Andy Lau can’t save "Hot Blood Choir", forcibly sensational characters are pale

Andy Lau starred in the inspirational film "Blood Choir", originally the most talked about this weekend’s new film, the first day of release on Friday accounted for 20.6% of the top, but only got 6.94 million yuan at the box office. On the second day of release, the single-day box office quickly fell to fifth place, Douban only 4.8 points, the row fell sharply, and Andy Lau could not save its box office and word-of-mouth.

This film is produced and starring Andy Lau, and starring two famous musicians, Lu Guanting and Lei Songde, with the help of Li Lizhen, Xie Junhao, Guan Lijie and many other old Hong Kong actors. The cast and story synopsis sound good, but the market performance is so bad, it is surprising: what is the problem?

"Hot Blood Choir" tells the story of Yan Zilang, a Chinese-American conductor played by Andy Lau, who accepts the invitation of his mentor played by Lu Guanting to return to China, participates in the "Hot Blood Choir Experimental Program" aimed at educating and saving poor students, and acts as the conductor of the Hot Blood Choir. He leads a group of students who are considered useless in the eyes, overcomes various difficulties and setbacks, heals each other, and finally achieves good results in the chorus competition and finds the value of life.

This kind of story framework suddenly reminds people of the French classic film "Spring in the Cattle Herding Class". Since it stands on the shoulders of the classic, as long as the screenwriter puts more effort into the script and the director shoots better, it will be a warm and touching film even if it does not reach the classic level.

However, the director and screenwriter have the enthusiasm to express the educational concept of "education without discrimination", but they do not have the ability to tell a good story. As a result, the entire plot is almost only a conceptual skeleton and didactic slogans, and lacks the support of real and credible flesh and detail. It is like stretching a 5-minute MV short film to 97 minutes, but there are still only MV-style thin stories and pale characters. What should be explained to the audience is not explained clearly, but a lot is said in various ways.

For example, the film is too unclear about the reasons and specific implementation plan for the formation of the hot-blooded choir played by the principal played by Lu Guanting. It is not enough to just tell the audience that this is a "teaching without discrimination" teaching experimental plan. Other teaching methods can also reflect the educational concept of "teaching without discrimination". Why is it necessary to establish a choir?

Moreover, these "bad" students in the eyes of the people were selected from several ordinary schools. The students should still be in their respective schools, and they don’t have much time to learn to sing in the choir. Why is there almost no expression of these students’ usual school life in the film?

The film begins with a chorus of champions at a major middle school practicing singing under the arrogant spectacle conductor played by Ray Songde, and a skirmish with the "useless" students of the hot-blooded choir. It was expected that the two conductors and the two student choirs with very different identities would have a more intense dramatic conflict in the later story, but this story line did not come to an end, which is a pity.

The biggest problem with the film is the paleness and thinness of the characters, and there is hardly a character that can stand up.

Although there are many scenes of Yan Zilang, the conductor played by Andy Lau, there is very little account of his personality description and character background, so much so that at the end he suddenly confessed to the students that he came to Hong Kong after a hit-and-run in the United States, which is very surprising. It also does not match the image of his upright and instructive character in the whole film. It seems to be a deliberate plot added in order to achieve the theme of mutual healing and redemption between teachers and students under the cultivation of music.

In contrast, it is also a portrayal of frustrated teachers and students, "Spring in the Cattle Cattle Class" is much more clever and natural, especially the shaping of several key students, which is more similar to "Hot Blood Choir".

"Hot Blood Choir" focuses on three problem students such as Feng Xinxi and a rich second-generation student who volunteers to join the choir. Among them, there are teenagers who become impulsive and fight because their bastard father (played by Guan Lijie) often beats their mother (played by Li Lizhen). There are girls who yearn to be cared for because their father loves alcoholism and always urges her to work and earn money. There are single-parent children who develop the habit of theft due to poor family…

However, the director and screenwriter’s description of each student and their family is like a MV, and more importantly, there is a lack of preparation for the sudden change of their parents, and the ending forcibly makes them move for their children, forcibly sensational, and unreasonable, resulting in the lack of room for outstanding actors such as Xie Junhao, Guan Lijie, and Li Lizhen to create characters and become symbolic characters in the film.

The child in the film who loved to play the harmonica, who had a habit of stealing, later went to return the stolen goods and bought them at double the price. Why did Wu Dairong, the exclusive director of the Hot Blood Choir, insist on using Plan B regardless of Yan Zilang’s pleading, and also fire Yan Zilang, who was pleading in the rain? At the end, inexplicably, the children of the Hot Blood Choir were allowed to perform on stage.

At the end, the hot-blooded choir performed a climax play, and all the actors were very involved. Andy Lau’s play directed by the mobile phone screen was impressive, but such forceful sensationalization was more about touching themselves, because it was difficult to resonate with the audience due to the lack of true and credible stories and characters.

