Andy Lau can’t save "Hot Blood Choir", forcibly sensational characters are pale

Andy Lau starred in the inspirational film "Blood Choir", originally the most talked about this weekend’s new film, the first day of release on Friday accounted for 20.6% of the top, but only got 6.94 million yuan at the box office. On the second day of release, the single-day box office quickly fell to fifth place, Douban only 4.8 points, the row fell sharply, and Andy Lau could not save its box office and word-of-mouth.

This film is produced and starring Andy Lau, and starring two famous musicians, Lu Guanting and Lei Songde, with the help of Li Lizhen, Xie Junhao, Guan Lijie and many other old Hong Kong actors. The cast and story synopsis sound good, but the market performance is so bad, it is surprising: what is the problem?

"Hot Blood Choir" tells the story of Yan Zilang, a Chinese-American conductor played by Andy Lau, who accepts the invitation of his mentor played by Lu Guanting to return to China, participates in the "Hot Blood Choir Experimental Program" aimed at educating and saving poor students, and acts as the conductor of the Hot Blood Choir. He leads a group of students who are considered useless in the eyes, overcomes various difficulties and setbacks, heals each other, and finally achieves good results in the chorus competition and finds the value of life.

This kind of story framework suddenly reminds people of the French classic film "Spring in the Cattle Herding Class". Since it stands on the shoulders of the classic, as long as the screenwriter puts more effort into the script and the director shoots better, it will be a warm and touching film even if it does not reach the classic level.

However, the director and screenwriter have the enthusiasm to express the educational concept of "education without discrimination", but they do not have the ability to tell a good story. As a result, the entire plot is almost only a conceptual skeleton and didactic slogans, and lacks the support of real and credible flesh and detail. It is like stretching a 5-minute MV short film to 97 minutes, but there are still only MV-style thin stories and pale characters. What should be explained to the audience is not explained clearly, but a lot is said in various ways.

For example, the film is too unclear about the reasons and specific implementation plan for the formation of the hot-blooded choir played by the principal played by Lu Guanting. It is not enough to just tell the audience that this is a "teaching without discrimination" teaching experimental plan. Other teaching methods can also reflect the educational concept of "teaching without discrimination". Why is it necessary to establish a choir?

Moreover, these "bad" students in the eyes of the people were selected from several ordinary schools. The students should still be in their respective schools, and they don’t have much time to learn to sing in the choir. Why is there almost no expression of these students’ usual school life in the film?

The film begins with a chorus of champions at a major middle school practicing singing under the arrogant spectacle conductor played by Ray Songde, and a skirmish with the "useless" students of the hot-blooded choir. It was expected that the two conductors and the two student choirs with very different identities would have a more intense dramatic conflict in the later story, but this story line did not come to an end, which is a pity.

The biggest problem with the film is the paleness and thinness of the characters, and there is hardly a character that can stand up.

Although there are many scenes of Yan Zilang, the conductor played by Andy Lau, there is very little account of his personality description and character background, so much so that at the end he suddenly confessed to the students that he came to Hong Kong after a hit-and-run in the United States, which is very surprising. It also does not match the image of his upright and instructive character in the whole film. It seems to be a deliberate plot added in order to achieve the theme of mutual healing and redemption between teachers and students under the cultivation of music.

In contrast, it is also a portrayal of frustrated teachers and students, "Spring in the Cattle Cattle Class" is much more clever and natural, especially the shaping of several key students, which is more similar to "Hot Blood Choir".

"Hot Blood Choir" focuses on three problem students such as Feng Xinxi and a rich second-generation student who volunteers to join the choir. Among them, there are teenagers who become impulsive and fight because their bastard father (played by Guan Lijie) often beats their mother (played by Li Lizhen). There are girls who yearn to be cared for because their father loves alcoholism and always urges her to work and earn money. There are single-parent children who develop the habit of theft due to poor family…

However, the director and screenwriter’s description of each student and their family is like a MV, and more importantly, there is a lack of preparation for the sudden change of their parents, and the ending forcibly makes them move for their children, forcibly sensational, and unreasonable, resulting in the lack of room for outstanding actors such as Xie Junhao, Guan Lijie, and Li Lizhen to create characters and become symbolic characters in the film.

The child in the film who loved to play the harmonica, who had a habit of stealing, later went to return the stolen goods and bought them at double the price. Why did Wu Dairong, the exclusive director of the Hot Blood Choir, insist on using Plan B regardless of Yan Zilang’s pleading, and also fire Yan Zilang, who was pleading in the rain? At the end, inexplicably, the children of the Hot Blood Choir were allowed to perform on stage.

