Online celebrity Liusha mobile phone case airport security encounter embarrassment Civil Aviation Administration: avoid carrying it.

  The mobile liquid is used in the design of the back of the mobile phone case to create a dynamic "liquid quicksand mobile phone case", which has quietly become popular in the circle of friends because of its fashion and beauty. However, the Beijing Youth Daily reporter visited and found that there are some "troubles" hidden in this kind of mobile phone case. Recently, Ms. Wang told the reporter of Beiqing Daily that when she took a flight from Chengdu to Beijing for security check, the staff asked to check her liquid quicksand mobile phone case, but what puzzled Ms. Wang was, "I carried it with me when I took flights in Beijing, Shenzhen, Anshan and other places."

  Is it necessary to check the mobile phone case with liquid quicksand? The reporter of Beiqing Daily called the security inspection department of many airports and learned that because the liquid in the mobile phone case is in a sealed state, local security inspections will be conducted on the spot according to the relevant regulations of the Civil Aviation Administration. The reporter of Beiqing Daily called the Civil Aviation Administration of China as a passenger to inquire about this matter. The staff said that in order to avoid unnecessary troubles, passengers are advised not to carry items such as mobile phone cases and iPad cases with them when taking flights, and also be careful not to spill them when checking.

  Mobile phone case carrying quicksand

  Be checked by the airport

  A few months ago, Ms. Wang bought a "liquid quicksand mobile phone case" from the Internet for about 500 yuan. The back of the mobile phone case is about 1 cm thick, and it is filled with liquid and decorations. As the liquid shakes, the decorations will fluctuate with it. But I don’t think this online celebrity mobile phone case has caused her some "troubles" recently.

  Recently, Ms. Wang and her family ended their trip and took a flight from Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport to fly back to Beijing. "During the security check, I took out my mobile phone with liquid quicksand mobile phone case and put it next to the computer. After passing the security check machine, the staff picked up my mobile phone and looked at it alone, and then told me that the mobile phone case should be checked separately."

  Ms. Wang asked the staff why she wanted to check the mobile phone case. The other party said, "There is unknown liquid in the mobile phone case." Ms. Wang explained that her quicksand mobile phone case is produced by regular manufacturers and will not be easily damaged and liquid will not leak out. However, the staff said that they had done relevant tests, and (liquid quicksand mobile phone case) could not be taken on the plane. Because there was no suitcase to be checked, Ms. Wang finally chose to send her mobile phone case back to Beijing by express delivery.

  "Why only Chengdu needs to be checked?" Ms. Wang is puzzled. She said that when she took the flight in Beijing, Shenzhen, Anshan and other places, she also carried the liquid quicksand mobile phone case, but she was not required to check it. "Isn’t the management regulations of airports in different places different?" Ms. Wang raised questions. In addition, she pointed out that she didn’t know about the problem that quicksand mobile phone case may need to be checked on the flight when purchasing the product.

  Sellers sell quicksand products

  The consignment problem was evaded.

  The reporter of Beiqing Daily randomly searched on the online shopping platform and found that many online shop merchants are selling mobile phone cases, iPad cases and satchels with liquid quicksand. Among them, quicksand mobile phone case is the best seller, and the price ranges from 19.9 yuan to several hundred yuan.

  When introducing the mobile phone case of liquid quicksand, many merchants said that the product uses "high-strength back cover panel" which can be "leak-proof". There are also many merchants who mentioned in the "Precautions for Use" that problems such as slow movement and jamming of liquid bubbles and quicksand in the mobile phone case are "normal phenomena" and "will not cause oil leakage, so you can use it with confidence". The reporter of Beiqing Daily noticed that most merchants did not remind the information such as whether the product can be brought on the plane and whether it needs to be checked.

  The reporter of Beiqing Daily randomly asked a number of merchants what the liquid used in this kind of mobile phone case is and whether it can be brought on the plane. Some merchants bluntly said that "there is mineral oil inside", so "you can’t take it on the plane". However, some merchants said that "there is no problem (taking the plane)." There are still many businesses who deliberately avoid this issue, saying only that they are "unclear" or "have not met buyers to reflect this problem".