The biggest highlight of "Hot Blood Choir" is the beautiful song at the end of the film. When I went home and checked the Internet, I found that the name of the song was "Who Can Understand Me", written by Zheng Guojiang, composed by Lin Zixiang, and sung by Andy Lau.

The movie "Hua Qiangu" released the "Stay with You" version trailer on January 20. It is difficult to choose between good and evil

A few days ago, starring Chen Turin and Li Chengbin, Mao Zijun starred in a special role, Lai Meiyun and Zhang Zining starred, Xu Muchan starred in a special friendship role, Chen Xiaodong and Zhang Li starred in a friendship role, and Jiang Yiming, Wang Xichao, Yang Yi, Xie Chengze, Xie Zichen and other co-starring Oriental fantasy film "Hua Qiangu" exposed the "Stay with You" version of the trailer. As a phenomenal hit IP, the release of many famous scenes in the trailer makes people dream back to the past, restarting the memory of this unparalleled love for the whole people. Hua Qiangu and Baizi paint immortals and demons in a special way, but they can’t love each other, and they can’t choose between good and evil. The film uses Oriental fantasy colors as a light painting style, re-presenting the strong theme of female growth, transformation and relief. After nine years of company, the audience is invited to join the long-term stay. The movie "Flower Qiangu" will be released nationwide on January 20.

Cultivating immortals and changing one’s life is fate or calamity, and it is destined to stay for a long time and rise again

The movie "Hua Qiangu" is adapted from Guoguo’s work "Hua Qiangu", which tells the story of the ancient times, when all the immortals worked together to annihilate the demon gods, and the power of the demon gods was sealed in the three major artifacts. After a thousand years, the evil thoughts of the world gathered, and the seal of the three major artifacts loosened. Once the power of the demon gods gathered, the six realms would be destroyed. The head of Changliu, Bai Zihua, summoned a group of immortal secret merchants with the intention of strengthening the seal. But all the forces of all parties competed for the artifact for their own selfish desires, which caused Bu Yuanding, the leader of the three artifacts, to erupt with deadly poison gas and slaughter the villagers. There was a girl in the village, Hua Qiangu, who had provoked the demons since she was a child, and the flowers and plants withered wherever she dripped She was the only one who survived the village slaughter, and those who didn’t know it thought that she had invited the natural disaster and chased after her. Hua Qiangu went to stay for a long time in her life, trying to change her fate through immortal cultivation. But who knew that Hua Qiangu was not only involved in the battle for the artifact, but also found out that she was the real body of the demon god. Fortunately, Bai Zihua saw that her nature was pure and kind, and taught her personally. However, in order to welcome the arrival of the demon god, the mastermind behind the scenes set up a plan to lure Hua Qiangu to gather the artifact, causing the lives to be ruined… In the face of the murder of her lover, the departure of her loved ones, and the annihilation of Hua Qiangu by pain and resentment, how should she choose this time

In the latest trailer released today (January 4), Hua Qiangu, who has the real body of the demon god, was misunderstood by the world and fled all the way to long stay, but she asked to no longer be displaced in the chaotic times and have a place to live. Bai Zi Hua accepted her as a disciple, and the destined fetters of the two have been intertwined since then. However, creation has tricked people, and Hua Qiangu’s demon god power has gradually been stimulated. In order to protect the common people and rescue his apprentice from being hurt by the demon god’s power, Bai Zi Hua decided to use his thousand-year cultivation base to give it a go. Even so, he still couldn’t get Hua Qiangu out of the fate of being pierced by the soul-destroying nail. The injustice of the world made Hua Qiangu cry unwillingly to fate, and finally woke up the demon god to return to the world. At the end of the trailer, the seriously injured white painting picked up his sword and looked at the powerful demon god with his eyes like torches. How would the ending be?

It is difficult to choose between good and evil, and join hands to go to the nine-year covenant

The identities of Hua Qiangu and Baizi Hua Fairy and Demon were born into opposition, and they couldn’t love each other. Baizi Hua knew that Hua Qiangu was burdened with too many misunderstandings from the world, and from the moment he saved Hua Qiangu, the tribulation of their love began. Love sprouted between the day and night of the master and the disciple’s relationship and thoughts, but the injustice of fate and the hatred of the world eventually pushed the two to the end of their lives. In order to save the master, Hua Qiangu was injured by an arrow, but in exchange for the sword stab of the beloved person, the sword of broken thoughts symbolizing the friendship between the master and the disciple was finally broken. Flower Qiangu, the demon god, stood proudly in the world, opened the revenge mode of divine power, and completely stimulated the conflict and broke with the world. Bai Zi painting in order to end the calamity to risk, even if he for Hua Qiangui block the anger of the world, but the opposition between good and evil they ultimately hard to choose.

