A new force on university campus: the "post-00" schoolmasters attack.

  At present, colleges and universities have started classes one after another. This year’s freshmen are mostly children born in 1997 and 1998, and in addition, there are a few "post-00" figures. This group of "primary school tyrants" broke into the campus and took the lead in competing with the "post-90 s". Some of them entered school at the age of 4, some attended middle school at the age of 7, and some were repeat students in ideal universities. Immature face, shy smile, curious eyes … … All reveal their full expectations for future college life!

  The most independent "after 00":

  I hope to be a big tree at home

  Freshmen from the School of Chemical Engineering of Northwest University in pucheng county — — Dang Ming Fei, a 16-year-old boy, came to report for duty alone. Considering that his parents were busy taking care of the farmland, he decided to report to the school alone. "However, an elder sister from Xida University who met online and went to the same school in high school helped me a lot and took me through the first busy day of reporting."

  Dang Ming Fei’s parents couldn’t spare more time to take care of him because of the busy farming. Xiaoming Fei was sent to primary school at the age of 4. "My parents let me do farm work since I was a child, and let me taste the hard work of eating by labor." Dang Ming Fei said that it was this that inspired him to study hard, get into a good university and get out of the countryside. My brother and sister at home are also very disappointing and set an example for him — — The twin brother has just been admitted to China Shiyou University (East China) this year, and the elder sister has just graduated from university.

  Asked about his initial impression of Xida University, Dang Ming Fei described the quaint North Campus as "full of atmosphere", and he was particularly satisfied with the newly renovated dormitory.

  As one of the 16 "post-00 generation" among the 3380 freshmen of West University, Dang Ming Fei feels very lucky. In his understanding, the "advantage" of age gives him more time to work hard, grow up and become a big tree at home as soon as possible.

  Minimum "after 00":

  Become a knowledgeable person

  He is 1.7 meters tall, wears a pair of black-rimmed glasses, speaks slowly, and has a serious look … When his peers are about to face the senior high school entrance examination, Fu Yao, born in 2002, has been standing on the university playground for military training. It is understood that among the more than 5,200 freshmen of 2016 in Northwest A&F University, there are 34 "post-00" college students, the youngest of whom is Fu Yao, who is 14 years old.

  It took only one and a half years for Fuyao Primary School to pass the exam and enter junior high school at the age of seven. Last year, at the age of 13, he took the college entrance examination for the first time and scored 502 points, 22 points higher than the first line; I got 553 points in the second college entrance examination this year and was admitted to the Forestry Engineering Department of Forestry College of Northwest A&F University.

  Fu Yao’s roommate said that he only saw a 14-year-old boy go to college on the news before, but I didn’t expect to live in a dormitory with such a "prodigy" now. I really admire him. These days, everyone talked about games and cartoons together and got along very well.

  Fu Yao, who is undergoing military training, said that military training is very hard, but he will try his best to overcome the difficulties, and he will not relax his requirements because of his young age. He will also perform military boxing at the ceremony and adapt to college life from military training.

  For the university life in the next four years, Fu Yao intends to study professional courses well, strive for the number of postgraduate places in the college, continue his studies, and become a knowledgeable person.

  The most cute "after 00":

  Determined to be a high-end scientific and technological talent

  A month ago, Kang Ximeng, who had just celebrated her 15th birthday, received the admission notice from the School of Life Sciences of Northwest University as she wished. Kang Ximeng, with short hair and a cute baby face, looks very cute. Kang Ximeng said that she started primary school at the age of 4, so she finished high school at the age of 15. Knowing that he was the youngest student admitted to West University this year, Kang Ximeng said that he didn’t want to make everyone feel different because of his age.

  Kang Ximeng said that the seeds of her fate with Xida have already been planted. When she was five or six years old, her mother once took a photo of Xiao Ximeng at the gate of Taibai Campus of Xida University, which is still kept at home. Ten years later, the slim girl took another photo in the same place, but she was still watching her big brothers and sisters go in and out. This time it was her own school.