  However, an online shop owner told the reporter of Beiqing Daily that most of the liquid quicksand mobile phone cases currently popular on the market use water and mineral oil. "Because pure quicksand can’t make the mobile phone case have a flowing effect, this liquid will be added to the quicksand mobile phone case for the sake of beauty." However, the owner said that the mobile phone case is not completely harmless when used. "The oily liquid inside may be flammable. In addition, if some products are of poor quality or improperly used, it will lead to liquid outflow, and it may burn the skin in case of high temperature." The owner speculated that this may also be the reason why some mobile phone cases with liquid quicksand could not be taken on the plane.

  Mobile phone case consignment requirements

  Different airports have different interpretations.

  According to the search by the reporter of Beiqing Daily, the Civil Aviation Administration of China stipulates that passengers on domestic flights in China can carry with them liquid articles (excluding alcohol) with a total amount of no more than 1 liter each time, and the excess must be delivered. Liquid articles must be opened for inspection before they can be carried.

  Regarding Ms. Wang’s experience and questions, Beiqing Daily reporter called several airports, such as Capital International Airport, Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport, Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport and Shenzhen Baoan International Airport.

  For the mobile phone case with liquid quicksand, the staff of Capital International Airport and Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport said that the security inspection of domestic flights is strict, and if liquid articles are involved, it needs to be judged by the security inspectors on the spot to give an accurate answer.

  The staff of the security department of Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport said that the quicksand mobile phone case contains liquid. "No matter whether it is water or mineral oil, it is not allowed to be taken on the plane and needs to be checked."

  The security staff of Shenzhen Baoan International Airport said that the quicksand mobile phone case is different from cosmetics and other liquids. "It needs on-site inspection. If it is a small amount and can’t be taken out, it may be taken on the plane."

  Regarding the fact that each airport security department has different attitudes towards the quicksand mobile phone case, Beiqing Daily reporter called the Civil Aviation Administration of China as a passenger to inquire about this matter.

  The staff explained, "According to the regulations, when passengers take a flight, liquid items such as cosmetics and medicines can be carried no more than 100 ml, and the total amount can not exceed a certain amount. Other liquids such as water, toilet water, yogurt, etc. cannot be carried with you. "

  However, the staff said that for the quicksand mobile phone case, because it is impossible to determine the nature of the liquid in the case from the appearance, "if it is flammable and explosive, it is dangerous, so generally speaking, the airport security department will strictly check and ask passengers to check it. However, because the mobile phone case is small, the liquid inside will not exceed 20 ml, and the sealed state will not be spilled. Some airports may think that there is no safety hazard after security inspection, which will allow passengers to carry it. However, the quicksand iPad shell and backpack shell are large in size and definitely need to be checked. "

  However, the staff reminded passengers that in order to avoid unnecessary troubles, it is suggested that passengers should try not to carry items such as quicksand mobile phone cases and iPad cases with them when taking flights, and be careful not to spill them when checking in.

  Text/reporter Zhang Ya Intern Tong Chuhan

Stars hit the list and harvest fan wallets. Experts: It is illegal to brush the list.

Illustration Wang Chen Jun

  Last week, the game anchor "Her Royal Highness Qiao Biluo" was blacklisted by the Network Performance Branch of China Performance Industry Association because of malicious speculation that a beautiful woman became an aunt. Fans who thought she was sweet and beautiful could not ask the platform to return the money for brushing gifts.

  Both network anchors and idol stars are now supported by fans’ real money: spending money to buy virtual gifts, flowers and diamonds, and putting idols at the forefront of the list set by the platform, as evidence that idols are popular, explosive and worthy of advertisers — — This is the general rule in the era when fan economy and traffic are king.

  However, when fans exhausted their wallet labor to support their idols, they also walked into the rights trap created by the list setters and their upstream and downstream industries: virtual flowers that were not used because of changing the rules of the list were unable to get a refund; The automatic ranking software used to improve efficiency has been blocked, and who can I ask for the membership money in 2040? The list promises resources to idols. What if fans don’t fulfill their promises?

