learned a lot of legal knowledge, made a basic judgment on right and wrong, and learned what is good and what is bad. I’m a farmer, and I’ve always been particularly interested in farming. When I learned that there were courses in the training center to learn farming techniques, I signed up. In the past, I thought that raising cattle and sheep was something we farmers did every day, and there was nothing difficult. After studying the knowledge of animal husbandry systematically, I realized that it is not easy to really raise livestock. For example, there is a lot of knowledge about how to make livestock grow well and not get sick, and how to breed scientifically!

After graduation, I successfully applied for a job in a rabbit farm by using the breeding skills I learned in the teaching and training center and signed a labor contract. Now I mainly feed rabbits, clean rabbit huts, breed, breed, prevent epidemic and separate cages. Through hard work, I became the backbone technician in the factory, and the director also trusted me very much. Some time ago, he went back to his hometown to visit relatives, and I was responsible for everything in the factory. I think this is my recognition and affirmation, and I am very happy.

Now, our living conditions have improved and we have some savings. I am very happy now. In the future, I will work harder, earn more money and let my family live a better life. Thank you all.

Bi Haibo: Now I’d like to invite the reporter from CCTV News Center to ask questions.

Question from CCTV News Center: It is understood that many students have achieved stable employment after graduating from the teaching and training center, and some have even become village cadres and township cadres. Can you ask them to talk about their current working life?

Xu Guixiang: Let’s invite Alimujiang Yusupu, a graduate student from Akto County Education and Training Center in Kezhou, and Abliz Aze, a graduate student from Hotan County in Hotan area, to talk about their current situation. They are village cadres and township cadres respectively.

On February 10th, Alimujiang Yusupu answered a reporter’s question. Pomegranate Cloud/Xinjiang Daily reporter Wang Yushe

Alimujiang Yusupu: My name is Alimujiang Yusupu, and I come from Baren Township, Akto County, Kezhou.

In the past, my education level was low, I wanted to go out to work but I didn’t have any skills. I was addicted to watching horror videos all day and hanging out with some "friends". My mother was very sad to see me like this, so she persuaded me to go to the teaching and training center. There, I not only enhanced my legal awareness, but also improved my national common language level quickly. I also learned several skills such as animal husbandry, mechanical maintenance and computer.

After graduation, I came home, because my country has a good level of common language and many skills, and I became famous in the village, so I can be regarded as a "universal" person. In addition, my personality is cheerful and I like to help others. My fellow villagers all recognize me. Every family loves to find me when they have something, and they also elected me as the deputy director of the village committee.

I like this job very much. I use the knowledge and skills I have learned in the teaching and training center to serve the masses enthusiastically and take the initiative to lead the villagers to do a good job in agricultural production together. With the support of government policies, our village committee has invested more than 12 million yuan to build livestock and poultry pens, breeding bases, cattle and sheep custody and other projects, helping more than 200 villagers get rid of poverty and become rich. We also actively promoted the renovation of human settlements such as toilet renovation and courtyard renovation, and invested 3.5 million yuan in village-level road construction projects alone, greatly improving the conditions in the village.

Now, earth-shaking changes have taken place here. There are asphalt roads between villages, villagers have lived in spacious and bright houses to live and enrich the people, children have received education in brand-new schools, and every household has drunk tap water, with strong cattle and sheep and a courtyard full of fresh fruits and vegetables. The villagers don’t have to worry about food and clothing. Whether they are farming or aquaculture, they enjoy subsidies, and education and medical care are also guaranteed. Look at the smiling faces of our villagers and you will know how happy they are!

My present job makes my family particularly proud. My mother was very happy to see me busy and happy when I told the villagers the policy of benefiting the people all day, helped them grow vegetables in greenhouses, and enthusiastically adjusted neighborhood disputes. She often boasts that she has a good son in front of her friends and thanks the training of the teaching and training center. Now I have the energy and face, and I will continue to struggle with the village Committee to make the villagers live a better life!

Xu Guixiang: Let’s ask Abriz Aze to tell us something about him.

On February 10th, Abliz Aze was answering a reporter’s question. Pomegranate Cloud/Xinjiang Daily reporter Wang Yushe

Abulizi Aze: My name is Abulizi Aze. I come from Hotan County in Hotan area, and now I work in the township government of Layika.

In the past, my country’s general language level was poor, and I didn’t have any skills. When I did odd jobs, I got in touch with some bad people and did a lot of wrong things. Later, under the repeated persuasion of my brother, I signed up for vocational skills education and training. Through studying, I realized the mistakes I made before and mastered a lot of knowledge about policy and management. What makes me proud is that my national common language level and computer operation skills are the best in my class.

After graduation, because I speak the national common language well, have a certain level of policy, and know computer knowledge, I was hired as a civil affairs assistant of the township government after taking the examination organized by the village Committee and the teaching and training center, mainly responsible for the statistics of poor households in the village, the distribution of relief materials, and the implementation of the government’s policy of benefiting the people.

Now, there are more and more policies to benefit the people in our country. I am very proud of this work, and I live a full and happy life every day with a sense of accomplishment. Let me give you an example. For example, there is a family in Paqi village, our hometown. The husband and wife are older, and one son suffers from severe hypertension. There is no labor force at home, so life is very difficult. When I learned about their situation, I immediately reported it to the township civil affairs office. Now the village gives them a living allowance of 2000 yuan every year, and also asks me to visit their home often and give out daily necessities such as rice, flour and oil. Every time the old man knows that I’m going to visit, he will stand at the door and wait for me, holding my hand and excitedly saying thank you.

My own life is getting better and better, with new furniture at home, all kinds of household appliances and some savings. I’m also going to sign up for the self-study exam, improve my education and ability, do a better job as a civil assistant, set a good example for the children, and let them be useful to their hometown, society and country when they grow up.

Bi Haibo: Now please ask the reporter of Xinjiang Daily.

Xinjiang Daily (tianshan net) asked: It is understood that some trainees started their own businesses, started companies and became bosses after graduation. What do they think of the role of the teaching and training center?

Xu Guixiang: In this question, please ask Esmutullah Tohetti, a graduate student from Akto County Education and Training Center in Kezhou, and Maimaiti Morarouzi, a graduate student from Aksu City Education and Training Center in Aksu Prefecture, to introduce the relevant information.

On February 10th, Esmutullah Tohti answered a reporter’s question. Pomegranate Cloud/Xinjiang Daily reporter Wang Yushe

Esmutullah Tohti: Hello, my name is Esmutullah Tohti, and I am from Baren Township, Akto County. Now I am engaged in yak breeding, catering and construction engineering business.

In the past, influenced by religious extremism, I rejected all things related to the Han nationality, thinking that they were not "halal", doing nothing and wandering around the village all day. In addition, I can’t communicate normally in the national common language, and I don’t know any technology. The life at home is even a problem of food and clothing, and I rely on government relief. Later, under the persuasion of my family and friends, I took the initiative to sign up for the training of the teaching and training center.

In the teaching and training center, I learned the national common language, learned the law, and also learned the technology of cattle and sheep breeding, and learned how to choose excellent varieties and mix the right feed. After graduation, I plan to breed yaks. When the village committee knew about it, it was very supportive and took the initiative to help me coordinate a bank loan of 30,000 yuan. After a year, I earned more than 60,000 yuan. When I gave my wife so much money, she was too excited to speak. Later, with the encouragement and help of the village committee, I set up a breeding cooperative, and absorbed 20 households from the village to join the cooperative. Now it has grown to the scale of breeding 50 yaks, and I have also been rated as the "first person" in the village to increase income by innovative breeding. I have become a "good Balang" now.

With money in my pocket, my eyes are wider and wider, my mind is more and more lively, and I have found many new business opportunities. I found that with people’s life getting better and better and more people like to eat hot pot, I opened a hot pot restaurant in the town, focusing on yak meat from our cooperative, which was "sought after" by everyone. The business was booming, with a net profit of more than 80,000 yuan a year, and seven children of poor households were hired for employment. Later, I started construction projects, hired 106 employees from poor families, and contracted projects with more than 5 million yuan. All the employees who followed me got rid of poverty, and I became a famous "small boss" in the village.