As a phenomenon-level hit IP, from the novel to the drama, to the current movie, the fatalistic sadomasochism between the two has been deeply concerned by IP fans, and it can still ignite the enthusiasm of IP fans after nine years. Hua Qiangu’s love is hard to hide being deeply corroded by the pool of unfeeling water, and famous scenes such as Bai Zi’s painting of being punished by immortals to protect her life make people dream back to the past, restarting the memory of the whole people for this unparalleled love. The film’s unswerving and reckless emotional interpretation of the two is exciting. From the slender girl to the peerless demon god, from "I wish, I ask" to "I dare, I can", the film gives a hearty and colorful writing of Hua Qiangu’s fate transformation.

The entire film was filmed in Guangxi, which not only integrated the beautiful natural scenery of Guangxi into the film, but also skillfully integrated world-class cultural heritage Huashan rock paintings and national intangible cultural heritage Nuo opera into the plot at multiple levels and perspectives, enhancing the influence and dissemination of Chinese civilization in a way that "moisturizes things and is silent".

The movie "Hua Qiangu" is produced by Tang Lijun as producer, Li Jinwen as producer, Zhang Chaoli as director, Zhu Yuhan as screenwriter, Zhang Wenbao as director of photography, Guo Yongren as action director, Li Zhou as director of modeling, Wang Jingjing as art director, A Kun as music director, Lin Aner as editing director, the film will be officially released on January 20, so stay tuned for this romantic fantasy love story.

Can Volvo make a leap by EX90?

  [car home Industry] Perhaps from the perspective of some traditional aristocrats, it is not an exaggeration to call the arrival of the electrification era "the ritual collapse and the bad music". The luxury and high-end previously defined by the number of engine cylinders and horsepower are no longer an insurmountable threshold in the electrification era. How should luxury be interpreted in today’s era? Some enterprises may not have thought about this question, or they may have thought about it but could not get the answer. Therefore, after the market electrification scale began to appear, their hearts were a little stunned.

Home of the car

  Take the medium and large SUV market as an example. In the past era of fuel vehicles, it was almost luxury brands that could survive in this field and achieve a certain sales scale. Even the price that is more close to the people is dominated by strong overseas brands such as Volkswagen. In today’s era of electrification, the market structure has already changed. Sales champions are basically monopolized by ideals, and traditional luxury brands can’t get a share.

  From the price point of view, the boundaries between brand attributes have long been lost among various models. Strong overseas brand products can be sold more cheaply than China brands, and the price difference between luxury brands and products of the same level can be hundreds of thousands.

  This kind of "ritual collapse and bad music" will be a severe test for some brands, but for others, it can also be called an opportunity for brand transition. Since Wei Xiaoli can take this opportunity to become a high-end brand, it is also an opportunity for some changing second-tier luxury brands to break the BBA monopoly on the new track and become a first-line brand.

  Obviously, Volvo is trying to seize this opportunity. The (|), which was first launched in China not long ago, can be regarded as a signal flare for the brand to achieve class transition.

Volvo’s Transformation Logic

  The growth process of a high-end new energy brand can be roughly divided into two routes. The first one is for new players, such as Tesla and Weilai. These companies are good at holding high first and then hitting low in the process from zero to one, that is, launching flagship models first, and launching models with relatively close prices after brands gain a foothold in the high-end field, harvesting sales and doing large-scale.

  For traditional luxury brands, there will be another one before the above path-testing the water. Although in the early years, when traditional luxury brands launched the first batch of pure electric vehicles such as Mercedes-Benz EQC, BMW iX3 and Audi e-tron, they were always named "Tesla Killer" by the outside world.

  However, it is obvious that BBAs themselves don’t think so. The original intention of releasing these models is to blow the horn of electrification transformation, so that consumers can intuitively feel and gradually accept the existence of pure electric products of these brands, not to compete directly with Tesla.

Volvo Asia Pacific Volvo XC40 New Energy 2023 Long Life Edition

"Volvo XC40 New Energy"

  Under the above demands, these car companies often build models from the starting point of seeking stability, such as adding pure electric versions on the basis of mature fuel vehicles. Volvo has done this before. The XC40 RECHARGE, the brand’s first pure electric vehicle, was launched during the 2020 Beijing Auto Show, and it was endowed with an iCPU intelligent interconnection system that better meets the needs of China consumers.

  In the years since then, the sales volume of XC40 RECHARGE has gradually increased, with 848 vehicles sold in 2021, 1,836 vehicles sold in 2022 and 1,417 vehicles sold in the first four months of 2023, which can be regarded as a good completion of the water test. Volvo has also used this model for electric preheating in advance in the fields of production, supply chain, sales and after-sales.

