Press conference of TV series "Foreign Aid Doctors" showing the feelings of great doctors was held in Beijing.

  Cctv news(Reporter Zhang Xiaolin Li Yinan) On January 19th, a TV series "Foreign Aid Doctors" was held in Beijing to let more people know about the kindness of foreign aid doctors and feel the essence of China culture and China values.

Launching ceremony site

Launching ceremony site

  The year 2020 marks the 57th anniversary of China’s dispatch of foreign aid medical teams. China Foreign Aid Medical Team is an international cooperation organization of the Ministry of Health of China. In April 1963, China dispatched the first batch of foreign aid medical teams. The great spirit and touching deeds of China’s foreign aid medical team and foreign aid doctors have enabled China to gain the support of all recipient countries and people in the process of stepping onto the world stage and win international reputation and prestige.

  Based on the real experiences and events of China’s foreign aid medical team in Africa, The Doctor for Foreign Aid fills the gaps in the related topics in the domestic TV drama field, truly restores the lives of foreign aid medical staff and their selfless and fearless spirit for the broad audience, shows the hard experience unknown to the world in the process of medical aid, and fully reflects the major events that have crossed the medical front in China for more than half a century and the international humanitarian spirit that it reflects to heal the wounded and rescue the dying.

  Hu Kun, a screenwriter, said in his speech that the actions of the China Foreign Aid Medical Team perfectly explained the sixteen words of "not afraid of hardships, willing to contribute, saving lives and saving lives, and having boundless love". Every time they rescue and help, they plant one friendly seed after another in the hearts of those who have been rescued, in that distant land, and those friendly seeds will grow friendship flowers day by day. He said, "Foreign Aid Doctors" aims to let more people know about the kindness of foreign aid doctors, the essence of China culture and China’s values, and also let other brotherly countries know about the goodwill and beauty released by China to the whole world in the new era.

  The film was produced by China Population and Culture Promotion Association, and was produced by Beijing Chinese Film and Television Culture Co., Ltd.. Relevant leaders of China Population and Culture Promotion Association, National Health and Wellness Committee, China Foreign Aid Medical Team and other units attended the launching ceremony.

The wonderful activities of 2024 Yantai Spring Auto Show will take you to see it first.

  Public Network Reporter Zhou Mi Trainee Reporter Hei Yuqing Yantai Report

  Wonderful activities, take you to see it first.

  In the vibrant April, the 2024 Yantai Spring Auto Show will be grandly opened on April 11-15. As the organizer, it will also create a variety of interactive activities with rich content, which will closely combine automobile consumption with cultural life.

  Qilu Cup Female Style Show


  Breaking the restrictions of the regular model contest is not limited to a certain age group. As long as you can walk on the runway, be confident and bold, and fully display the unique charm and style of models of all ages in Jiaodong, this stage needs you!

  Activity time: 4-12 9:30-15:00.

  Located in the indoor hall stage


  to show themselves


  Youth networking activities


  Co-sponsored by the Communist Youth League Committee, the Working Committee of the Municipal Government, Qilu Evening News, Qilu Yidian Yantai Media Center and Yantai Family Planning Association, and co-organized by Yantai Automobile Chamber of Commerce, the youth networking activity of "Qing Xin Yantai Yidian Heart" will be held in Yantai International Expo Center, and registration will begin from now on! Guests who successfully sign up for this fraternity canFree auto show tickets.

  This networking event not only does not charge any fees, but the organizers also prepare a variety of exquisite gifts, pot throwing and other interactive games for the guests.

  Activity time: April 13th, 9: 30-11: 30.

  Located in the indoor hall stage

  Scan the code and sign up.


  International car model competition


  Fashion has never been defined by others. You have your own style. As long as you dare to show your "beauty", you can provide a stage to show yourself for every boy and girl who shines with youthful charm. Break out of the cocoon and redefine the unique charm of self with the casualness revealed by nature.

  (The QR code in the identification map can be registered)

  Activity time: April 13th, 13: 00-16: 00 (Semifinal)

  4.14 9:00-12:00 (Finals)

  Located in the indoor hall stage



  ICE animation game carnival


  The sparks of different dimensions collide, and the little brothers and sisters of cos’s favorite anime mobile game characters can be seen everywhere, entering the second-dimensional world that young people like. There are also animation show, theme live, house dance contest, interactive games, many activities waiting for you to participate, and even a thousand yuan bonus waiting for you to take.