I feel very lucky. Studying in the teaching and training center has freed me from extreme thoughts, learned skills, earned money and lived a dignified life. If I hadn’t trained in the teaching and training center, I wouldn’t have everything today. In the future, I want to be a bigger boss and lead everyone to live a better life. Thank you all.

Xu Guixiang: Let’s ask Maimaiti Morarouzi to introduce the relevant information.

On February 10th, Maimaiti Morarouzi answered a reporter’s question. Pomegranate Cloud/Xinjiang Daily reporter Wang Yushe

Maimaiti Morarouzi: Hello, everyone. My name is Maimaiti Morarouzi. I am 35 years old and I have opened two restaurants in Aksu.

In 2015, I opened a small restaurant, during which I met some religious extremists. They told me that the house built by the government was "Alamu" and the money was "Alamu". The daily necessities produced by mainland enterprises were "Alamu", and the Han people were all "pagans". Later, I listened to their words, and I became obsessed with the Han people. I refused to communicate with the Han people and refused to receive Han customers. When the Han people came to the store, I hated them and treated them badly. Not long after, the customers in the restaurant became less and less, the business became worse and worse, and finally the restaurant closed.

Later, under the persuasion of my family, I came to the teaching and training center to study. Because I have the experience of running a restaurant, I chose a cooking class. Under the hands-on instruction of the teacher, my cooking has made great progress and I have learned many new dishes. After graduation, I wanted to open a restaurant, but I couldn’t find a suitable venue, so I told the community about my idea of starting a business. They were very supportive and helped me find a 290-square-meter shop in Aksu city and reduced most of the rent. On December 20, 2019, my restaurant was officially opened, and there were many guests every day. Many customers said that my cooking was better than before. Now when I meet Han guests, I can also communicate with them in Mandarin and listen to their comments on the food, so that I can improve. At present, my restaurant has 55 employees, with a monthly turnover of about 500,000 yuan and an annual net income of more than 450,000 yuan, which I never dreamed of before.

We Uighurs have a proverb: "A person without gratitude is like a donkey without feelings." I will never forget that it was the education in the teaching and training center that saved me and taught me vocational skills, and it was the community that helped me realize my dream of starting a business. In the future, I will work harder and lead the staff to open the restaurant to Urumqi and the capital Beijing, so that more people can taste our delicious food in Xinjiang.

Xu Guixiang: If you have a chance, everyone will visit Maimaiti Moraz’s restaurant.

Bi Haibo: Now I’d like to invite AFP reporters to ask questions.

Agence France-Presse asked: As mentioned by a government spokesman just now, China denies that there are currently 1 million Uighurs detained in Xinjiang, but China has never officially announced how many students there were in the education and training center. I think maybe China can introduce how many people have been in these training centers, how long they have been there, who they are, what age group they are, male or female?

In addition, it has just been mentioned that all the students have graduated, so I would like to ask how many teaching and training centers there are and what are these teaching and training centers now? Are they all empty now? Do you have any plans to convert them into other institutions, or are you going to tear them down? Whether the international media can have a chance to see for themselves whether they are really empty now.

Xu Guixiang: Let me introduce you to this question. Media reporters have been paying close attention to the number of students in the teaching and training center. We have also introduced it many times, emphasizing that the number of students is dynamic, and there are gains and losses. Because each student has a different educational level, some learn faster, and some have a relatively weak cultural foundation, so he may need to spend a little longer time studying than others. Judging from the nature of the school and the characteristics of the students, the number of students is not easy to count. At the same time, according to the relevant laws and regulations of our country, such education and training centers are generally run by local governments, so from the level of autonomous regions, no department has specifically counted this data. As for the number of trainees, I don’t think it is the essence of the problem. In the past, when violent terrorist activities were frequent, many people were influenced by religious extreme thoughts and even participated in violent terrorist activities. As long as there are such infected people, no matter how many, they need to be trained, because even a person infected with religious extreme thoughts may create terrorist activities.

Through the training in the teaching and training center, the vast majority of students got rid of the shackles of religious extremism and terrorism and returned to normal social life. At present, there is no need to hold teaching and training centers as in the past. We are a developing country, and the buildings and yards of the education and training center are very good. It is a pity to tear them down, which will cause great waste. Therefore, we use them as social service institutions such as nursing homes and reuse them. If you are interested, we are also willing to accompany you to see the places where the students have studied.

Bi Haibo: Now please ask the reporter of Global Times to ask questions.

Global Times asked: Last year, there was an COVID-19 epidemic in Kashgar. Some overseas media said that many "detention camps" were located near Kashgar and were at risk of being infected by COVID-19 virus on a large scale. What do you think of this statement?

Xu Guixiang: Please answer this question by Mr. Yiliang Anayiti.

Yiliang Anayiti: The so-called "education and training centers are at risk of being infected by COVID-19 virus on a large scale" is totally a rumor with ulterior motives. We have said on many occasions that in October 2019, all the teaching and training students who participated in the "three studies and one go" have graduated, and with the help of the government, they have achieved stable employment, improved their quality of life and led a normal life. All the students in the teaching and training center have graduated. How can we say that the students are "at risk of infection"?

Bi Haibo: Because of the time, the last question is for the reporter of China News Service.

China News Agency asked: Xinjiang has always claimed that all the graduates of teaching and training have completed their courses in October 2019. However, some western think tanks concluded by studying satellite images that Xinjiang "built larger buildings to detain more people". Excuse me, do you have any comments?

Xu Guixiang: Let me introduce the relevant information about this question. Recently, I also noticed that the Australian Institute of Strategic Policy released a report called "Recording the Detention System in Xinjiang", saying that Xinjiang "has built larger buildings to detain more people". This kind of "inference" based on the so-called "satellite image" is completely speculative and nonsense.

In its report, the Australian Institute of Strategic Policy absurdly regards all buildings with external walls in Xinjiang as "detention centers", in fact, these so-called "detention centers" are civil institutions. The "detention center" in Turpan mentioned in the "Report" is actually the office building of the local administrative organ; The so-called "detention centers" in Kashgar are actually local nursing homes, logistics parks and schools. These are marked in Google and Baidu maps. I have pictures here. Please take a look at them together through the TV screen (showing relevant pictures on the spot).

In fact, some so-called "independent think tanks" such as the Australian Institute of Strategic Policy are not academic research institutions at all. They have long received financial support from the U.S. government and arms dealers. For the benefit of their financial owners, they are keen to concoct and speculate on various anti-China issues, spread rumors everywhere, and vilify and demonize China. They have become anti-China tools manipulated by the U.S. government and anti-China "Depth Charge" under the cloak of "academic". Especially on Xinjiang-related issues, the organization has repeatedly thrown out fallacies with no factual basis and full of fantasy assumptions, which has long been notorious. Not long ago, the Australian Citizens’ Party publication "Australian Warning Service" also issued a document pointing out that the "report" of the institute is extremely absurd and has no meaning except to create sensational false news.

Here I reiterate that Xinjiang is open, and there is no need to use "satellite images" to understand Xinjiang. We welcome all foreigners who hold an objective and fair position to visit Xinjiang and get to know the real Xinjiang.

Next, please watch a video.

Xu Guixiang: Today, we held this news conference around the vocational skills education and training in Xinjiang, and invited 15 graduates from the teaching and training center to tell their personal experiences. These are true stories, which are authentic, because happiness can’t be faked.

Once upon a time, they were bewitched, deceived and held by extremist forces, put on heavy spiritual shackles, and lived under the haze. Some of them had abnormal thoughts and behaviors, and their six parents denied them. Some ignore national laws and do whatever they want; Some participated in terrorism activities, embarked on the road of illegal crimes, and even became cannon fodder for terrorist forces and extremist forces. Extreme thoughts turned living people into "demons" who killed people without blinking an eye.