  After this step, for the traditional luxury brands in transition, the second step is to set a benchmark, that is, to integrate their understanding of electrification and intelligence into a model as much as possible to create a real flagship. Obviously, Volvo EX90 is such a brand flagship in the era of smart electric vehicles.

Volvo Asia Pacific Volvo EX90 2023 Basic Model

Volvo EX90』

  Since it is the flagship of the new era, there are at least two tasks on Volvo EX90: brand and market. That is, we should not only pass on the brand concept in the era of intelligent electric vehicles, but also make this concept accepted by the market.

  As mentioned earlier, the medium and large pure electric SUV market where Volvo EX90 is located is already a market where the traditional boundary has been subverted. Traditional luxury brands and new forces compete on the same stage, and the former does not seem to have an advantage at present. If you want to stand out in such a market, you still have to achieve "people have me, people have me", that is, products conform to the trend of smart electric vehicles, and at the same time find their own labels to achieve differentiated competition.

The Volvo EX90 Metropolis of the New Power Club?

  Before the opening of the Shanghai Auto Show, on April 16th, the words of Qin Peiji, president of Volvo Car Greater China Sales Company, really made the Volvo brand and the Volvo EX90 a hit. At that time, at the press conference of "VOLVO TECH DAY and EX90 China First Show", Qin Peiji said that "the new forces will, and we learned it in three years; We will, and the new forces will not learn in ten years. "

Home of the car

  Since then, Qin Peiji has also explained this "malicious words" to many media. He said that the most essential thing Volvo learned from the new forces is how to face consumers. Previously, many traditional car companies were prone to step into a misunderstanding in the process of transformation. They paid too much attention to electric vehicles and cars, but ignored intelligence, and even ignored the needs of consumers in China in the era of intelligent electric vehicles. Therefore, when the models that are as luxurious, comfortable and have a sense of control as those in the traditional era appear, they often fail to achieve the expected results.

  Fortunately, under the advantage of backwardness, Volvo saw the mistakes made by its predecessor and made corrections. So on the Volvo EX90, you can clearly feel that this is a truly intelligent electric car.

  First of all, from the electric dimension, the CLTC cruising range of the Volvo EX90 under comprehensive working conditions is 650 kilometers, and the acceleration time of 0-100 km/h is 4.9 seconds. As a medium and large pure electric SUV, it meets the mainstream standards of high-end products. From the point of view of intelligence, Volvo EX90 is obviously stronger than the products launched by traditional luxury brands, more like a new force model.

Volvo Asia Pacific Volvo EX90 2023 Basic Model

Volvo EX90』

  This car is equipped with NVIDIA DRIVE Orin chip, and its computing power can reach 254 TOPS (trillions of operations per second). In contrast, BMW iX, the same level product, is equipped with MobileyeEQ5H chip with a computing power of 24Tops;; The upcoming Mercedes-Benz EQE SUV has not announced what kind of autopilot chip it uses, but from EQE’s point of view, its computing power performance is probably not as good as BMW iX. In addition, the same is true for Audi Q5 e-tron, LYRIQ Ruige and other models.

  Although the level of intelligence can not be evaluated simply by the level of computing power, it can be used as the brain of a smart car. The computing power of the autopilot chip will directly determine the upper limit and plasticity of this car. And for consumers, chip computing power may be the only objective data dimension that can tell whether a car is smart or not. Coupled with the computing power of 254TOPS and the central electronic and electrical architecture, Volvo EX90 can continue to grow through the future OTA. You know, since 2021, the total number of Volvo OTA has exceeded 1 million times.

  In the aspect of assisted driving software matching with the computing power of autopilot chip, the assisted driving system algorithm of Volvo EX90 comes from Zenseact, a 100% wholly-owned subsidiary of Volvo Cars. Thanks to this subsidiary of Volvo Autopilot Project, Volvo is the only traditional luxury brand that realizes full-stack self-developed algorithm. It is reported that in the next step, the brand will take the lead in launching navigation assistance functions based on high-precision maps in China according to the needs of users in China market.

Home of the car

  In the intelligent cockpit, in addition to the "smart car standard" such as Qualcomm 8155 cockpit chip and large-size central control panel, Volvo EX90 is special in that it is equipped with DUS driver perception system with dual cameras in the car, which is the only one in the production car in the industry at present.

  Compared with the single-camera scheme, the dual-camera DUS system monitors 60 frames of eye movements per second, which greatly reduces the false alarm rate and judges the driver’s state more accurately. With a capacitive steering wheel that can sense the contact area between the driver’s hand and the steering wheel, it will be difficult to deceive the system by means of self-deception such as hanging water bottles, oranges and "getting rid of artifacts".

Identify differentiated competitive labels

  There are always people who say that the transformation of traditional car companies is unfavorable because of the so-called "burden". Indeed, due to the long-term solidification of brand image and the solidification of automobile understanding, many products created by traditional brands seem to be less "extreme" than those created by new forces, which also leads to a natural disadvantage in terms of attractiveness when electric vehicle consumers are mainly early adopters in the market.