  Activity time: 4.13-4.14 (tickets are required)

  Located in indoor hall D.


  Tik Tok Million COSER


  Qihuan forest pet carnival


  It is a combination of popular science education, parent-child entertainment and fashion play, and mainly focuses on professional popular science exhibitions, so that children can understand the real nature and fall in love with natural science and cute and magical animals. There are even mysterious guests at the scene. Once they enter, they can’t help but feel that different magical animals live in each area.

  Activity time: 4.11-4.15 (tickets are required)

  Located on the east side of the exit on the first floor of the exhibition hall.

  Interesting popular science interaction



  Wonderful performance of Xian Yi, old and young


  Yang Jinming, a well-known crosstalk performer in China and a crosstalk performer in Deyun Society, studied under Hou Yaowen, a well-known crosstalk performer in China, and a fellow brother in Degang Guo for nearly 60 years. In the early years, Yang Jinming and Yang Yi’s crosstalk group spread all over the country, and won the first prize in the first CCTV National TV Crosstalk Competition in 2002.

  Yang Jinming boarded the CCTV Lantern Festival in 2011 and performed the work "Model". In 2018, he boarded Beijing Satellite TV Spring Festival, participated in Tianjin Satellite TV Spring Festival Evening in 2021, was the fifth guest of CCTV’s "New Year Crosstalk Conference" in 2021, and performed "Selling Map" in Tianjin Satellite TV Spring Festival Evening in 2023 with Degang Guo and Shaobing.

  This special cross talk of Deyun Society is also the first time for Mr. Yang Jianming to perform in Yantai.

  Performance time: 4-13 19:30




  The global phenomenal cartoon, the princess of children’s world, the smooth plot rhythm, the gorgeous visual feast, and the ice and snow magic to recreate the stage classic. Walk into the fantasy world of Frozen and feel the sincere feelings about love, courage and affection with Princess Aisha. Exquisite dance, gorgeous costumes and moving music will take you to appreciate the charm of Disney classics.

  Performance time: 4-13 10:30




  Every song will take you back to the most beautiful time, from the flowery "Stealing Heart" and "Kissing Goodbye" to "A Thousand Sad Reasons" and then to "The Legend of the Hungry Wolf". This is not only a concert, but also a review of the times and the reappearance of a legend. We have a top music production team, and even more singers who are full of love for Hong Kong music songs. With their voices, they will once again awaken that era in your heart.

  Hong Kong Music is an indelible memory.

  Those classic melodies and lyrics that are deeply rooted in people’s hearts are worth remembering again.

  Performance time: 4-13 15:00.



The official response is that the football field is used for the fair: the temporary use damage during the Spring Festival has been repaired.

  BEIJING, Feb. 20 (Bian Liqun) On the 20th, a news that a football field in duyun city, Guizhou Province was damaged due to being used for the fair triggered a heated discussion among netizens. In response, the duyun city Municipal Bureau of Culture, Sports, Radio, Film and Television and Tourism responded on the evening of 20th that in order to meet the needs of the masses during the Spring Festival, this area was temporarily used as a fair area with restrictions. At present, the damaged artificial lawn in the football field has been repaired, and it is clear that this area will no longer be used as a fair area.

  Some netizens said through social platforms on the 20th that a professional football field in duyun city was used for the fair. According to the videos and photos circulating on the Internet, there are many sheds for selling goods on the court, and the venue is also damaged to some extent.

  In this regard, many netizens expressed their incomprehension: "We can’t find a stadium or the stadium is expensive, so you can take it to the market! Will there be hope for China football? " "China can’t play football well, and this kind of thing is the root cause."

  Screenshot of social media

  In response to outside questions, the duyun city Municipal Bureau of Culture, Sports, Radio, Film and Television and Tourism issued an announcement on the evening of the 20th, saying: "The people in Maojian Town where the football field is located have the habit of going to the market before and after the Spring Festival. In order to alleviate the intensive pressure on farmers’ markets during the epidemic and meet the needs of people going to the market during the Spring Festival, this area is temporarily used as a market area with restrictions."