At the end, the hot-blooded choir performed a climax play, and all the actors were very involved. Andy Lau’s play directed by the mobile phone screen was impressive, but such forceful sensationalization was more about touching themselves, because it was difficult to resonate with the audience due to the lack of true and credible stories and characters.

The biggest highlight of "Hot Blood Choir" is the beautiful song at the end of the film. When I went home and checked the Internet, I found that the name of the song was "Who Can Understand Me", written by Zheng Guojiang, composed by Lin Zixiang, and sung by Andy Lau.

[Night Reading] Your problem is that you read too little and think too much.


  Cctv news: the Sri Lankan people have passed away, and the character still exists. In 2016, many people left us. He or she devoted all his life to filling and warming each of us, even a country. On the 24th, the night reading column launched the series "2016: The Far Back".

  All the way to the wind, dust, rain and snow, a long river of years, she has always been flexible and clear. Countless wisdom has been deposited in a hundred years of life. She once said, "Your main problem lies in reading too little and thinking too much." Tonight’s story is about Yang Jiang, a famous female writer and literary translator, and about "reading".

  She is the most virtuous wife.

  When Yang Jiang first met in Tsinghua University and Qian Zhongshu at the age of 21, she felt that his brow was "beautiful and beautiful". He described her as "smiling and remembering the first time, the new petals of roses were soaked". He won the Geng Scholarship, and she didn’t hesitate to interrupt her studies, accompany him to Europe to study, do chores outside of study, cook and dress, climb over walls and windows, and do everything.


  Many years later, Yang Jiang read a passage describing marriage: "I never thought of getting married before I met her;" I have been married to her for decades, and I have never regretted marrying her, nor have I thought about marrying another woman. " Qian Zhongshu immediately replied, "I am the same as him", and Yang Jiang replied, "Me too."

  She is the most talented woman.

  In 1943, Yang Jiang’s first play "Satisfied" was a blockbuster as soon as it was staged. She became famous before Qian Zhongshu. When Fortress Besieged was published, people all said "Who is Qian Zhongshu" — — Yang Jiang’s husband. Out of that famous narration — — "Those who want to escape from the city want to rush in. For marriage and career. Most of the wishes of life are like this. " Quoted by countless people, it actually came from Yang Jiang’s hand.

  Later, she wrote Six Chapters of Cadre School, Taking a Bath, The Three of us and other works. Even Qian Zhongshu said, "Yang Jiang’s prose is better than mine. Her prose is naturally good, and no one can learn it."

  Even in turbulent years, Yang Jiang did not give up academic research. She is fluent in English and French. When she was nearly 60 years old, she began to learn Spanish from scratch and translated Don Quixote. When the Chinese version of Don Quixote translated by Yang Jiang was published in 1978, it happened that the Spanish king was visiting China, and Deng Xiaoping gave it to the Spanish king as a gift. Her translation has been recognized as a masterpiece so far, and nearly one million copies have been issued, which is the largest number of translations of this book.


Reading for pleasure

Text/Yang Jiang

  Reading is like visiting a teacher you admire or visiting a famous scholar.

  Of course, you have to work hard to study and study. You probably have to study hard to take exams, write papers and get a degree. Tao Yuanming is fond of reading. If he was born in today’s world, it would be difficult to go to college, graduate school or TOEFL. I’m only worried that he can’t pass the political economy, and it’s not because he "doesn’t want to know much." I have been hit with a "stick" several times, saying that I "pursue spiritual enjoyment" in reading. I had to bow my head and confess. I also admit that I am not really studying hard. However, "having fun" does not mean pursuing enjoyment. This can be said by those who know it, but not by others.

  I think reading is like dropping in — — The "invisible" string of doors. If you want to see an admired teacher or a famous scholar, you don’t have to say hello beforehand, and you are not afraid to disturb your host. Open the book and break into the door, turn over a few pages and enter the room; And you can go often, always, and if you can’t get to the point, you can leave without saying goodbye, or you can find another clever man and confront him. Don’t ask the host we want to visit whether he lives at home or abroad, whether he belongs to modern ancient times, what his major is, whether he talks seriously or chats and jokes, we can get close enough. We can listen respectfully to Confucius’ disciples recounting the master’s last words, or we may as well ask with a mischievous smile, "You must say what you say ‘ It is also called benevolence and righteousness ’ "Master Meng", if he was born in our same era, would he be an old Marxist-Leninist gentleman? We can stay with Socrates before his death and listen to him talking with a friend; You can also think about the stoic Epictetus’ Golden Jade and Good Words. We can listen to the anecdotes of the previous dynasties, and we can also learn the most mysterious innovation theory of the contemporary era or the deliberately amazing pretentious remark. Anyway, if the words are not speculative or hard to hear, you might as well pull out and even slam the door — — That is to say, the ground is in writing — — No one will blame. This is a rare freedom in the world outside books!