  But from another point of view, if these brands’ stubbornness and persistence in cars can be displayed in the situation of "smart electric", supplemented by the strong brand power and market appeal of these brands, the opportunities will come after the market segment users gradually change from "early adopters" to "mainstream groups".

  In this regard, Volvo EX90 did just that. In an era when labels are king, this car not only chooses luxury labels that everyone wants to interpret but lacks objective support, but also adds safety labels that Volvo has always been good at and widely recognized. However, unlike what was emphasized in the era of fuel vehicles, the safety labels on Volvo EX90 are all presented in the language of smart electric, whether in the fields of active safety, passive safety or battery safety.

Home of the car

  In terms of active safety, the industry has always regarded lidar as a stepping stone to achieve high-level assisted driving, even "automatic driving", but in fact, the Luminar lidar carried by Volvo EX90 wants to convey not the above-mentioned "futures", but real safety. It is reported that the detection distance of this lidar can reach 600 meters, and the sensitivity can even be 7.5 seconds in advance when the black vehicle 250 meters away is equivalent to 120 km/h at night. And has the ability to detect small objects ahead of the industry.

  Its resolution is 0.08°x0.06°, and its imaging level is 4 times better than that of the mainstream 905nm wavelength lidar. What is more detailed is that it uses a groundbreaking wavelength of 1550nm, which will not cause damage to the retina of traffic participants outside the car.

Home of the car

  In the most important battery field of new energy vehicle safety, Volvo may be the only brand of full-stack self-developed BMS among traditional luxury brands. The BMS system of Volvo EX90 adopts intelligent electromagnetic fuse, which can quickly cut off power within 3 milliseconds under the condition of high current. In addition, Volvo has done a lot of homework to ensure the safety of the battery system. For example, the sensors are connected by hardware to resist electromagnetic interference and avoid the risk of thermal runaway caused by signal loss. For example, the upper cover of the battery pack is covered with boron steel, which can achieve zero deformation when colliding at 60km/h, and so on.

  In the field of passive safety, Volvo EX90 has developed its traditional advantages to the fullest. In this car, Volvo has come up with a new generation of cage body specially built for electric vehicles. The overall body structure uses a 19% lightweight aluminum alloy frame to reduce weight and absorb energy. Compared with XC90, the overall torsional stiffness of Volvo EX90 is increased by 50%, and the collision energy absorption capacity is increased by 20%.

Write it at the end

  It is reported that Volvo EX90 will be listed domestically in Chengdu factory in 2024, and some people in the industry speculate that its price will be decentralized to the range of 500,000 yuan. If the above price is guaranteed, and considering the configuration and positioning factors, the competition space of this car will be great. BMW iX, Mercedes-Benz EQE SUV, Weilai ES8, and even Cadillac LYRIQ Ruige with a price of 400,000 yuan will become its competitors. Compared with traditional luxury brand products, Volvo EX90 will become its most powerful competitiveness in intelligence. Compared with the new power models, it will be the best way to seize the market to equalize the safety and brand power after intelligence.

  For the new forces and other China brands, lane-changing overtaking in the era of intelligent electric power makes it possible for them to compete with the traditional strongmen. For Volvo, isn’t this an excellent opportunity to catch up with BBA and become a first-line luxury brand in the new era? (Text/car home Industry Commentator Nancheng Back Garden)

Home of the car

Chery plays big! Starway Eta Ursae Majoris is equipped with exposure four-wheel drive as standard electromagnetic suspension.

     In terms of high-end brand building, Qiruixingtu has gradually gained a foothold in the market. Although its sales volume is not as good as that of Geely’s high-end brand, compared with the Great Wall Wei School, Xingtu has many hot-selling models such as Lanyue and Lingyun. Moreover, the brand-new model Eta Ursae Majoris is already on the way.

     A few days ago, we learned from the "online auto market" that a Star Road dealer exposed the configuration information of Eta Ursae Majoris. The new car is expected to launch 6 models, 4 two-wheel drive models and 2 four-wheel drive models, among which the four-wheel drive model comes standard with CDC electromagnetic suspension.

     It is reported that Eta Ursae Majoris is based on Starway M3X Mars Architecture 2.0, positioning a medium-sized SUV, starting with a flying fish extrasensory chassis, with an estimated price range of 170,000-220,000 yuan, and the new car will be unveiled and pre-sold in December.


     It is worth mentioning that Eta Ursae Majoris’s configuration specifications are quite high, and the comfort and technology configuration in the car are full. The four-wheel drive and the most expensive models with higher configuration are also equipped with electromagnetic active suspension, which further enhances the vehicle’s sports attributes.