Now, they have broken through the cage of extremism, got rid of the threat of terrorism and returned to the sun, and their ideas, ways of thinking, production and lifestyle have all undergone radical changes. They know the law and abide by the law, have mastered a skill, and have achieved a job, a way to get rich, a promising life, and a dignified, decent and valuable life. From the "devil" disowned by six parents to the normal person. Here, please think about it together. Do we want to see them now or before?

The fundamental reason why they have undergone such profound changes is that Xinjiang has taken a series of preventive anti-terrorism measures, including holding teaching and training centers. Practice has proved that Xinjiang’s counter-terrorism and depolarization measures are effective, in line with the basic principles and spirit of the international community’s preventive counter-terrorism, such as the United Nations Global Counter-Terrorism Strategy and the United Nations Action Plan against Violent Extremism, in line with the spirit and requirements of the rule of law in China, in line with the reality of Xinjiang’s economic and social development, in line with the vital interests and universal aspirations of all ethnic groups, and are completely correct.

However, on the issue of education and training centers, some anti-China forces in the West have made a big fuss, linked a series of policies in Xinjiang to the education and training centers, frequently invented sensational illusions, fallacies and speculation, wantonly discredited and attacked Xinjiang, attempted to put Xinjiang in the dock, and even charged it with genocide, making Xinjiang a "cheap card" for them to contain and suppress China. But can their attempts succeed? In my opinion, it’s impossible!

In my opinion, some anti-China forces in the west have made five major mistakes on Xinjiang-related issues, which have determined their fate of failure and embarrassing fate.

One is the wrong position.Xinjiang’s anti-terrorism and depolarization uphold morality and people’s hearts, take the right path on earth and act justly, in exchange for stability and peace; However, some anti-China forces in the West cling to the Cold War mentality, pursue double standards, and pursue bullying, which stirs up the cold on Sunday. In this struggle, light will overcome darkness, justice will subdue evil, and truth will eliminate fallacies. This is an eternal law in human history.

The second is misjudging the facts.After an arduous struggle against terrorism and depolarization, Xinjiang has reversed the situation of frequent terrorist activities and serious threats to people’s lives and property in the past period. There have been no terrorist cases for more than four consecutive years, and unprecedented achievements have been made in economic and social development and improvement of people’s livelihood, showing a good situation of social stability and people living and working in peace and contentment. However, some anti-China forces in the West turned a blind eye, falsely claiming that Xinjiang "suppressed ethnic minorities", "persecuted Muslims", "forced sterilization" and "forced labor", and described Xinjiang as a "prison". The so-called "bill", "sanction" and "identification" were based on fictional fantasies and subjective assumptions, which could not stand scrutiny at all.

The third is the misuse of logic.Xinjiang’s struggle against terrorism and depolarization is based on facts and the law as the criterion. It is a useful exploration based on defending people’s interests and has irrefutable legitimacy, rationality and legitimacy. However, some anti-China forces in the West adhere to "double standards" and use such methods as "fabricating and tampering", "substituting flowers for trees", "taking things out of context", "vague accusations", "forced association" and "pulling and dragging", which obviously violate the normal cognition and judgment of human beings, are absurd, deceptive and inflammatory, and expose their dark and ugly psychology.

The fourth is the wrong source.The cadres and masses of all ethnic groups in Xinjiang have made a comprehensive, accurate and vivid expression of various policies and measures in Xinjiang and their achievements, which is the most powerful, authentic and credible display for Xinjiang. However, some anti-China forces in the west only like to listen to the nonsense of those "actors" with bad conduct and low morality, and are willing to collude with them and become the same birds with one feather. The fifth is to misjudge people’s hearts. Xinjiang’s struggle against terrorism and depolarization has won the praise of many people of insight in the international community. Since 2018, more than 1,200 people from 80 groups from more than 100 countries have visited Xinjiang, and they generally expressed their support and affirmation for Xinjiang’s practice. Especially, in view of Pompeo’s so-called "genocide" in Xinjiang, government officials from more than 10 countries have expressed their solemn support for Xinjiang, which is the people of the world. However, some anti-China forces in the West do the opposite. They don’t believe in the broad consensus of the international community, but stick to their own opinions, forcing many countries in the world to choose sides and completely underestimate the power of justice. "Getting more help from the Tao, but not from the Tao" has finally become more and more isolated.

Obviously, some anti-China forces in the West have stood on the opposite side of the 25 million people in Xinjiang, the 1.4 billion people in China, and the opposite side of human morality and conscience. Their attempt to "control China with Xinjiang" and "suppress China with fear" will surely go bankrupt. Thank you!

Bi Haibo: Thank you again for your frank exchanges with Minister Xu, Yiliang Anayiti and all the trainees. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Xinjiang will hold special press conferences in due course. This press conference is over.

Original title: Record of the Fourth Xinjiang-related Press Conference of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region in Beijing

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The wonderful activities of 2024 Yantai Spring Auto Show will take you to see it first.

  Public Network Reporter Zhou Mi Trainee Reporter Hei Yuqing Yantai Report

  Wonderful activities, take you to see it first.

  In the vibrant April, the 2024 Yantai Spring Auto Show will be grandly opened on April 11-15. As the organizer, it will also create a variety of interactive activities with rich content, which will closely combine automobile consumption with cultural life.

  Qilu Cup Female Style Show


  Breaking the restrictions of the regular model contest is not limited to a certain age group. As long as you can walk on the runway, be confident and bold, and fully display the unique charm and style of models of all ages in Jiaodong, this stage needs you!

  Activity time: 4-12 9:30-15:00.

  Located in the indoor hall stage


  to show themselves


  Youth networking activities


  Co-sponsored by the Communist Youth League Committee, the Working Committee of the Municipal Government, Qilu Evening News, Qilu Yidian Yantai Media Center and Yantai Family Planning Association, and co-organized by Yantai Automobile Chamber of Commerce, the youth networking activity of "Qing Xin Yantai Yidian Heart" will be held in Yantai International Expo Center, and registration will begin from now on! Guests who successfully sign up for this fraternity canFree auto show tickets.

  This networking event not only does not charge any fees, but the organizers also prepare a variety of exquisite gifts, pot throwing and other interactive games for the guests.

  Activity time: April 13th, 9: 30-11: 30.

  Located in the indoor hall stage

  Scan the code and sign up.


  International car model competition


  Fashion has never been defined by others. You have your own style. As long as you dare to show your "beauty", you can provide a stage to show yourself for every boy and girl who shines with youthful charm. Break out of the cocoon and redefine the unique charm of self with the casualness revealed by nature.

  (The QR code in the identification map can be registered)

  Activity time: April 13th, 13: 00-16: 00 (Semifinal)

  4.14 9:00-12:00 (Finals)

  Located in the indoor hall stage



  ICE animation game carnival


  The sparks of different dimensions collide, and the little brothers and sisters of cos’s favorite anime mobile game characters can be seen everywhere, entering the second-dimensional world that young people like. There are also animation show, theme live, house dance contest, interactive games, many activities waiting for you to participate, and even a thousand yuan bonus waiting for you to take.

  Activity time: 4.13-4.14 (tickets are required)

  Located in indoor hall D.


  Tik Tok Million COSER


  Qihuan forest pet carnival


  It is a combination of popular science education, parent-child entertainment and fashion play, and mainly focuses on professional popular science exhibitions, so that children can understand the real nature and fall in love with natural science and cute and magical animals. There are even mysterious guests at the scene. Once they enter, they can’t help but feel that different magical animals live in each area.

  Activity time: 4.11-4.15 (tickets are required)

  Located on the east side of the exit on the first floor of the exhibition hall.

