The activity of "Meeting Cherry Flower Sea" in Xixiang County of Hanzhong City was launched.


The spring breeze fills the garden, and it is as beautiful as snow. In the past few days, the temperature has warmed up, and the cherry blossoms in the cherry ditch scenic spot in Xixiang County of Hanzhong City are competing to bloom, attracting tourists from all walks of life to enjoy the flowers and take photos, and experience the wonderful artistic conception of "People in Traveling in a pictorial world".


On March 6th, the launching ceremony of "Meet the Cherry Flower Sea" activity in Xixiang County of Hanzhong City was held on the water stage beside the Cherry Lake in Cherry Valley Scenic Area. This year’s "Meet the Cherry Flower Sea" activity is sponsored by Xixiang County Party Committee and Xixiang County People’s Government, and will carry out activities such as wearing Hanfu to swim in the flower sea, painting and calligraphy into the scenic spot, and "walking in the garden to bask in the beautiful scenery" to commend advanced models such as county-level civilized units, civilized towns and villages, moral models, honest villagers and civilized families in 2023. The activities are rich in elements and elegant in style, allowing tourists to appreciate the beauty of ecology, nature and humanity from multiple angles in the landscape and pastoral areas.


The activity of "Meeting Cherry Flower Sea" is one of the characteristic cultural tourism brands created by Xixiang County, which has been successfully held for 15 sessions. During this activity, Xixiang County will not only carry out a variety of cultural tourism activities, but also focus on strengthening scenic route guidance, environmental improvement, food supervision and other guarantees, continuously strengthen the comprehensive improvement of the tourism market, improve the quality of tourism services, and ensure a good and comfortable tourism environment for tourists.


Cherry Valley Scenic Area is famous for its abundant cherries. After more than ten years of development and construction, it has developed and built a core area of 4 square kilometers, and has won the titles of "National Agricultural Tourism Demonstration Site", "Beautiful Garden" and "National Soil and Water Conservation Science and Technology Demonstration Park" successively. Today’s Cherry Valley Scenic Area is characterized by mountains and rivers, flowers and birds, beautiful scenery and complete infrastructure. The four seasons garden, viewing platform, cultural corridor, Zodiac Garden and other punch-in sightseeing spots are all beautiful, integrating leisure, vacation and agricultural eco-sightseeing, and have become the back garden for people’s daily leisure and entertainment.