     Specifically, the Eta Ursae Majoris two-wheel drive standard edition is equipped with 19-inch wheels, multi-color ambient lights, 50W wireless charging, 540-degree panoramic image, full-speed ACC/AEB, electric tailgate, 6-way electric adjustment of the main driver’s seat/4-way electric adjustment of the auxiliary driver’s seat, etc.


     The comfort version adds the configuration of whole car seat heating, front seat ventilation, main driving memory, electric release door handle, leg rest, etc. The Premium Edition has added adaptive headlights, second-row seat backrest electric adjustment, brand 14 speaker audio, leather seats and other configurations.

     The configuration of the new four-wheel drive comfort version and the premium version is expected to be the same as that of the two-wheel drive version. The comfort version additionally adds a timely four-wheel drive system and CDC adaptive electromagnetic suspension, and the premium version is also equipped with an AR HUD head-up system.

     Eta Ursae Majoris is equipped with the same 2.0T engine as Lanyue, with a maximum power of 192kW and a peak torque of 400 N m. The transmission system is matched with the 7DCT gearbox, and the new self-developed 8AT gearbox is expected to be mass-produced and matched in the second half of next year.

     Undoubtedly, compared with the models currently on the market, Chirengtu Eta Ursae Majoris belongs to the first echelon model in terms of power and configuration. Compared with joint venture models, the price advantage is obvious. After the new car goes on the market, we will wait and see whether it can become a hit like Chery Arrizo 8.


Is the queue in online celebrity Store a support or a real fire? Nearly 3 adults are willing to line up for 2 hours.

  Recently, the data released by the survey organization shows that nearly 30% of the consumers interviewed are willing to queue up for online celebrity drinks for two hours. There is also an endless debate about whether these are really queuing or hiring people to gather popularity. Beijing Youth Daily reporter found that hiring people to queue has long been a "primary means". online celebrity stores use the environment, products and marketing methods to make passers-by become queuing customers, which is behind the quiet change of consumers’ consumption concept.


  "Punch in" the first online celebrity store in the New Year

  Queue for an hour to buy milk tea

  Liujing, who finally returned to Beijing from his hometown to work after the Spring Festival holiday, rushed to do two things before he came to tidy up his cabin — — Shooting snow scenes in the Forbidden City and punching in the online celebrity coffee shop in the Forbidden City.

  Although there is "coffee" in its name, it is more like a online celebrity tea shop than a traditional coffee shop. The commodities, such as Kangxi’s favorite chocolate, milk tea with 3,000 beauties, smiling when riding a princess in the world of mortals, our palace’s delightful rolls and nourishing rolls, as well as the external packaging and the environment inside and outside the store, are the reasons why liujing, a young man, is in great demand.

  In order to punch in and take photos, liujing not only braved the wind and snow to plunge into the Forbidden City from the East Fifth Ring Road, but also queued for nearly an hour in the cafe to get the unique gold-bottomed paper cups of the Forbidden City and the red cup sets with the patterns of the Forbidden City printed on them.

  When liujing got the milk tea, the first thing he did was not to taste the drink in the cup, but to take a circle of photos in the store with the cup, and then go to a position where he could take a panoramic view of the turret, use this cup as a foreground and take a group of photos, and then he began to make friends circle while drinking with satisfaction.

  From going out to finishing the circle of friends, after more than three hours of tossing and turning, drinking milk tea that has cooled somewhat, liujing felt glad you came. In fact, in the coffee shop in the corner building of the Forbidden City, many customers are like liujing. Although some people think that the quality of the drinks in this store is average, people who come to taste it are still in an endless stream. Some netizens called this place "the first online celebrity store in 2019".


  Customers take more meals than order.

  Outside the store, the price of "yellow cattle" doubled

  Although some netizens complained because they waited for nearly an hour to enter the "online celebrity Store" of the coffee in the corner building of the Forbidden City. But at present, no one has linked this popularity with "hiring people to queue up". But another online celebrity store was once caught in this storm. In 2018, two stores of Xicha were opened in Beijing, but they were frequently on the news and hot search because there were too many people waiting in line. Because there were too many people waiting in line, Xicha was once exposed as "hiring people to queue up". For this problem, its founder said that the store was too busy to open takeout, and Xicha wanted to solve not the number of customers, but how to improve productivity.

  In order to verify whether the queue is for childcare or customers, Beijing Youth Daily reporters visited five tea shops in Beijing at different times in the past half month. In one hour, the number of drinks sold by different tea shops and at different times varies, ranging from 130 cups to 210 cups. The reporter of Beiqing Daily noticed that there were almost no people who lined up repeatedly during this period.

  During the visit time of reporters of Beiqing Daily, the number of take-out in Xicha Store in the office area once exceeded the number of stores currently on sale. In the stores with large sales volume, customers waiting for meals were once more than those waiting in line.