  Interesting popular science interaction



  Wonderful performance of Xian Yi, old and young


  Yang Jinming, a well-known crosstalk performer in China and a crosstalk performer in Deyun Society, studied under Hou Yaowen, a well-known crosstalk performer in China, and a fellow brother in Degang Guo for nearly 60 years. In the early years, Yang Jinming and Yang Yi’s crosstalk group spread all over the country, and won the first prize in the first CCTV National TV Crosstalk Competition in 2002.

  Yang Jinming boarded the CCTV Lantern Festival in 2011 and performed the work "Model". In 2018, he boarded Beijing Satellite TV Spring Festival, participated in Tianjin Satellite TV Spring Festival Evening in 2021, was the fifth guest of CCTV’s "New Year Crosstalk Conference" in 2021, and performed "Selling Map" in Tianjin Satellite TV Spring Festival Evening in 2023 with Degang Guo and Shaobing.

  This special cross talk of Deyun Society is also the first time for Mr. Yang Jianming to perform in Yantai.

  Performance time: 4-13 19:30




  The global phenomenal cartoon, the princess of children’s world, the smooth plot rhythm, the gorgeous visual feast, and the ice and snow magic to recreate the stage classic. Walk into the fantasy world of Frozen and feel the sincere feelings about love, courage and affection with Princess Aisha. Exquisite dance, gorgeous costumes and moving music will take you to appreciate the charm of Disney classics.

  Performance time: 4-13 10:30




  Every song will take you back to the most beautiful time, from the flowery "Stealing Heart" and "Kissing Goodbye" to "A Thousand Sad Reasons" and then to "The Legend of the Hungry Wolf". This is not only a concert, but also a review of the times and the reappearance of a legend. We have a top music production team, and even more singers who are full of love for Hong Kong music songs. With their voices, they will once again awaken that era in your heart.

  Hong Kong Music is an indelible memory.

  Those classic melodies and lyrics that are deeply rooted in people’s hearts are worth remembering again.

  Performance time: 4-13 15:00.



2024 China Tourism Leisure and Entertainment Industry Annual Meeting | Cultural Tourism Development: Breaking a New Game in the Crisis!

The 2024 China Tourism, Leisure and Entertainment Industry Annual Conference (hereinafter referred to as the "Annual Conference") hosted by China Amusement Machine and Amusement Park Association will be held in Beijing from March 19th to 21st.

In order to improve the media literacy of cultural tourism enterprises, enhance the awareness of crisis management and establish corporate brand reputation, China Amusement Machine Amusement Park Association will hold an exchange forum on crisis management and media literacy improvement of cultural tourism enterprises in conference room ·W105 of China International Exhibition Center (Shunyi Pavilion) on March 21st.

At the forum, Zhang Zhian, a professor at the School of Journalism of Fudan University and director of the Research Center for Communication and National Governance, Xiong Xiaojie, director of the Brand Marketing Committee of China Tourism Association and chairman of Times Wenlv (Guangzhou) Brand Marketing Consultant Co., Ltd., Liu Lei, vice president of Ailiai think tank, Qiao Dawang of independent filmmakers, author of the best-selling book Content Detonates Growth and Wang Ziqiao, a marketing consultant, and other industry experts will gather together to give keynote speeches, and finally set up a question-and-answer session for on-site communication.

It is reported that the annual meeting focuses on the development trend, market changes and product iterations of the tourism industry under the new situation, focusing on the innovation of "tourism+"format and scene changes in the new era, aiming at promoting the deep integration of cultural tourism and leisure, entertainment, education, science and technology, sports and other fields, expanding the space for industrial development and empowerment, enriching the supply of high-quality projects, helping the tourism industry to achieve effective improvement in quality and reasonable growth in quantity, further releasing the tourism consumption potential, and better satisfying the people’s diversification and multi-level.

Besides, The annual meeting will also set up the main forum of the 2024 China Tourism and Leisure Industry Annual Meeting, the China Tourism and Leisure Industry Safety Symposium, the China Tourism and Leisure IP Empowerment Forum, the China Tourism and Leisure Brand Marketing Forum, the China Cultural and Business Travel Project Innovation and Development Forum, the China City Park Transformation and Upgrading Forum, the China Indoor Park Innovation and Development Forum, the China Entertainment and Entertainment Innovation and Development Forum, the China Tourism and Leisure Development Trend Research Association, and the China Tourism and Leisure "Tide Entertainment New Species" Creation Forum. China Cultural Travel Planning Creative Innovation Forum, China Immersive Entertainment and Cultural Travel Digital Technology Innovation and Development Forum, China Tourism and Leisure Scene Promotion Forum, China Cultural and Sports Travel Unpowered New Business Development Forum and other sections. At that time, you will be invited to participate in the 2024 China Tourism and Leisure Industry Annual Meeting!

Author:Chen Mengyao

Editor:Gou Xiaoqing

Relax the car purchase restriction, light up the night economy … 20 new measures to promote more prosperous consumption.

  How to fully release the consumption potential? A few days ago, the General Office of the State Council issued the Opinions on Accelerating the Development of Circulation to Promote Commercial Consumption (hereinafter referred to as the Opinions), proposing 20 policies and measures to stabilize consumption expectations and boost consumer confidence. Experts said that these 20 measures to promote consumption from the perspective of improving the system and mechanism of consumption growth will have an important impact on consolidating the basic role of consumption in economic growth.

  Relax purchase restrictions and stabilize automobile consumption.

  "The measures to promote automobile consumption in the Opinions will help stabilize the automobile consumption market, thus supporting the stable development of the industry." According to Wang Xiaoming, a researcher at the Institute of Science and Technology Strategy Consulting, Chinese Academy of Sciences, automobiles are large consumer goods except houses, which have a great impact on consumption in the national economy. Stimulating the growth potential of automobile consumption is an important starting point for the steady growth of consumption.

  In July this year, affected by factors such as the switching of previous automobile emission standards, the retail sales of automobile products above designated size decreased by 2.6% year-on-year, and increased by 17.2% in June. "Since last year, the overall automobile market has been sluggish, and there has been the first negative growth in more than 20 years." Wang Xiaoming said.

  In view of the current downturn in the automobile market, the Opinions put forward that the potential of automobile consumption should be released, and the areas where automobile purchase restrictions are implemented should explore specific measures to gradually relax or cancel the purchase restrictions in light of the actual situation; Where conditions permit, give active support to the purchase of new energy vehicles; Promote the circulation of used cars and further implement the policy of completely canceling the restrictions on the removal of used cars.

  Zhao Ping, director of the International Trade Research Department of the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, believes that the Opinions promote the growth of automobile consumption from three aspects. "From the perspective of new car consumption, it is proposed to gradually relax or cancel the purchase restriction policy, which will loosen the new car consumption." Zhao Ping said, "From the perspective of second-hand car consumption, the sales volume of second-hand cars in China was close to 14 million last year. Although this is a large scale, compared with the 240 million cars in 2018, the circulation proportion of second-hand cars is still very low. There is still huge room for growth in the consumption of used cars, so the Opinions propose to promote the circulation of used cars. "

  "From the perspective of new energy vehicle consumption, the proportion of new energy vehicles in China in 2018 is only 1.09%, and the base is still relatively small, and the future growth space is also very huge." Zhao Ping said, "Therefore, under the background of declining subsidies for new energy vehicles, it is very timely for the Opinions to give active support to the consumption of new energy vehicles in areas where conditions permit." Zhao Ping said that the "Opinions" have targeted and taken various measures to promote the steady growth of automobile consumption, turning the automobile from a drag factor of consumption growth into a traction factor, laying a solid foundation for the steady growth of consumption.

  "Night Economy" Lights up the Consumer Market

  According to the Opinions, businesses and markets at night should be enlivened, and special catering blocks such as late-night business areas, 24-hour convenience stores and "Midnight Food Store" should be opened. Where conditions permit, investment can be increased to create night consumption scenes and gathering areas, and supporting measures such as traffic, safety and environment should be improved to improve the convenience and activity of night consumption.

