The movie "Hua Qiangu" released the "Stay with You" version trailer on January 20. It is difficult to choose between good and evil

A few days ago, starring Chen Turin and Li Chengbin, Mao Zijun starred in a special role, Lai Meiyun and Zhang Zining starred, Xu Muchan starred in a special friendship role, Chen Xiaodong and Zhang Li starred in a friendship role, and Jiang Yiming, Wang Xichao, Yang Yi, Xie Chengze, Xie Zichen and other co-starring Oriental fantasy film "Hua Qiangu" exposed the "Stay with You" version of the trailer. As a phenomenal hit IP, the release of many famous scenes in the trailer makes people dream back to the past, restarting the memory of this unparalleled love for the whole people. Hua Qiangu and Baizi paint immortals and demons in a special way, but they can’t love each other, and they can’t choose between good and evil. The film uses Oriental fantasy colors as a light painting style, re-presenting the strong theme of female growth, transformation and relief. After nine years of company, the audience is invited to join the long-term stay. The movie "Flower Qiangu" will be released nationwide on January 20.

Cultivating immortals and changing one’s life is fate or calamity, and it is destined to stay for a long time and rise again

The movie "Hua Qiangu" is adapted from Guoguo’s work "Hua Qiangu", which tells the story of the ancient times, when all the immortals worked together to annihilate the demon gods, and the power of the demon gods was sealed in the three major artifacts. After a thousand years, the evil thoughts of the world gathered, and the seal of the three major artifacts loosened. Once the power of the demon gods gathered, the six realms would be destroyed. The head of Changliu, Bai Zihua, summoned a group of immortal secret merchants with the intention of strengthening the seal. But all the forces of all parties competed for the artifact for their own selfish desires, which caused Bu Yuanding, the leader of the three artifacts, to erupt with deadly poison gas and slaughter the villagers. There was a girl in the village, Hua Qiangu, who had provoked the demons since she was a child, and the flowers and plants withered wherever she dripped She was the only one who survived the village slaughter, and those who didn’t know it thought that she had invited the natural disaster and chased after her. Hua Qiangu went to stay for a long time in her life, trying to change her fate through immortal cultivation. But who knew that Hua Qiangu was not only involved in the battle for the artifact, but also found out that she was the real body of the demon god. Fortunately, Bai Zihua saw that her nature was pure and kind, and taught her personally. However, in order to welcome the arrival of the demon god, the mastermind behind the scenes set up a plan to lure Hua Qiangu to gather the artifact, causing the lives to be ruined… In the face of the murder of her lover, the departure of her loved ones, and the annihilation of Hua Qiangu by pain and resentment, how should she choose this time

In the latest trailer released today (January 4), Hua Qiangu, who has the real body of the demon god, was misunderstood by the world and fled all the way to long stay, but she asked to no longer be displaced in the chaotic times and have a place to live. Bai Zi Hua accepted her as a disciple, and the destined fetters of the two have been intertwined since then. However, creation has tricked people, and Hua Qiangu’s demon god power has gradually been stimulated. In order to protect the common people and rescue his apprentice from being hurt by the demon god’s power, Bai Zi Hua decided to use his thousand-year cultivation base to give it a go. Even so, he still couldn’t get Hua Qiangu out of the fate of being pierced by the soul-destroying nail. The injustice of the world made Hua Qiangu cry unwillingly to fate, and finally woke up the demon god to return to the world. At the end of the trailer, the seriously injured white painting picked up his sword and looked at the powerful demon god with his eyes like torches. How would the ending be?

It is difficult to choose between good and evil, and join hands to go to the nine-year covenant

The identities of Hua Qiangu and Baizi Hua Fairy and Demon were born into opposition, and they couldn’t love each other. Baizi Hua knew that Hua Qiangu was burdened with too many misunderstandings from the world, and from the moment he saved Hua Qiangu, the tribulation of their love began. Love sprouted between the day and night of the master and the disciple’s relationship and thoughts, but the injustice of fate and the hatred of the world eventually pushed the two to the end of their lives. In order to save the master, Hua Qiangu was injured by an arrow, but in exchange for the sword stab of the beloved person, the sword of broken thoughts symbolizing the friendship between the master and the disciple was finally broken. Flower Qiangu, the demon god, stood proudly in the world, opened the revenge mode of divine power, and completely stimulated the conflict and broke with the world. Bai Zi painting in order to end the calamity to risk, even if he for Hua Qiangui block the anger of the world, but the opposition between good and evil they ultimately hard to choose.