  At Joy City Store, the number of customers waiting for drinks in the surrounding area during the visit time of Beiqing Daily reporter was once twice as much as that of people waiting in line. In Changying Tianjie store, it takes less than 10 minutes to order food and more than 15 minutes to pick it up.

  In addition, in the vicinity of Sanlitun stores, there are even people selling queuing places.

  "It’s lined up inside. It’ll be there soon. Anything you want will do." A woman told the reporter of Beiqing Daily. A drink of more than 20 yuan, bid to 50 yuan. And she also took the small ticket that had been paid, saying that if she added some money, she could take the meal directly with this small ticket. The receipt shows a drink and a fruit tea that are the store’s signature. "Don’t worry about not selling, I want to buy a lot." When the reporter of Beiqing Daily asked how to deal with the failure to sell the meal receipt, the lady said.

  Chu Xian, a marketing insider, said that hiring people to queue up is a means for some emerging small brands to create momentum, which is relatively primary and suitable for the brand’s creation period, but it can’t last long. Once the brand image is established, hiring people to queue up is not only unhelpful, but also may cause brand damage. For hi-tea and Forbidden City Corner Coffee, this relatively low-end marketing method is not needed.


  Create the illusion that demand exceeds supply.

  Let consumers "wait reasonably"

  "It’s all here. I just want to try it. Anyway, it’s nothing." In the interview of the reporter of Beiqing Daily, this statement has the highest "voice".

  Customers who have this idea are also the means of "hunger marketing" by businesses. Marketers say that waiting in line is the time cost consumers pay for their favorite drinks. How to enlarge this time cost within a reasonable range and create a scene of "demand exceeds supply" requires the planning of merchants.

  In the eyes of some marketers, these tea shops in online celebrity are full of hints that "it is worthwhile to pay time and cost" to dilute the purpose of "hunger marketing". Take 1: 00 as an example. As a representative of the street tea shop, 1: 00 doesn’t have any place to sit in the shop, but the operating cabinet area in the shop is bigger and longer than that of the ordinary street tea shop. The clerk always needs to take materials from one end of the counter and then run to the other end to seal them, in order to complete the production of all milk tea. This lengthens the time of making milk tea, objectively makes customers wait longer, leading to queuing, but also makes the waiting customers clearly see the whole process of making milk tea. This technique has also been imitated by many online celebrity stores and carried forward.

  Marketers said that although they couldn’t feel the service of online celebrity store in the queue, these value-added experiences weakened the attribute of "manufacturing" and emphasized the store service, with Xixian tea featuring strong brand and strong operation and Naixue tea focusing on social scenes as typical representatives.

  Among the online celebrity stores that have survived for more than one year, hi-tea is quite the essence of this method. Not only the production area is fully displayed, but also a large number of people make it inside. On the one hand, this move improves efficiency, on the other hand, it is to highlight the value of its products and make consumers feel that "it makes sense to wait". In addition, hi-tea, Naixue-の tea and inWE-flavored tea leave a large number of seats in the store and decorate the store in a high-end and fashionable way, at the expense of the business area in the store to increase decoration.

  Wang Hao, a food and beverage analyst at Mintel, said that opening a online celebrity tea shop with exquisite decoration and novel layout in the shopping center can help improve the consumption experience and relieve the anxiety of consumers waiting in line for a long time.

  However, the queuing or full situation in the store makes passers-by curious about going to online celebrity store, which leads to concerns and potential customers. In an interview with reporters of Beiqing Daily, nearly 60% of those who didn’t take part in the queue said that if online celebrity stores didn’t queue up, they would like to buy their products and try them. There are also a few customers who hold the attitude of "optimistic about many people buying and wanting to taste how delicious it is".


  The rise of "scene consumption"

  Customers are willing to pay for added value.

  "For a cup of milk tea, as for this queue?" This may be a question that many consumers who pass through Sanlitun Xicha feel when they look at the customers who are lined up in sections.

  The data survey reflects customers’ tolerant attitude towards online celebrity stores. Mintel, a research organization, recently released a report saying that its research shows that 28% of consumers think it is worthwhile to queue up for two hours to buy online celebrity tea. In the report of another survey agency, Ai Media Consulting, 74.5% of consumers surveyed can accept queuing for milk tea for less than half an hour.

  According to Mintel data, the market growth of tea shops in China reached its peak in 2017-2018, with a compound annual growth rate of 14% increasing to 48.5 billion yuan. In some shopping centers in Beijing, the number of tea shops even exceeds the number of fast food restaurants. With so many choices, many consumers are still willing to queue up for a cup of milk tea for about half an hour. Analysts say and the change of consumption concept — — The transition from experience consumption to scene consumption is closely related.