  Books are all-encompassing, so that you can know all kinds of people at all times and places without leaving home.

  In a pot hung by Hu Gong, there is no heaven, earth, sun and moon. Every book — — No matter novels, plays, biographies, travel notes, diaries, or even prose poems, there are different worlds, the sun, the moon and the stars, and there are people who live in them. We don’t have to rush to a certain place, spend money on tickets to see some fake products or "lifelike" body double. Just open a page, walk into the real world, and meet the real person, and we can enjoy it earnestly. Say "but you widen your view three hundred miles, by going up one flight of stairs"! We can even see the side of the earth under our feet, and we can reach it in an instant. Although the ancients described books as "vast", the world of books is really "and heaven remains our neighbourhood", which is by no means an idealistic comparison. No matter how big the world is, there is no barrier. The Buddha said "three thousand worlds", which is extremely large. As for the situation of the book, the "present world" is combined with "the past" and "the future world", which is really all-encompassing and runs through the three worlds. But we can stay at home, experience here at will, and ask for advice at any time. Who says that scholars are short-sighted, unreasonable and indifferent to the world? You can get rich experiences here and meet all kinds of people at all times and places.


  Life is limited and knowledge is limited. In the world of books, we are all tiny worms.

  Often "drop in" in the book, at least you can get rid of some ignorance and gain more attention. We don’t have to be discouraged and timid when we see people who are hypocritical and full of rhetoric, because although their own homes are not open and people are not allowed to break in, we have always been to their relatives and friends’ homes, and we will know their true faces behind their empty shelves. Once I drove across the grand bridge on the Seine River in Paris, and I saw the poor people who lived under the bridge, collecting garbage for a living and covering newspapers to keep warm. It’s not that my eyes can turn, just because I’ve been to that area to cross the door. It’s a pity that the "body" that "hides" when we "visit" is just a common bone after all. We don’t have the insight of the Tathagata, and we can take a glance at the wisdom accumulated in the world for thousands of years, so we have to always remember Zhuangzi’s famous saying that "life is limited and knowledge is limited." We are just insects in ephemerality (not just insects turned by Sun Dasheng’s hairs). We crawl into the world of books, crawl here and stop there. Sometimes we meet the right person, hear the pleasant words, or occasionally get something from the problems hanging on our hearts, just like we are obsessed with it and are happy to forget the words. This "joy" and "pursuit of enjoyment" are not the same thing, are they?


Review ● Yang Jiang’s words

  Everything is born, and man is the spirit of everything. The purpose of heaven and earth to give birth to people should be a person who can be called the spirit of all things. Although people are small and life is short, people can learn, cultivate themselves and improve themselves. The value of people lies in themselves.

  — — Miscellaneous Memories and Miscellaneous Writing


  If we say that people are animals with spirituality and conscience, then life is nothing more than knowing yourself, training yourself, and voluntarily transforming yourself unless you are willing to be an animal.

  — — Take a bath

  I grew up in a harmonious and affluent environment, and I know nothing about the world. But I seriously consider what I should learn. The so-called "should" means that it is most beneficial to people, and I have not lived my life in vain. I know this "should" is very exaggerated, so I am ashamed to explain it. Father said, there is nothing that should be done. You should learn what you like best. I’m not at ease. Just ask what you like, right? I like literature. Learn literature? Love reading novels, learn novels? My father said that what I like is the closeness of sex, which is the most suitable for me.

  — — Will drink tea


  People have excellent qualities, but there are many evils mixed together, just like a stubborn iron that is burned in the fire and quenched in the water. It is burned and quenched again and again, and then tempered with a lot of tempering, so that the stubborn iron can be turned into steel for casting swords. Gold also needs to be burned to remove impurities before it becomes pure gold. The same is true for people. We learn wisdom from worry and refine virtue from pain.

  — — Walking on the edge of life


  The human feelings of the world are more delicious than the bright moon and the breeze; Can be used as a book to read, but as a play. The description in the book and the play, even if lifelike, are just literary works; The world of human feelings is a naive and natural expression, which is often beyond reason, shocking and surprising, giving people more profound benefits and wonderful entertainment. Only the humble people have the best chance to see the truth of the world and human feelings, not the artistic performance in front of the audience.