  Unlike most freshmen, she has a clear plan for her future at a young age — — Graduate school. "I like biology in middle school and dream of being a scientist. I am very lucky to be admitted to the School of Life Sciences as I wish. " Kang Ximeng said that he had known his major before, and he studied many subjects and had heavy schoolwork. If he wanted to learn English well, he had to put in a lot of energy and hard work, and he also needed to cultivate a solid spirit of research and exploration, as well as the ability to analyze and solve problems and exercise his hands-on ability. "If you want to be a senior scientific talent in this field, you must further study, so I will study hard in these four years and strive for graduate school and doctoral studies." (Reporter Jiang Wei Intern Lu Weijia)

The 2024 Geely Xingyue L was officially launched, and its appearance was upgraded. The price started at 157,700 yuan!

On September 17, Geely Automobile officially released the 2024 Geely Xingyue L. This redesigned model has been slightly adjusted in appearance, configuration and power, and the guide price has been lowered compared with the current models on sale.

In terms of appearance, the 2024 Geely Xingyue L basically maintains the current design style, but it has been upgraded in details. The front face adopts a concave and convex large straight waterfall shield net, which enhances the visual effect of the front face. The headlight group is designed with sharp edges and corners, and the vertical vents below are more concise.

The side of the car body is designed with a through waistline, with multiple wheels, and the overall shape is generous. The tail adopts a penetrating taillight group, the lampshade is blackened, the spoiler is wider, and the reflective light strip is more slender, showing a sporty image.

In terms of body size, the length, width and height of the fuel version of the Star Yue L are 4770mm/1895mm/1689mm, respectively, and the wheelbase is 2845 mm. In the hybrid version, the body is increased by 25mm while keeping the wheelbase unchanged, providing more spacious interior space.

Entering the car, the 2024 Geely Xingyue L continued the layout of the current model and made some details upgrades. The triple screen and yacht-type shift lever are retained to create a more scientific atmosphere. Some practical physical buttons are reserved in the center console area, and the overall texture is more prominent.

In terms of configuration, the 2024 Geely Xingyue L is available in two versions: Yun Qi version and Skyline version. The Yun Qi version is equivalent to the two-wheel drive distinguished configuration on sale, while the Skyline version is equivalent to the two-wheel drive flagship configuration on sale. However, the new model has upgraded the 50W wireless charging function, and the Sky Edition has added a splash-ink suede interior. In addition, all models also provide optional Cuiyu Magic Color Suit (5,000 yuan) and Yuandai frosted gray car paint to meet the individual needs of consumers.

In terms of power, the 2024 Geely Xingyue L will continue to provide two options: fuel version and hybrid version. The fuel version is equipped with a 2.0T high-power engine, with a maximum power of 175kW and a peak torque of 350N·m, matching Aisin 8AT gearbox, and the fuel consumption per 100 kilometers is 7.7L(WLTC working condition). In addition, the new car is expected to provide an optional four-wheel drive system to provide consumers with more driving options.

Commanding the God of War to look out to sea to see how this bombing aviation brigade forged into an air iron fist.

At the end of May 2018

A video officially released by the China Air Force.

Aroused widespread concern.

The middle of the picture is known as the "God of War"

The core force of air combat operations — —

H -6K fighter

Near the skyline behind the fighter plane

It is the central mountain range of Taiwan Province, the treasure island of the motherland.

This is the first time that the China Air Force has flown around Taitai Island at night.

However, what is unknown is that

Driving a H -6K fighter.

It is precisely to carry out this special task

The People’s Air Force was formed in the first batch and entered the war in the first batch.

First meritorious military service

A certain regiment of air force aviation flies

The pilot of the second brigade

In the history of the People’s Air Force

This heroic fighting team

Since its establishment, it has continuously made history.

In November 1951, during the War to Resist US Aggression and Aid Korea,

They opened the People’s Air Force.

The bombing campaign style is the first of its kind.

For the next half century or so,

The Second Battalion has made outstanding achievements and brought forth many heroes.

Created one after another

New "first time"

In 2014, the Second Brigade modified H -6K.

In just three months, the modification was completed.

In just seven months, I will patrol the South China Sea.

Only ten months later.

Another arduous task of creating history

Fall on their shoulders … …

Fly between the sea and the sky

"air iron fist" defends sovereignty

In August 2015, the Air Force plans to dispatch.

Bombers, fighters and other multi-type fighters.

Go to the western Pacific for offshore training.

Different from the past,

In this mission,

H -6K fighter will fly out of the first island chain for the first time.

More than 1000 kilometers … …

Bombers have a large bomb load because of their long range.