  In the opinion of experts, this behavior of brushing data for idols makes the entire Internet industry sink into the carnival of crazy wallet harvesting, which is not beneficial to the long-term development of the industry.

  The list was stopped and the website did not refund money.

  "The star power list is the root of all evil." A Xiao, a 29-year-old white-collar worker, is a fan of H, the star who debuted in the talent show "Creation Camp 2019". In July, in order to make H rank in the top three in the "New Star List", the fan group began to spend a lot of time and money playing the list: "Reading, forwarding, commenting and posting about Weibo can get extra points, commonly known as interaction. If you don’t have time to interact, you can spend money directly. "

  A Xiao introduced that Weibo sells virtual flowers, one in 2 yuan, and every time a flower is sent, the idol’s admiration value increases by 2 points: "It is said that flowers are sent to idols, but in fact, they have turned around and returned to Sina’s pocket, and idols can’t get a dime."

  In mid-July, Weibo was suspended from the list of July H due to the accidental exposure of the fan group through special channels.

  "It is to buy a Weibo trumpet to interact. Sina usually turns a blind eye. This time we were reported by competitors, and Weibo could not pretend to be blind." A Xiao said that in this way, the fans’ early investment has hit Shui Piao. "Forget the time, shouldn’t Sina refund the flowers bought with real money?"

  A Xiao said that at first, Sina just returned the flowers to its account: "The people who sent the flowers can’t make the list. What’s the use of flowers for us?" After that, fans began to call 12345 and 96315 to complain that Sina violated consumer rights.

  "At that time, I realized that we were actually consumers who spent money first, and then fans." A Xiao said that after the complaint lasted for a week, the Beijing Consumers Association talked about Weibo, and Weibo gradually returned the money. "Later, I went to look at it carefully. There is no explanation on the flower purchase page, and there is no regulation on whether it can be returned."

  In August, H’s qualification for the list was restored, but A Xiao no longer bought flowers: "The list is a means for websites to make money, and I won’t send money to do stupid things again."

  Software blocked, membership fee wasted

  On June 10th, the "Star Aid App", the behind-the-scenes promoter of 100 million reposts, was investigated. A few days later, super fans said that "Super Aid" could not be used: "From then on, it returned to the era of manual ranking."

  "Star Aid App" and "Super Aid" can help users to automatically perform some operations, such as commenting on Weibo who forwarded idols, sending Weibo related to idols, and automatically searching the names of idols, thus improving the rankings of idols on Sina’s "Star Power List" and Baidu Encyclopedia’s "Star Popularity List".

  "Super aid is from Sina subsidiary, and the annual membership fee for an account is 35.88 yuan. The Star Aid App is even more fierce. 20 yuan, a member for one month, can bind many trumpets with one click, and then let these trumpets automatically sign in and forward every day. " Yan Yan told reporters that the two appeared in 2018 and were very popular among fans.

  Where did these members’ money go after the service was stopped?

  "Can Star Aid App refund money?" On the second day after the Star Aid App was investigated, Xiao Ran asked questions on the Weibo, but so far he couldn’t find a way. "I heard that the illegal profit was more than 8 million, but the App was taken off the shelf and people were arrested. I don’t know who to ask for a refund."

  After the service of "Super Aid" stopped, some fans found that they could ask for a refund from the Sina subsidiary. "Send them payment voucher screenshots, Weibo nicknames and Alipay account numbers. It doesn’t matter if you have more money or less. Remember to ask Sina for a refund. " Weibo user @ honeythurts sent this Weibo on June 17th and got 718 reposts.

  Not all fans who ask for a refund can get it. "Private letter, no refund, and now I will ignore it." Fan Xiaozhen said, "There is not much money, forget it."

  Forwarding for resources, promises are hard to honor.

  A trend — has been observed in the side dishes that have been mixed with powder circles for nearly 10 years; — More and more companies have joined the ranks of harvesting fans with the list. "Click on the authentication information, some are still film and television companies, and some are simply trading companies selling hardware department stores, so let’s share a piece of it."