  The recently issued Opinions on Further Stimulating the Consumption Potential of Culture and Tourism also points out that the night cultural performance market should be enriched, night catering, shopping, performing arts and other services in cultural and tourist sites should be optimized, and the construction of 24-hour bookstores should be encouraged. By 2022, more than 200 national night travel consumption clusters will be built, and the consumption scale of night travel will continue to expand.

  Zhao Ping believes that the "Opinions" put forward that strengthening the consumption of "night economy" is an inevitable requirement for development. On the one hand, with the improvement of economic development level, the growth rate of per capita disposable income in China has basically kept pace with GDP, ensuring consumption growth. "But on the other hand, the process of urbanization is accelerating, and the pace of life of many people is getting faster and faster, so the time for consumption becomes very limited." Zhao Ping said, "Especially in the daytime, many people squeeze the time of consumption because of their tight schedules such as work, and ‘ Night economy ’ The development of the company provides an opportunity to release the accumulated consumer demand during the day. "

  Zhao Ping believes that the development of "night economy" creates conditions for people to relieve pressure and improve themselves. The purpose is to better serve the daytime economy and better promote the benign interaction between people’s production and life, so that people can find a balance between work and life and have more sense of happiness and gain.

  Let the new format innovate and develop in the norm

  Per capita disposable income’s growth rate slows down, the service sector is in short supply, the circulation link is inefficient and the cost is high … … In the final analysis, many "pain points" in the consumption field should be solved by reform.

  In Zhao Ping’s view, the Opinions issued this time has carried out the idea of expanding consumption by means of reform. By improving the long-term mechanism of consumption growth, making up the short supply of consumption through the reform of "streamline administration, delegate power, strengthen regulation and improve services", and improving the institutional environment to smooth the circulation channels, consumers can be relieved of their worries, so that they can buy and afford it, and at the same time dare to buy and are willing to buy.

  The Opinions put forward that it is necessary to promote the innovation, transformation and upgrading of traditional circulation enterprises, promote the development of new circulation formats and new models, conform to the trend of business transformation and consumption upgrading, encourage the use of modern information technologies such as big data, cloud computing and mobile Internet, and promote cross-border integration of business travel styles, forming more new circulation platforms, new formats and new models. Encourage the development of "second-hand goods in internet plus" and "resource recycling in internet plus" to promote recycling consumption. Implement inclusive and prudent supervision to promote the healthy and orderly development of new circulation formats and new models.

  Zhao Ping also pointed out that the Opinions mentioned that we should adopt an inclusive and prudent regulatory approach to deal with the regulatory issues of new formats. In fact, we should create a relatively relaxed but standardized environment for the innovation and development of new formats. "The speed of new format innovation is very fast, but the construction of our policies, regulations and standards has not kept up with the pace of new format innovation. Therefore, we need to make up shortcomings in the system, so that new formats can innovate and develop in the norms." Zhao Ping said. (Kong Dechen)

The preparatory symposium of "Media+Artificial Intelligence" Deep Integration Committee and the expert seminar of "Artificial Intelligence Editorial Department" were held in Beijing.

  CCTV News:On October 31st, the preparatory symposium of the "Media+Artificial Intelligence" Deep Integration Committee of China Artificial Intelligence Industry Development Alliance and the expert seminar of "Artificial Intelligence Editorial Department" were held in Beijing, and many well-known experts, scholars and business representatives from the industry attended the meeting. Qian Wei, chairman and general manager of CCTV, said in his speech that CCTV, and International Online, the Central Radio and Television General Station, will take the opportunity of building the "Media+Artificial Intelligence" deep integration committee of the industrial alliance to formulate the media production standard of artificial intelligence as a macro grasp; At the same time, we will continue to promote the construction of the "artificial intelligence editorial department" of the three networks as a practical starting point, and work together to vigorously promote the development of various undertakings in the field of "media+artificial intelligence".


  The artificial intelligence industry development alliance (AIIA) is guided and supported by the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Central Network Information Office and other departments, led by China Information and Communication Research Institute, and co-sponsored by China Institute of Electronic Technology Standardization and the National Research Center for Industrial Information Security Development.

  Qian Wei revealed that the "Media+Artificial Intelligence" Deep Integration Committee aims to grasp the development direction of the integration of media industry and new technologies in today’s world, actively create a good environment for the integration and development of new media technologies, and promote the development of "the application of artificial intelligence technology in the media industry" through the advantages of CCTV’s industry leadership and the alliance’s industrial research and development and integration, and create a standardized and standardized industry order. At the same time, realize the industry leading and management functions, and explore a new path for the development of media integration artificial intelligence technology.

Yin Shiming, Vice President of Baidu and General Manager of Baidu AI Cloud Business Group

Yin Shiming, Vice President of Baidu and General Manager of Baidu AI Cloud Business Group

  The guests at the meeting expressed great expectations for the establishment of the Alliance’s "Media+Artificial Intelligence" Deep Integration Committee.

  Yin Shiming, vice president of Baidu and general manager of intelligent cloud Business Group, said that the joint efforts of media and AI will surely bring new changes to the whole industry, take root and flourish. CCTV is a benchmark enterprise in the broadcasting industry. The cooperation between Baidu and CCTV will accelerate the application of "Cloud +AI", and the two parties will jointly provide a model for the intelligent upgrade of the media industry. Together, the two sides will burst into great energy and define the new future of the media. 

  Si Luo, vice president of Alibaba Group and chief scientist of natural language at Dharma Institute, said: "I am very confident that the development of China media will have explosive growth in the future. At the same time, I believe that Alibaba Dharma Institute includes Alibaba Cloud Intelligent Business Group, and I also hope to have the opportunity to make my own contribution in this process and be a better enabler of the industry." 

  Xu Yiming, vice president of Tencent and vice president of Tencent Cloud, said that we are willing to join hands with CCTV to do in-depth and continuous exploration and research on the capabilities of the media industry AI+. At present, in the field of "media +AI", we need to work together with CCTV in three aspects: intelligent creation, video perception technology and intelligent audit capability.

  Wang Chenxin, vice president of TCL Thunderbird Technology, said: "CCTV has a huge amount of content and professional experience in news media operation, as well as a wide range of operating scenarios; Like Baidu, Ali and Tencent, there are top AI technologies; Our terminal manufacturers have a large number of user portals, so I think ‘ Media+artificial intelligence ’ Deep Integration Development Committee and ‘ Artificial intelligence editorial department ’ In the process of integration of the entire industrial chain, it can play a leading role in promoting the development of integration, the formulation of industry standards, platform co-construction and content sharing. "

  Liu Canguo, the founder of the Media Tea Party, fully affirmed the construction of "artificial intelligence editorial department" in CCTV, Yangguang. com and International Online. He believed that the editorial staff of the main station had natural professional advantages in audio and video. In order to empower the content with technology, it is necessary to produce more new and high-quality content with a "sense of science and technology" and a sense of the times on the basis of ensuring the content quality.

Si Luo, Vice President of Alibaba Group and Chief Scientist of Natural Language of Dharma Institute

Si Luo, Vice President of Alibaba Group and Chief Scientist of Natural Language of Dharma Institute

  According to the deployment of the main station, CCTV, Yangguang. com and International Online implemented the strategic layout of "5G+4K/8K+AI" of the main station, and built an "artificial intelligence editorial department" to intelligently innovate and develop the unique current affairs reporting resources and high-quality video resources of the main station, and committed to providing successful examples for the whole industry. Facing the infinite possibilities of the 5G era, the media and artificial intelligence have begun to link up, and CCTV regards the construction of "artificial intelligence editorial department" as an important actual combat position.

  Silo said that the development of the media has played a very important role in promoting the development of the Internet, and the technology of the Internet is constantly feeding back the development of the media. He believes that artificial intelligence will comprehensively optimize the link between media and collection, production, distribution and feedback in a more forward-looking way.

  Liu Canguo said that the "artificial intelligence editorial department" is not "scissors+paste", but to realize the intelligence of the news editing process, that is, to apply artificial intelligence technology to the whole process of news production and communication such as news planning, gathering, processing, publishing and feedback, and constantly explore new applications of artificial intelligence technology in the form of news reports.