In the process of safeguarding national interests and sovereignty

Play a more and more important role.

Dawn on August 14th.

The officers and men of the second brigade drove the H -6K to meet the morning glow.

Heading for the skyline

An hour later.

The formation of two planes came to bashi channel.

Just then, there was a report from the command post:

"There are two foreign machines approaching ahead."

The words sound just fell, and a foreign plane full of live ammunition.

Has appeared in everyone’s field of vision.

Li Rui with a sudden increase in tension

Quickly calm down your heart.

Wang Jianling took out his camera and took photos for evidence collection.

And shouted by radio:

"I am China Air Force,

Flight training is being carried out.

Don’t interfere with my action, leave immediately.

Otherwise, there will be consequences! "

Facing the layers of obstruction from foreign machines

The heading and altitude of the unit remain unchanged.

Arrive at the target airspace on time

Complete all scheduled training subjects.

On that day, the young officers and men of the second brigade

I feel it deeply.

The significance of strengthening our country and making our country proud.

On the same day, they flew over 1000 kilometers from the first island chain.

Set a record for flying out of the island chain at that time.

Zhang Chengliang, deputy commander of the Second Flying Brigade.

Once recorded with a self-portrait

His pride as a bomber pilot

At the end of 2017

It was his first mission to fly out of the island chain.

When returning home

I saw Taiwan Province, the treasure island of my motherland, through the porthole.

That was the most important thing in his life

The first time I was so close to Baodao Taiwan Province.

Looking at the rolling and looming central mountains.

Zhang Chengliang’s pride and sense of mission.

Come to life!

Mutfa Aili (Uygur) said:

"Every cruise,

As the land gets farther and farther away,

When there is only one water left in front of me.

‘ Motherland ’ It rises in my heart and becomes clearer. "

Safeguard interests and go out.

Fly out to fulfill your mission

Patrol the South China Sea, sail out of the West Pacific and cruise around the island.

In recent years, officers and men of the Second Flying Brigade have been driving.

H -6K fighters always fly in

The forefront and front line of defending the interests of the motherland;

August 2015

Fly over bashi channel after refitting H -6K.

July 2016

Cruise in the airspace near islands and reefs such as Huangyan Island.

December 2017

Fly over Ma Haixia in a system with fighter planes and reconnaissance planes.

May 2018

Complete the cruise around Feitai Island at night … …

The air iron fist becomes harder and harder.

Bloody bile flies over the foot

Taking off is fighting.

Taking off is to meet the enemy.

In the second brigade, 50 years old.

Flight instructor Wei Xiaogang once drove H -6K.

At hundreds of kilometers per hour

Flying by waves in a posture close to the sea.

It’s scary to sweep the sea at ultra-low altitude

Not to show off your skills

As Wei Xiaogang said:

Although H -6K has a wingspan of tens of meters.

A big guy weighing nearly 100 tons

But the sea-skimming ultra-low altitude flight is

One of the most effective means of penetration

quitting brave victory

Bomb aviation forces

Play a role in modern warfare

A very important role

Bomber pilots must constantly improve their skills.

Continuous innovation and breakthrough

Become an all-round talent to adapt to the modern battlefield

Can be invincible on the battlefield.

One day in the midsummer of 2018

Zhang Chengliang, a member of the Second Brigade, received it.

A special task

— — Test-fire a certain missile

in accordance with practice

A H -6K unit consists of

Two pilots and a weapons control division.

Attacking the target is usually done by the weapons control division.

But this mission

It needs to be operated by the right pilot Zhang Chengliang.

In order to improve the combat efficiency in actual combat.

How can we do this in just two weeks?

Master the weapons control division for more than ten years.

To practice the manipulation skills?

Facing a screen less than 15 cm in size

Zhang Chengliang thought of a way:

Draw a grid on the simulator screen

Quantify each operation.

Calculate the time required to press.

Two weeks passed quickly.

Zhang Chengliang’s practice has also been

From three centimeters, two centimeters

Accurate to the millimeter … …

Finally arrived at the moment when Haitian "showed his sword"

After entering the predetermined array position and forming the launch conditions,

Zhang Chengliang decisively pressed the launch button.

The missile conveniently left the plane and went straight to the target.

Between crackle and electric light.

Suddenly a piece of white light flashed on the screen.

At that time, no one was sure.