  — — Invisibility cloak


I don’t argue with anyone,

I don’t care who I fight with;

I love nature,

Secondly, art;

My hands are roasting the fire of life to keep warm;

The fire has died down, and I’m ready to go. "

— — Yang Jiang

Milestone achievement: the breeding efficiency of hybrid potato in China will be improved by more than 50%

  Many people don’t know that the French fries eaten in KFC and McDonald’s all come from potato varieties bred 120 years ago. As the staple food of 1.3 billion people in the world, potato breeding process is slow, and new breeding methods are urgently needed to reform potato breeding. Therefore, the scientists of China Academy of Agricultural Sciences put forward the "Excellent Potato Plan", the purpose of which is to make people in China and even the whole world eat potatoes with higher yield and better quality.

  At 23: 00 Beijing time on May 4th, 2023, the international authoritative journal Cell published the latest research result of Huang Sanwen’s team of Shenzhen Institute of Agricultural Genomics, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences: "Phylogenetic Discovery of Deleterious Mutations Facilities Hybrid Potato Breeding".

  This research has invented a new "evolutionary lens" technology, which gives breeders a pair of "golden eyes", can find the genome "reef" (which scientists call "harmful mutation") that hinders potato breeding as early as possible, avoid breeding "going the wrong way", and let everyone eat better quality and high yield potatoes faster.

  "We drew the first two-dimensional map of harmful mutations in potato genome, and developed a new model of whole genome prediction by using the map information, which can predict the yield in seedling stage, with an accuracy of 25%-45% higher than before. In this way, materials with low yield can be eliminated at an early stage, thus quickly cultivating high-yield varieties, and the breeding efficiency of hybrid potatoes will be improved by more than 50%. " Huang Sanwen said in an interview with The Paper (

  "excellent potato plan"

  Potato is the most important tuber food crop, the main food source of 1.3 billion people and the fourth staple food crop in China. Potato has the advantages of high yield, less water consumption and wide planting area. However, because the traditional cultivated potato is autotetraploid and its genome is complex, the breeding process is very slow. In addition, the asexual propagation of potato chips also faces some problems, such as low propagation coefficient, high storage and transportation cost, and easy to carry pests and diseases.

  How to transform tetraploid potato propagated by tuber into diploid hybrid potato propagated by seed is a worldwide problem in potato industry, and it is also the "crown jewel" of seed industry innovation.

  In order to solve the above problems, Huang Sanwen’s team launched the "Excellent Potato Plan" in conjunction with domestic and foreign superior units, aiming at replacing tetraploid with diploid potato, replacing potato block with seed propagation, guiding potato breeding with genomics and synthetic biology, and completely changing the breeding and reproduction methods of potatoes.

  Yang Zhenhai, Party Secretary of China Academy of Agricultural Sciences, said that in recent years, the "Excellent Potato Program" team has successively solved major problems such as potato genome analysis, self-incompatibility and self-decline, and cultivated the first generation of inbred lines and hybrids. The related achievements have been published in top international academic journals, and now the latest achievement of "Identification of harmful mutations by evolutionary genomics" has been published in Cell magazine, which can provide a new scientific basis for potato breeding parent selection and variety improvement. These original basic scientific research achievements have been highly recognized by colleagues at home and abroad, and laid a solid foundation for accelerating the breeding of diploid hybrid potatoes.

  Potato breeding enters the fast lane

  In this study, Huang Sanwen’s team collected a large number of Solanaceae species resources in conjunction with outstanding units at home and abroad, and traced the evolutionary traces of the longest 80 million years and accumulated 1.2 billion years through comparative analysis of 100 Solanaceae genomes. On this basis, an "evolutionary lens" was developed to discover the evolutionary constraints and harmful mutations of potatoes, and the first two-dimensional map of harmful mutations of potatoes was drawn.

  Using the map information, the researchers put forward a counterintuitive inbred line cultivation method and developed a new model for whole genome prediction, which made the potato yield prediction reach unprecedented accuracy. In addition, the model can accurately estimate the breeding value according to genotype and harmful mutation information, better help breeding experts to make early breeding decisions, further reduce breeding costs, shorten potato breeding cycle and quickly cultivate high-yield and high-quality potato varieties.

  This research made China stand in the leading position in the world in the basic theory and technology of potato breeding, and was funded by the Ministry of Science and Technology, the National Natural Science Foundation of China and China Academy of Agricultural Sciences.