Xu Yiming, Vice President of Tencent and Vice President of Tencent Cloud

Xu Yiming, Vice President of Tencent and Vice President of Tencent Cloud

  Xu Yiming said that with the evolution, iteration and upgrade of deep machine learning technology, artificial intelligence has already possessed the functions of semantic analysis, audio-visual text matching, and wonderful content capture. Media people can use artificial intelligence to define writing rules and automatically generate rich article content.

  Li Min, the founder of Tiger Sniffing Network, proposed to set up an external expert review meeting to assist decision-making, and use the appeal and influence of CCTV to set up an external brain team, including but not limited to AI technical experts, AI application experts and AI product experts. It is necessary to take CCTV business as the center and AI as the business application technology to serve the business and avoid repeated investment in AI basic algorithm work.

Song Jianwu, Professor of School of Journalism, Renmin University of China and Director-General of Media Convergence Laboratory, Renmin University of China.

Song Jianwu, Professor of School of Journalism, Renmin University of China and Director-General of Media Convergence Laboratory, Renmin University of China.

  The new and the old push each other, and the day is not stagnant. Due to the development of artificial intelligence, the trend of media development will be redefined. At the meeting, the guests actively discussed the main application prospects and ethical orientation of artificial intelligence in the field of information dissemination.

  Song Jianwu, a professor at the School of Journalism of China Renmin University and director-general of the Media Convergence Laboratory of China Renmin University, introduced the future development direction of artificial intelligence in the media industry from the aspects of intelligence and digitization of information collection, information production, information distribution, information reception and information feedback. He said that the externality of information dissemination requires information producers and communication platforms to assume social responsibilities and reflect the leading role of mainstream values when developing and utilizing artificial intelligence. At the same time, the powerful ability and potential of artificial intelligence require "technology is good".

  Yin Shiming agrees with the statement that "science and technology are good". He said that technology is for people to live a better life and make people feel better, which should be kept in mind as any enterprise.

  Li Weizhong, director of the product research and development center of Zhebao Group, hopes that the "Media+Artificial Intelligence" Deep Integration Development Committee will establish a relevant effect evaluation mechanism, because "Media+Artificial Intelligence" is geared to all industries and provides a highland for the entire media industry.

  Qian Wei concluded: "Artificial intelligence is not exclusive to a certain family, ‘ Media +AI’ It is not exclusive to a certain family. Some people say that it is an opportunity to change lanes and overtake. Some people say that it is an opportunity to change lanes and survive. What we see is that artificial intelligence will open a new era. This will be an era of entrance everywhere. We are willing to unite with everyone, make good use of the new weapons of artificial intelligence, prevent artificial intelligence from being abused in the media field, and jointly meet the era when everything is on the screen and everything is imported, and there are new positions for media communication everywhere. " 

Your consumption habits are better understood by intelligent marketing.

  According to the searched keywords, quickly identify the user’s query intention and provide the buyer with the required products and corresponding suppliers; In the process of commodity query and retrieval, artificial intelligence technology can also match the required products according to their historical orders and enterprise capabilities, and improve the response accuracy of information query and retrieval.

  Although there is still more than half a month before the Double Eleven, I believe many people still buy them in buy buy in the early morning of October 21st. This year, various e-commerce platforms launched the mode of snapping up+prepaid deposit. The goods snapped up on the 21st only need to pay the deposit, and the final payment can be paid on November 11th. All kinds of goods pushed by the e-commerce platform seem to be your "good heart", which makes people unable to choose. The e-commerce platform knows you so well, how can it not make people "hands-on"?

  Behind these pushes is a precise marketing service system based on customer behavior big data. With the development of artificial intelligence technology, the era of "internet plus" has been gradually upgraded to the era of "intelligence+". Artificial intelligence has become the core driving force of the new round of scientific and technological revolution. In the fields of finance and commerce, intelligent marketing has become one of the hot spots of rapid development.

  Data is the basis of developing intelligent marketing.

  At present, the sales market is shifting from the seller’s market to the buyer’s market, and the lack of effective demand has brought many challenges to enterprises. The biggest challenge faced by traditional marketing is that the cost of obtaining customers is rising and the difficulty is increasing, and the business growth model of enterprises can not simply stay on the level of obtaining more new customers. How to enhance customer stickiness, improve "customer lifetime value" and make customer value far greater than marketing cost has become a problem that enterprises must think about.

  Yang Shanlin, an academician of China Academy of Engineering and a professor at Hefei University of Technology, said that intelligent marketing is not simply to apply existing artificial intelligence technology to marketing, but to re-create artificial intelligence on the basis of existing technology and combined with marketing needs.

  Under the traditional marketing mode, the buyer’s purchase intention can only be obtained by communicating with the marketer, which tests the marketer’s ability and familiarity with the business. In addition, the traditional offline marketing has many problems, such as large investment, high cost and difficult communication, which makes it difficult for both the supplier and the buyer to reach the transaction intention quickly. Therefore, in view of the pain point of traditional enterprise marketing, some enterprises have used artificial intelligence technology to launch a cloud intelligent marketing platform, and by aggregating the data of enterprises, products and needs in the platform, they have established capabilities and portrait models to achieve accurate matching of suppliers, marketers and buyers, insight into users’ needs and intention identification.

  At present, there are two main ways of intelligent marketing. One is technology export, and the providers are mainly cloud service providers and artificial intelligence companies. Among them, cloud service providers export standardized services based on the cloud platform to users by integrating the algorithm capabilities of artificial intelligence companies, while artificial intelligence companies deliver customized projects to users to solve their individual needs, which is also their main source of income. The second is experience export, where mature brand vendors provide solutions, trying to integrate the brand’s own years of operating experience with new technologies, export them to small and medium-sized businesses, and optimize their operating models. The starting points of the two approaches are different, but in the end, they all integrate the algorithm with the industry experience and develop in the direction of producing executable solutions. Trial and error in actual scenes is the main method to achieve this goal.

  Therefore, real and effective data is considered as the basis for the development of intelligent marketing. Jing Lei, general manager of harvest fund, divides intelligent marketing into three levels. The bottom layer is a multidimensional data, including traditional data, alternative data and their applications. With the assistance of traditional data and new technology, a more comprehensive and forward-looking data tracking can be achieved. Above the bottom, with the support of data, the breakthrough of fundamental logic and knowledge, including the depth, values and standards of people’s cognition of things, determines whether the fundamental framework is perfect and forward-looking Finally, the bottom and the top are combined, supplemented by machine learning, so that machine learning can assist people’s decision-making, achieve the effectiveness and discipline of decision-making, and prevent people’s emotions from affecting investment decisions.

  Focusing on meeting dynamic demand

  The "China Artificial Intelligence Industry Research Report 2019" released by iResearch shows that artificial intelligence has good conditions for security and financial development, and its business penetration is the fastest; Marketing, customer service and education are expected to develop rapidly. Artificial intelligence helps the intelligent upgrading of the industry, which has great commercial value. In 2019, it is expected to contribute nearly 57 billion yuan.

  Dr Cheng Xuejun from Kaiyuan Law School of Shanghai Jiaotong University said that the development of intelligent marketing is inevitable. Marketing 1.0 era is in the seller’s market, with fewer products, mainly focusing on product sales; In the era of Marketing 2.0, marketing was changed from product center to consumer center, and the background was that market rights were transferred from sellers to buyers. The era of Marketing 3.0 is mainly the era of emotional marketing, in which media innovation, content innovation and communication mode innovation are used to obtain the target audience. At this stage, the more common marketing theories are precision marketing, online marketing, word-of-mouth marketing, etc., and Internet technology is emphasized for communication. At present, intelligent marketing is in the era of marketing 4.0, mainly focusing on the personalized and fragmented needs of consumers all the time to meet the dynamic needs of consumers.