For the first time, pilots, not weapons controllers.

Is the test firing of a certain type of missile successful?

When everyone’s heart is uneasy

Operational staff broke in and shouted:

"Cheng Liang, you hit it!"

The news of success made everyone hold together excitedly.

This successful hit is of great significance.

Is the first time by a right-seat pilot

A successful example of carrying out a certain missile attack

For the future air battlefield

Greatly improved the multi-target attack capability of the unit.

The efficiency of long-range strike of troops has been improved.

Can stand up at a critical moment

Do or die has to get out.

In the summer of 2021, a sea area in Beibu Gulf

Dark clouds and smoke filled the air.

Air Force "Golden Dart -2021" assessment quietly started.

"Golden darts" represent China Air Force pilots.

The highest level of penetration and assault capability

This assessment

Put the shooting range at sea for the first time

Facing the challenge of increasing difficulty

The second brigade riveted its strength.

The target is directed at the "Golden Dart"

With the commander’s command

The first three fighters of the second brigade slipped out in turn.

But just as the fourth unit held its breath and prepared to take off.

Sudden failure warning of aircraft airborne equipment

In the face of the fact that the fourth plane may have no results.

The players have only one thought in mind.

in any case

We must let the fourth plane fly into the sky!

Everyone got busy nervously.

While checking the progress of troubleshooting

While modifying the route according to the possible late departure time.

Time passes by.

After exactly 22 minutes.

The plane fault was finally successfully eliminated!

At this time, the plane ahead has flown hundreds of kilometers.

If you want to catch up with the formation

Fighters must continue to fly at extreme speed.

This will increase the flight risk sharply.

At that time, even the assessment team thought it was hopeless to catch up.

Persuade them to give up

Military honor is above everything else.

Only go all out in the face of difficulties!

In front of the desperate situation, Wang Jianling led the crew of three.

Push the throttle to the end:


The roar of H -6K engine

Instantly flooded the entire cabin.

The three people work closely in accordance with the plan.

Repeated calculation of voyage route time

To approach the performance limit of the aircraft.

Approaching the psychological and physiological limits of pilots

Velocity and altitude approaching the cooperative limit of formation

Just chase the time back.

Before entering the bombing waypoint

Successfully rendezvous with other units.

Created the history of the team

A precedent for flying at extreme speed for a long time

However, at this time

There is only a minute left before the deadline.

Arriving at the established area is only the first step.

Whether to win the "gold" depends on it.

Can you hit it and hit it accurately?

In the process of assessment

Facing the dense targets on the sea.

Facing the unprecedented difficulty of launching

Weapons controller Zhang Jiumu

Keep your eyes fixed on the screen

Constantly revise the bombing data

When there is less than 10 seconds left.

He finally locked in on the target

Press the launch button!

“10、9、8、7… …”

The moment I saw the target blow up

All the crew members cheered excitedly.

The strength at the critical moment.

Do or die’s spirit of throwing caution to the wind.

Help the second brigade to create a miracle again!

And behind this success again and again

Are flowing in the blood of this heroic team.

The "first battle gene" that has been passed down for more than 70 years.

Born of war

Go to war

In the winter of 1951

On Yamato Island, 70km from the mouth of Yalu River.

Us and south Korean intelligence personnel

Collect our information day and night

Guide and command aircraft to carry out air strikes on our rear.

In order to remove this "nail"

On November 6, the second flight team.

Ordered to bomb the enemy intelligence command organ of Yamato Island.

This is the volunteer air force bomber unit.

First bombing mission

At that time, there was no actual bombing experience.

The average age is only 23 years old

Training in combat subjects per capita is less than 20 hours.

The second brigade rushed into the battlefield.

What they are about to face

It is equipped with advanced weapons.

American troops with rich experience in war.

However, it is this young team.

Flying nine Tu -2 bombers.

Take off from Shenyang

Break through the enemy’s defense with lightning speed.

Drop bombs accurately in the air on Yamato Island.

Played a brilliant record of "total destruction and zero war damage"

Excellent completion of the debut of the Volunteer Air Force.

More than 70 years ago

This group of young people in China

In order to defend our country

Fly to the blue sky without hesitation

Announce to the world with a rare record:

An awakened one

Dare to glory for the motherland

A nation that fought for independence and security.

Is invincible.






































为祖国而飞 为祖国而战!