  So, what are the implications of this research for other crop breeding? In this regard, Li Jiayang, an academician of China Academy of Sciences (director of Yazhouwan Laboratory and researcher of Institute of Genetics and Developmental Biology, Chinese Academy of Sciences) said, "The research result of Huang Sanwen’s team will not only be for potatoes, but also for grain, oil, fruits, vegetables and tea."

  Zhong Kang, an academician of China Academy of Sciences (researcher of Institute of Botany, Chinese Academy of Sciences) commented: "This research by Huang Sanwen’s team is a milestone achievement in potato breeding, which indicates that crop breeding has entered a new era, that is, breeders can’t just pay attention to their own ‘ Three points per acre ’ It is even more necessary to think about the new strategy of breeding from a larger evolutionary dimension. "

  "The research finally found the genetic basis of counterintuitive screening, developed a new genome-wide prediction model and applied it to the early decision-making of hybrid potato breeding, marking that China’s potato breeding has definitely reached the international frontier." Professor Lai Jinsheng of China Agricultural University (Director of National Maize Improvement Center) said.

Running to lose weight, these new skills make you more relaxed.

Every year, many people choose running as a weapon to lose weight. However, the situation that they can’t cope with the results is everywhere, the effect is not obvious, and then they are discouraged and give up. This failure history is constantly staged.

Andrew Ka Stoll, a running coach in Lake Mamos, California, USA, gave you a new solution. He put forward the exercise plan is:Shorter time, higher intensity, five times a week, each time within 20 minutes.

This program can not only help you lose those excess weights, but also effectively reduce the risk of cholesterol and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, and help maintain the elasticity of your skin.

Step out of the right running rhythm

Many people misunderstand running and regard it as a pure strength challenge, madly improving speed and running distance, but in fact,Stability and rhythm are the essence of running..

At first, we should give priority to comfort and relaxation, and every step should be strong and stable. Once you are short of breath and your heart beats rapidly, it means that you have crossed your comfort zone.

Although this kind of high-intensity running may consume more calories in a short time, it will have a negative impact on the endurance of the body in the long run, causing you to feel tired and even lose your interest and motivation in running.

The gradual rhythm can paint an ideal running picture, and the wind in your ear and the rhythm of breathing find harmony in this stable rhythm.

Beginners should be patient and not driven by short-term benefits. The correct running rhythm will take you to the other side of health.

Speed and terrain: dual elements of running

Running can’t be static. If you always run at the same speed and terrain, the human body will soon adapt to it, and the weight loss effect will gradually decrease.

Therefore, it is very important to pay attention to the change of speed and terrain to maintain running efficiency.

Through different speed training, it can help the energy in the body run smoothly like a small mountain stream.More conducive to burning fat.

Changing the choice of running terrain, such as changing from flat to climbing, can undoubtedly increase the load on the body and consume more calories.

Changing the speed and terrain can not only challenge yourself and improve running endurance, but more importantly, it can stimulate muscles, accelerate metabolism and improve the long-term weight loss effect of running.

At the same time, such changes can also improve the fun of running, break the routine and make the exercise process no longer dull.

Diet regulation: the other side of losing weight

In the process of losing weight, many people tend to have a misunderstanding, that is, they are full of determination and anxiety to lose weight, but they ignore the adjustment of diet intake.

On the contrary, in fact, scientific diet control is one of the key rules for success in the process of losing weight.

For example, after heavy running training, people often feel extremely hungry.

However, if you choose to eat too much, regardless of controlling your appetite, it is likely that all the calories you run will be replenished in the end, and your efforts to lose weight will become stillborn.

Then, in the process of running to lose weight, how should we scientifically adjust the diet?

The first thing to make sure isOn the premise of ensuring basic nutrition, formulate and adjust the diet structure in a timely manner..

For example, after tired running, our body needs rich nutrition to recover. At this time, we can choose to eat carbohydrates contained in vegetables, fruits and staple foods. These are good at helping to restore physical strength, and at the same time, we will not introduce too many extra calories.

Of course, the change of eating habits does not mean that we should deliberately suppress our appetite. After all, physical and mental pleasure is also an important factor in maintaining exercise motivation.

Secondly, we should learnGrasp the intake time of dietAvoid eating too much before running or eating immediately after running, which is likely to burden the gastrointestinal tract and affect the running effect.

Generally speaking, a good energy supply and recovery can be ensured by eating one to two hours before running, and supplementing enough protein and carbohydrates, as well as proper amount of fat, within the next day.

Therefore, when we run to lose weight, we should not only pay attention to speed and time, but also consider many factors such as terrain and food intake, so as to achieve the ideal weight loss effect.

As long as we carry out this plan persistently, I believe it is only a matter of time before we reach the goal of losing weight.