  Through artificial intelligence technology, the platform can quickly identify the user’s query intention according to the search keywords, and provide the buyer with the required products and corresponding suppliers; In the process of commodity inquiry and retrieval, artificial intelligence technology can also match the required products according to their historical orders and enterprise capabilities, so as to improve the response accuracy of information inquiry and retrieval; At the same time, according to the buyer’s historical orders, on the basis of peer-to-peer recommendation, we can intelligently recommend products that the buyer may need to enrich their experience.

  Wu Minghui, founder of Mingluo Technology Group and founder of the second hand system, said that the core of marketing is to divide demand more finely and match supply and demand more efficiently. Through the precise matching of artificial intelligence, we can reshape the relationship between consumer demand and enterprise products, create greater value for users, and achieve the goal of improving "customer lifetime value". Moreover, with the change of business paradigm, the relationship paradigm between users and enterprises will also change, that is, from the consumption relationship to the symbiotic relationship of interests, customers are no longer just "guests", but become "family members" with closer corporate relations and more consistent interests.

  5G makes intelligent marketing everywhere.

  With the advent of the 5G era, intelligent marketing will usher in a broader space. Yao Dong, co-president of Xinyi Interactive, said that in the field of mobile intelligent marketing, no country can surpass China’s development speed at present. "The landing of 5G means that every marketing tool and hardware will become the export and entrance of content, and it will also become a tool to collect customer behavior." These data behavior tools will further improve marketing efficiency through model establishment, continuous optimization and quantitative analysis of various marketing behaviors.

  "In the era of intelligent Internet, there is a large-scale e-commerce platform, and almost every marketing action can produce sales results in real time." Yao Dong emphasized that, therefore, how to build a brand while producing sales results and how to create a positive and profound impression in the hearts of consumers is the biggest challenge facing intelligent marketing.

  In the 5G era, more data will be obtained, artificial intelligence will get more training, and marketing empowered by artificial intelligence will become smarter. Wu Minghui said that the two most important words of marketing intelligence are "intelligence", and its biggest feature is its ability of self-learning, self-iteration and self-growth. In other words, by accumulating consumer data to form a clear portrait of consumers, with "foresight", we can find a way to create greater value for consumers and continuously improve the "customer lifetime value". Then, through real-time perception, global tracking, intelligent emergence, agile response and so on, marketing perception is constructed — A closed loop that responds to feedback. In these links, enterprises carefully explore and capture users’ needs, and try their best to provide services. Patience and carefulness are particularly important in this process, and a faster and more timely marketing model is also essential.

Homework APP hides games and makes parents angry. Developer: It is a fun learning product.

  Hualong. com at 6 o’clock on October 8th (Reporter Huang Yu Zhu Ke) Recently, Ms. Lin, who lives in Baoshenghu Street, Yubei, Chongqing, told Hualong. com that her son Jia Jia is in the third grade and needs to use the "Together Primary School Students" APP to complete his homework every day. Recently, Jia Jia’s efficiency has slowed down, and she feels that something is wrong. After inspection, it was found that this homework APP embedded a variety of games, and Jiajia’s game level has ranked first. Ms. Lin is very angry: "The whole homework process is in a bunch of games, so how can this 8-year-old pupil control himself?" What the hell is going on? Hualong. com reporter conducted an investigation.

  Event "

  "Homework APP" becomes "Game App". Eight-year-old children spend one or two hundred yuan to do tasks and "contribute" ranks first.

  Ms. Lin told reporters that as early as her son was in the second grade, the teacher recommended this "Primary School Students Together" APP to parents. At 10 o’clock on the evening of September 25, Jia Jia finished her homework. When Ms. Lin got her mobile phone back, she found that it was a little hot. She didn’t check it carefully until she noticed something strange.

  Ms. Lin found that in the "A Primary School Student" App, her son ranked first in the "geocentric adventure" game with an action value of 329, and ranked 17th in the school race. Screenshot of the page Hualong Nethair

  I don’t know if I don’t see it, but I was shocked when I saw it. Ms. Lin found that there is an entrance called "Growing World" on the homepage of the APP, which contains many small games such as "geocentric adventure", among which the city level under her account has reached level 6.

  Ms. Lin started the "geocentric adventure", and her son Jia Jia and four other students are forming a team to participate. In the team, Jia Jia ranked first in "contribution" with an action value of 329, and 17th in the school race.

  "Looking through the records, I know that many tasks have to be completed by opening products," Ms. Lin said. "Up to now, my son has spent one or two hundred dollars on the game."

  Experience "

  "Growing World" is similar to Happy Farm. The teacher can’t see the game entrance.

  Is there any possibility of misleading students in this APP? Hualong. com reporter decided to experience it.

  The "A Primary School Student" App prompts that you need to enter a "teacher number" to register, and after the "A Primary School Teacher" App uses the mobile phone number to register, the "teacher number" is successfully generated. Screenshot of the page Hualong Nethair

  Searching for "A Primary School Student" in the mobile app store pops up multiple search results, including "A Primary School Student", "A Primary School Teacher" and "Parents Connect", all developed by Shanghai Hexu Information Technology Co., Ltd.

  The reporter downloaded the "A Primary School Teacher" APP and entered the mobile phone number to register. With the help of the "teacher number" generated after registration, the reporter successfully logged into the "Primary School Students Together" APP, and the three options of "Growing the World", "Practice Record" and "Parents Reward" are prominently listed at the bottom of the homepage.

  This "growing world" is similar to Happy Farm. When you enter for the first time, you will be prompted to guide the operation. Screenshot of the page Hualong Nethair

  The reporter found that this "growing world" is similar to the happy farm game. Among them, the "building center" can build farmland, dairy farms, etc. "Partner Home" can raise sika deer and camel cubs, and can also send pets to compete with opponents.

  "Partner Home" can cultivate sika deer, camel and lamb, and can also send pets to compete with opponents. Screenshot of the page Hualong Nethair

  To complete some projects, you need to open designated products, such as Chinese, mathematics, dubbing, words, etc. It takes 300 yuan to open the basic language for 365 days and 199 yuan to open the words for 365 days.

  The reporter sent math homework to the whole class through the "A Primary School Teacher" APP, and then clicked the "A Primary School Student" APP "Practice Record" to complete it.

  After the homework is finished, the reward of "Learning Bean 5" and "Building Gold Coin 50" will pop up on the end page, and the prompt of "Going to the Growing World and Getting More Rewards" will pop up in the prominent position below. Screenshot of the page Hualong Nethair

  After all the four math problems are completed correctly, the reward of "Learning Bean 5" and "Building Gold Coin 50" will pop up on the end page, and the prompt of "Go to the growing world and get more rewards" will pop up in the prominent position below.

  At the bottom of the Growing World page, there are four options, namely, geocentric adventure, naughty elf, Mid-Autumn Festival reunion, and triumphant, all of which are time-limited activities. Screenshot of the page Hualong Nethair

  On the "A Primary School Teacher" APP, the reporter did not see a similar game entrance.

  Survey "

  Most parents are not familiar with APP function, and the network evaluation is polarized.

  Open two apps, all showing the names of many primary schools. So, how did parents and teachers react? The reporter conducted an investigation.

  Ms. Chen, who lives in Jiangbei, just sent her son to the first grade in September this year. Recently, she installed the "A Primary School Student" APP under the recommendation of her teacher. Under the reporter’s reminder, she discovered that her city level has reached level 2, and it should be that her son played before she got the level, but she didn’t know it before.

  In the "growing world", there are ranking systems almost everywhere, except for class rankings, there are also school and province rankings. Screenshot of the page Hualong Nethair

  Ms. Xiao lives in Xinqiao Street, and her fourth-grade daughter Qiqi is also doing her homework with this APP. After inspection, the city level in Kiki’s "Growing World" is still level 1. However, Ms. Xiao found that many students in the class boarded the city rankings.