  The stadium after the shed was removed. Photo courtesy of duyun city Sports, Culture, Radio, Television and Tourism Bureau

  The announcement also said that at present, the damaged artificial lawn in the football field has been repaired, and it is clear that the area will no longer be used as a market area for special use.

  Official response screenshot

  The reporter from Zhongxin. com learned from the relevant personnel of duyun city Municipal Bureau of Culture, Sports, Radio, Film and Television that the five-a-side football stadium was included in the first batch of central budget investment plans for the popularization of public sports in Guizhou Province in 2020. It was completed in October last year and opened to the public free of charge after it was put into use in January this year. (End)

Running to lose weight, these new skills make you more relaxed.

Every year, many people choose running as a weapon to lose weight. However, the situation that they can’t cope with the results is everywhere, the effect is not obvious, and then they are discouraged and give up. This failure history is constantly staged.

Andrew Ka Stoll, a running coach in Lake Mamos, California, USA, gave you a new solution. He put forward the exercise plan is:Shorter time, higher intensity, five times a week, each time within 20 minutes.

This program can not only help you lose those excess weights, but also effectively reduce the risk of cholesterol and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, and help maintain the elasticity of your skin.

Step out of the right running rhythm

Many people misunderstand running and regard it as a pure strength challenge, madly improving speed and running distance, but in fact,Stability and rhythm are the essence of running..

At first, we should give priority to comfort and relaxation, and every step should be strong and stable. Once you are short of breath and your heart beats rapidly, it means that you have crossed your comfort zone.

Although this kind of high-intensity running may consume more calories in a short time, it will have a negative impact on the endurance of the body in the long run, causing you to feel tired and even lose your interest and motivation in running.

The gradual rhythm can paint an ideal running picture, and the wind in your ear and the rhythm of breathing find harmony in this stable rhythm.

Beginners should be patient and not driven by short-term benefits. The correct running rhythm will take you to the other side of health.

Speed and terrain: dual elements of running

Running can’t be static. If you always run at the same speed and terrain, the human body will soon adapt to it, and the weight loss effect will gradually decrease.

Therefore, it is very important to pay attention to the change of speed and terrain to maintain running efficiency.

Through different speed training, it can help the energy in the body run smoothly like a small mountain stream.More conducive to burning fat.

Changing the choice of running terrain, such as changing from flat to climbing, can undoubtedly increase the load on the body and consume more calories.

Changing the speed and terrain can not only challenge yourself and improve running endurance, but more importantly, it can stimulate muscles, accelerate metabolism and improve the long-term weight loss effect of running.

At the same time, such changes can also improve the fun of running, break the routine and make the exercise process no longer dull.

Diet regulation: the other side of losing weight

In the process of losing weight, many people tend to have a misunderstanding, that is, they are full of determination and anxiety to lose weight, but they ignore the adjustment of diet intake.

On the contrary, in fact, scientific diet control is one of the key rules for success in the process of losing weight.

For example, after heavy running training, people often feel extremely hungry.

However, if you choose to eat too much, regardless of controlling your appetite, it is likely that all the calories you run will be replenished in the end, and your efforts to lose weight will become stillborn.

Then, in the process of running to lose weight, how should we scientifically adjust the diet?

The first thing to make sure isOn the premise of ensuring basic nutrition, formulate and adjust the diet structure in a timely manner..

For example, after tired running, our body needs rich nutrition to recover. At this time, we can choose to eat carbohydrates contained in vegetables, fruits and staple foods. These are good at helping to restore physical strength, and at the same time, we will not introduce too many extra calories.

Of course, the change of eating habits does not mean that we should deliberately suppress our appetite. After all, physical and mental pleasure is also an important factor in maintaining exercise motivation.

Secondly, we should learnGrasp the intake time of dietAvoid eating too much before running or eating immediately after running, which is likely to burden the gastrointestinal tract and affect the running effect.

Generally speaking, a good energy supply and recovery can be ensured by eating one to two hours before running, and supplementing enough protein and carbohydrates, as well as proper amount of fat, within the next day.

Therefore, when we run to lose weight, we should not only pay attention to speed and time, but also consider many factors such as terrain and food intake, so as to achieve the ideal weight loss effect.

As long as we carry out this plan persistently, I believe it is only a matter of time before we reach the goal of losing weight.