As a phenomenon-level hit IP, from the novel to the drama, to the current movie, the fatalistic sadomasochism between the two has been deeply concerned by IP fans, and it can still ignite the enthusiasm of IP fans after nine years. Hua Qiangu’s love is hard to hide being deeply corroded by the pool of unfeeling water, and famous scenes such as Bai Zi’s painting of being punished by immortals to protect her life make people dream back to the past, restarting the memory of the whole people for this unparalleled love. The film’s unswerving and reckless emotional interpretation of the two is exciting. From the slender girl to the peerless demon god, from "I wish, I ask" to "I dare, I can", the film gives a hearty and colorful writing of Hua Qiangu’s fate transformation.

The entire film was filmed in Guangxi, which not only integrated the beautiful natural scenery of Guangxi into the film, but also skillfully integrated world-class cultural heritage Huashan rock paintings and national intangible cultural heritage Nuo opera into the plot at multiple levels and perspectives, enhancing the influence and dissemination of Chinese civilization in a way that "moisturizes things and is silent".

The movie "Hua Qiangu" is produced by Tang Lijun as producer, Li Jinwen as producer, Zhang Chaoli as director, Zhu Yuhan as screenwriter, Zhang Wenbao as director of photography, Guo Yongren as action director, Li Zhou as director of modeling, Wang Jingjing as art director, A Kun as music director, Lin Aner as editing director, the film will be officially released on January 20, so stay tuned for this romantic fantasy love story.

Today’s football: Paris Saint-Germain vs Montpellier Jiafu Fenglin vs Kumamoto Crimson.

Paris saint germain vs Montpellier

Recent situation of Paris Saint-Germain:Paris Saint-Germain scored 6 wins, 3 draws and 1 loss in 10 rounds this season, with 21 points temporarily ranked second. Paris Saint-Germain tied for the most goals and conceded the second least in the first 10 rounds of Ligue 1 this season. The two sides have played in Ligue 1 for nearly 10 times, and Paris Saint-Germain has scored 9 wins and 1 loss. Recently, it has scored 8 consecutive games and scored at least 2 goals per game.

Last season, we won Paris Saint-Germain with a score of 5-2 at home. In the last round of Ligue 1, we won the middle and lower reaches team brest with a score of 3-2 away. We scored four consecutive goals in all competitions and scored three goals in each game. Previously, all the competitions scored four consecutive points at home, and conceded 12-0, including Ligue 1 winning Marseille 4-0.

Recent situation in Montpellier:Montpellier has scored 4 wins, 3 draws and 3 losses in 10 rounds of this season, ranking sixth with 15 points. Montpellier scored the third most goals in the first 10 rounds of Ligue 1 this season, averaging 1.9 goals per game. Montpellier striker Adams scored 7 goals in 10 appearances in Ligue 1 this season, ranking second in the top spot. Montpellier won Toulouse, the middle and lower reaches team, with a score of 3-0 at home in the last round of Ligue 1. While winning 3 wins and 1 loss in the last four rounds, Montpellier won 3 wins and 2 draws in the last six rounds, but failed to win only one game. Montpellier scored at least three goals in three times in the last four rounds of Ligue 1, but his opponents were generally not strong. Montpellier lost 0-2 to Nantes, the middle and lower reaches team, in the last Ligue 1 away game, and failed to win the tournament for the first time in nearly three away games.

This game: At the home of Paris Saint-Germain, the team has scored consecutive points against Paris Saint-Germain in the last three times. Personally, I think Paris Saint-Germain is expected to score all three points.

Jiafu fenglin vs Kumamoto crimson

Recent situation of Jiafu Fenglin:Jiafu Fenglin failed to win only one of the last 11 races, but as many as six games were tied. Jiafu Fenglin’s ability to have the ball at home in the first half has improved a lot, with as many as 9 games at home in nearly 10 races. In recent years, Jiafu Fenglin failed to win Kumamoto Crimson in only one of the 10 meetings, and achieved 5 wins and 4 draws in the rest. Jiafu Fenglin failed to win only one of the last 10 events, and the rest achieved 4 wins and 5 draws. Jiafu Fenglin’s recent ball path is too small, and he has played a small ball with his opponent for three consecutive games. Jiafu Fenglin’s home defense lags behind a lot. Only one of the last 10 matches won the game at home, and the home conceded goal rate of 1.6 per game is very high in Japan.

Recent situation of Kumamoto crimson:Kumamoto’s crimson ability has improved obviously, and all the league games have scored goals in the past 10 games. Kumamoto Crimson’s recent away performance has improved a lot. In the past four leagues, he won three away games, while the previous six away games failed to win the games. Kumamoto Crimson’s recent ball path is too big, and he has played a big ball with his opponent for three consecutive games. Kumamoto Crimson failed to win 6 of the last 10 events, and achieved 1 draw and 5 losses. Kumamoto Crimson’s away game against Jiafu Fenglin is at a great disadvantage. In the history, the eight leagues only scored 2 draws and 6 losses, and the team failed to win the game.

This field: Personally, I think Kumamoto Crimson has great hope of winning this round of competition.