  Zhu Danpeng, a food industry analyst in China, said that people are demanding higher and higher quality of life. Eating is not only for satiety, but also for freshness, health, feeling and even personality. In online celebrity restaurants, there are not only novel products, but also scene consumption, with more services and brand added value. Consumers are willing to pay for this part of the scene, not just for the goods themselves, or even pay a high premium or time cost, which is itself a manifestation of consumption upgrading. This is just like some white-collar workers were more willing to go to Starbucks for consumption. In fact, they didn’t just like drinking coffee, but more recognized the lifestyle represented by Starbucks. Today’s online celebrity store also represents a lifestyle and consumption values recognized by young people, and is a vivid annotation of the new trend of consumption.

  Text/reporter zhangxin

Eating rabbits is risky! What deadly viruses are hidden in the "game" on the table?

  According to the latest epidemic situation of pneumonia in novel coronavirus, as of 24: 00 on January 28th, the National Health and Wellness Commission had received a total of 5,974 confirmed cases from 31 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities), including 1,239 severe cases, 132 cumulative deaths and 103 cumulative cured and discharged cases. There are 9239 suspected cases.

  The menacing epidemic has kept everyone in a state of panic. With the expansion of the epidemic, "wild animals" and "game" have once again become the focus of public attention. Earlier, on January 20th, in view of the current pneumonia epidemic in novel coronavirus, Zhong Nanshan, the leader of National Health Commission high-level expert group and academician of China Academy of Engineering, once pointed out that novel coronavirus is likely to come from a wild animal, and it is more likely to be wild animals like bamboo rats and badgers.

  On January 28th, Academician Zhong Nanshan accepted an exclusive interview with Xinhua News Agency, saying that in 2019, novel coronavirus first appeared on a bat, and scientists were looking for an intermediate storage owner in novel coronavirus.

  What is certain is that this epidemic has a great relationship with wild animals.

  Some researchers have done statistics. At present, 70% of new infectious diseases come from wild animals.

  SARS virus: The source of SARS has been proved to come from the Chinese bat, civet cats contact and infect them, and then transmit the virus to humans. If humans did not catch and eat civet cats, which were originally wild animals, the transmission chain of the virus from bats to civet cats and then to people would not have formed, and SARS would not have broken out that year.

  Ebola virus: The source of Ebola virus is wild animals such as orangutans, monkeys and bats. It is precisely because in Africa, people prey on these wild animals that Ebola virus has been transmitted from animals to people many times, and then it has caused outbreaks in human society.

  Nipah virus: Nipah virus also comes from bats, because humans built pig farms next to bat habitats, and the fruits bitten by bats and infected with the virus fell into the pigsty, and pigs were infected with the virus after eating them, and then infected people with the virus.

  Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) virus: In 2012, doctors in Saudi Arabia discovered a strange disease, which was later named "Middle East Respiratory Syndrome". The MERS virus that causes this disease was originally found in an African bat. Some dromedaries in North Africa accidentally contacted bats with viruses and were infected with MERS virus. With the trade from North Africa to the Middle East, dromedary caravans brought the virus to the Middle East, and the sick dromedaries infected more camels through nasal secretions, eventually infecting humans and spreading among humans.

  one-humped camel

  Influenza virus: almost everyone has had the flu, but the flu disease has nothing to do with humans. They come from birds. Moreover, the flu virus infects the digestive tract of birds, not the respiratory tract. The virus will "mutate", and the bird flu virus will mutate into a new virus that infects humans. However, the surface receptors of human respiratory cells are very close to those of birds’ digestive tract cells. When these new viruses mutated from birds are transmitted to humans, they cause respiratory diseases in humans, that is, "flu".

  HIV: There are two kinds of HIV: one is called HIV-1, and the other is called HIV-2. After research, scientists found that HIV-2 virus came from "mangabey with white top" in West Africa. This monkey carried a SIV virus and independently evolved into HIV-2 AIDS virus. Hunters in West Africa often kill this kind of monkey. When the monkey bites the hunter, or the butcher disposes of the monkey’s corpse, the monkey’s blood containing the virus enters the human body and will be infected with the virus. These viruses replicate themselves and gradually adapt to new hosts — — That is, humans. The HIV-1 virus has a completely different source. They come from another animal: chimpanzees.

  Baiding mangabey

  In addition, Hendra virus, Zika virus and so on, the sources of these deadly infectious diseases are all related to wild animals.

  The following small series is for everyone to learn about the bacteria or viruses that are at risk of infectious diseases carried by these common "game players" who have been repeatedly harassed.

  The greatest protection for wild animals is to stay away from them and leave their homes to them. Don’t go near them, don’t occupy them, and don’t overfish or eat.

  Protecting them means protecting us. I hope everyone can introspect, stop being willful and let the tragedy repeat itself.

  Finally, I hope Wuhan can tide over the difficulties and control the epidemic.