  Dishes told reporters that the common feature of these lists is that fans can vote for idols without spending money, but they must first complete some tasks to get tickets: "What do you need? Watching a 15-second video advertisement will give you 5 votes, and sending a Tik Tok with an idol name and a small program name will give you 15 votes. To put it bluntly, it is to use fans as advertisers, as free publicity, and as a resource for other apps. "

  What are the benefits of idols topping the list? "It’s nothing more than putting some advertisements that can reveal the idol image in some places for fans, such as airports, high-speed railway station, squares and cafes, and opening their small programs for a day, even including sending a low-end ‘ Reward ’ 。” Xiaocai said that new fans are often confused by these "rewards", and the old fritters can see the tricks at a glance. "Take the coffee shop advertisement as an example. The promise is 10 coffee shops, 10 Starbucks or 10 coffee shops that you can’t name. There is a big difference. This kind of commitment is simply vague. After the fans sold the coolies, they found that it was different from what they thought in advance, and there was no place to say it. "


  Help the stars brush the list, fans are suspected of breaking the law.

  "Internet idolize has evolved into a stage full of deception and profit-seeking, which is not the same as the idolize we used to know." Zhu Wei, deputy director of the Communication Law Research Center of China University of Political Science and Law, said in an interview with Beijing Evening News that, taking the flower incident as an example, according to the provisions of the Consumer Protection Law, online shopping goods have no reason to return within 7 days, while digital goods, such as audio-visual products and software, are generally not included. "Virtual flowers belong to what goods? There is no clear law about whether it is reasonable to return it for 7 days, or whether it is similar to software. The platform should be stated in the user agreement, and consumers should be clearly informed in advance whether they can retreat. "

  Zhu Wei thinks it is very difficult for users to get back the prepaid membership money after the automatic ranking software stops serving: "It is illegal to brush the list, not only the operator is illegal, but also the participants are illegal. In this case, the illegal income of the operator should be collected, and it is difficult for participants to claim a refund."

  As for the practice that fans use labor to exchange resources for idols, Zhu Wei bluntly said that this is no longer a normal consumption behavior, and the identity of fans is no longer a consumer, which is very risky. "This does not constitute a contract, there is no clear consideration, and it is working for others and others are not aware of it. Whether the operators have relevant abilities and qualifications is often unknown. Whether these unilateral commitments are fulfilled or not, and there is no way to measure them. Don’t do this kind of exchange under the guise of giving aid to idols. This is likely to be fraud or even fraud. "

  Quick comment

  Stars rely on marketing, which is a social disease.

  "The power of Chinese idols has made many people see the huge business opportunities, and it is easy to turn business opportunities into money." Zhu Wei said that the platform corner definitely welcomes fans to play the list. "It can not only improve the popularity of the platform, but also make a lot of money. Idols can also profit from it, because they generally have no works, and they can only increase their popularity through repeated activities. As for whether they can get the benefits of selling flowers from the platform, only fans don’t know. How many people who take the lead in crazy support are sent by idols to brainwash and circle money, and fans will not know. "

  "For the fan economy, the Internet industry is actually a contradictory attitude. On the one hand, fans can increase activity and increase income for the platform; On the other hand, intentional or unintentional, active and passive list brushing, water army and public relations behavior also make the industry hate it, because a good ecology needs a fair and equitable environment, but the reality is that a mouse has broken a pot of soup. When one person starts to brush the list, everyone starts to be forced to brush the list, and the whole ecology is broken. " Liu Xingliang, president of DCCI Internet Research Institute, believes that even at the expense of reducing the activity of the platform, such ecological destruction cannot be tolerated.

  Liu Xingliang introduced that in such a list-brushing game, many ash production companies in the industry earned a lot of money, such as selling trumpet, being a navy soldier and making automatic list-brushing software. "A large part of the money in the entire industrial chain has been earned by these companies, but what these companies do is meaningless or even harmful to the industry and society. The criteria for evaluating stars have also changed from works to well-done marketing and high energy of fans, which is the morbid state of the whole society. " (Reporter Bai Ge)