  The reporter found that among the 10 parents who used the "Primary School Students Together" APP to do their homework, only one parent was familiar with the APP function.

  The reporter contacted a Chinese teacher of Ms. Shanglin’s primary school. The Chinese teacher said that she knew this APP, but it was not practical for her. She said that she was "unclear" about whether the APP was used in mathematics and English subjects.

  Subsequently, the reporter contacted the English teacher of another primary school, who was using this APP to arrange homework. She told reporters that when she first started using the APP, she experienced it as a student. I remember that there was no game page at that time. So far, the parents of her classmates have not reflected the game problems to her.

  However, the English teacher provided a detail. After the APP was launched, it was updated many times. She suspected that she had "quietly" joined the game during the update process.

  Some projects need to open designated products, including Chinese, mathematics, English, dubbing, etc. It takes 300 yuan to open the basic language for 365 days. Screenshot of the page Hualong Nethair

  As of October 7th, in Huawei’s APPlication market, a total of 2,049 people rated the "One Primary School Student" app, and the evaluation was polarized, among which nearly 40% of users gave 1 star. Among the users who gave bad reviews, "Krypton", "Commercialization" and "Advertising" are the words that appear more frequently.

  Response "

  Developers deny that there are games in the APP that call "Growing World" a fun learning product.

  How does the company respond to the above situation? On September 29th, as a parent, the reporter called the developer of this series of apps and the customer service phone number of Shanghai Hexu Information Technology Co., Ltd..

  The customer service first denied the statement of "game". It said that the products such as "Growing the World" in the APP are all interesting learning products, which mainly play an incentive role. "If children only do problems, they may feel boring, so they have developed these interesting products."

  The customer service replied that parents will give away some beans, growth values, grades and virtual items when they buy some courses, but mainly let the children do the questions.

  How does the platform verify the teacher’s identity? The customer service said that if teachers and users want to open the "One Primary School Teacher" APP, they need to upload the teacher qualification certificate and other certificates. However, when the reporter experienced it before, he only needed to enter his mobile phone number to register.

  In addition, why does the tip "Go to the growing world and get more rewards" pop up on the homework end page? Does the company have a game business license, and is the game filed? For these questions, the customer service did not answer.

  Subsequently, the reporter sorted out these questions and sent an interview request to the company through the media contact email published by official website. As of press time, no reply was received.

  As of October 7th, in Huawei’s Application market, a total of 2,049 people rated the "One Primary School Student" app, and the evaluation was polarized. Screenshot of the page Hualong Nethair

  According to the national enterprise credit information publicity system, Shanghai Hexu Information Technology Co., Ltd. was established on December 3, 2012, with Liu Chang as the legal representative and a registered capital of RMB 30 million. The business scope includes technical development and technical consultation in the field of network technology.

  Its business scope stipulates that projects that are subject to approval according to law can only carry out business activities after approval by relevant departments. In its administrative licensing information, the license of "network culture business license game products and artworks" has expired on May 13th this year. As of press time, no new information about the business license of game products has been found.

  In addition, the reporter also found that on May 25 this year, the company was fined 100,000 yuan and ordered to stop publishing because it violated the Advertising Law and used minors under the age of 10 as advertising spokespersons.

  The reporter inquired about the network culture business license, game version number, game operation record, etc. through the third-party website, but did not find the relevant information of the enterprise.

  Education Commission "

  Schools will be required to strengthen the selection and management of learning apps.

  Regarding the situation found in the reporter’s investigation, the person in charge of the relevant departments of the Chongqing Municipal Education Commission said that the learning apps currently used by students are the choices made independently by schools and teachers according to the situation and characteristics, and the Municipal Education Commission has not made uniform regulations.

  The person in charge said that parents can communicate directly with the teacher if they have opinions about the problem that the APP contains games. At the same time, relevant departments will also urge schools to make a more comprehensive evaluation of the advantages and disadvantages of APP, and strengthen supervision and management during the use.

Eating rabbits is risky! What deadly viruses are hidden in the "game" on the table?

  According to the latest epidemic situation of pneumonia in novel coronavirus, as of 24: 00 on January 28th, the National Health and Wellness Commission had received a total of 5,974 confirmed cases from 31 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities), including 1,239 severe cases, 132 cumulative deaths and 103 cumulative cured and discharged cases. There are 9239 suspected cases.

  The menacing epidemic has kept everyone in a state of panic. With the expansion of the epidemic, "wild animals" and "game" have once again become the focus of public attention. Earlier, on January 20th, in view of the current pneumonia epidemic in novel coronavirus, Zhong Nanshan, the leader of National Health Commission high-level expert group and academician of China Academy of Engineering, once pointed out that novel coronavirus is likely to come from a wild animal, and it is more likely to be wild animals like bamboo rats and badgers.

  On January 28th, Academician Zhong Nanshan accepted an exclusive interview with Xinhua News Agency, saying that in 2019, novel coronavirus first appeared on a bat, and scientists were looking for an intermediate storage owner in novel coronavirus.

  What is certain is that this epidemic has a great relationship with wild animals.

  Some researchers have done statistics. At present, 70% of new infectious diseases come from wild animals.

  SARS virus: The source of SARS has been proved to come from the Chinese bat, civet cats contact and infect them, and then transmit the virus to humans. If humans did not catch and eat civet cats, which were originally wild animals, the transmission chain of the virus from bats to civet cats and then to people would not have formed, and SARS would not have broken out that year.

  Ebola virus: The source of Ebola virus is wild animals such as orangutans, monkeys and bats. It is precisely because in Africa, people prey on these wild animals that Ebola virus has been transmitted from animals to people many times, and then it has caused outbreaks in human society.

  Nipah virus: Nipah virus also comes from bats, because humans built pig farms next to bat habitats, and the fruits bitten by bats and infected with the virus fell into the pigsty, and pigs were infected with the virus after eating them, and then infected people with the virus.

  Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) virus: In 2012, doctors in Saudi Arabia discovered a strange disease, which was later named "Middle East Respiratory Syndrome". The MERS virus that causes this disease was originally found in an African bat. Some dromedaries in North Africa accidentally contacted bats with viruses and were infected with MERS virus. With the trade from North Africa to the Middle East, dromedary caravans brought the virus to the Middle East, and the sick dromedaries infected more camels through nasal secretions, eventually infecting humans and spreading among humans.

  one-humped camel

  Influenza virus: almost everyone has had the flu, but the flu disease has nothing to do with humans. They come from birds. Moreover, the flu virus infects the digestive tract of birds, not the respiratory tract. The virus will "mutate", and the bird flu virus will mutate into a new virus that infects humans. However, the surface receptors of human respiratory cells are very close to those of birds’ digestive tract cells. When these new viruses mutated from birds are transmitted to humans, they cause respiratory diseases in humans, that is, "flu".

  HIV: There are two kinds of HIV: one is called HIV-1, and the other is called HIV-2. After research, scientists found that HIV-2 virus came from "mangabey with white top" in West Africa. This monkey carried a SIV virus and independently evolved into HIV-2 AIDS virus. Hunters in West Africa often kill this kind of monkey. When the monkey bites the hunter, or the butcher disposes of the monkey’s corpse, the monkey’s blood containing the virus enters the human body and will be infected with the virus. These viruses replicate themselves and gradually adapt to new hosts — — That is, humans. The HIV-1 virus has a completely different source. They come from another animal: chimpanzees.

  Baiding mangabey

  In addition, Hendra virus, Zika virus and so on, the sources of these deadly infectious diseases are all related to wild animals.

  The following small series is for everyone to learn about the bacteria or viruses that are at risk of infectious diseases carried by these common "game players" who have been repeatedly harassed.

  The greatest protection for wild animals is to stay away from them and leave their homes to them. Don’t go near them, don’t occupy them, and don’t overfish or eat.

  Protecting them means protecting us. I hope everyone can introspect, stop being willful and let the tragedy repeat itself.

  Finally, I hope Wuhan can tide over the difficulties and control the epidemic.