Looking forward to the new easy square concept car to improve safety redundancy

  Recently, a brand-new concept car was officially released. The new car is based on the design of steering column and brake caliper, aiming at achieving a higher level of safety redundancy. Let’s see what’s special about this car.

Looking forward to the new easy square concept car to improve safety redundancy

  It can be seen that this concept car is based on looking up at U8. But what it actually wants to convey to us is a brand-new security technology. Compared with the traditional car, it has neither steering column nor brake caliper, but it can turn, turn around and brake.

  So how does it achieve these functions?

Looking forward to the new easy square concept car to improve safety redundancy

  As we all know, the steering angle of the steering wheel is controlled by the steering gear and the tie rod when the conventional vehicle is steering, so as to realize the steering of the vehicle. Looking up at this easy-to-square concept car, the required steering angle is calculated according to the driver’s steering intention, and different torques are applied to the left and right front wheels to deflect the steering tie rod and realize wheel steering. Through the fusion control of rear axle differential and front axle differential, the vehicle stability during steering is realized.

Looking forward to the new easy square concept car to improve safety redundancy

  And at this stage, relying on the powerful motor, the average steering control error of this concept car is less than 3%, which is not much different from the traditional mechanical steering control experience. In addition, through the fusion control of rear axle differential and front axle differential, the vehicle stability during steering can be realized. Therefore, in some emergency steering situations, the stability close to the traditional steering can be achieved.

  The principle is actually very simple, but in the whole steering process, it is necessary to control the four-quadrant torque of the steering wheel more finely, so as to realize the accurate control of vehicle drive, steering wheel angle and vehicle yaw angle, and the technical difficulty is actually very high. And in order to enable users to continue the operation logic of conventional vehicles when using differential steering technology, it is also necessary to optimize the steering operation experience of the whole vehicle for many times.

Looking forward to the new easy square concept car to improve safety redundancy

  The traditional braking method is to push the friction plate to clamp the brake disc through the hydraulic cylinder to generate friction torque and realize braking. Looking up at the concept car, the braking is realized by controlling four driving motors to generate electromagnetic resistance torque by reverse dragging.

Looking forward to the new easy square concept car to improve safety redundancy

  Easy Sifang has four high-power motors with peak power of 220-240kW, which is the basis for its calipers-free braking. Relying on these four powerful and independent motors, the maximum braking deceleration of 1.0g can be achieved, and the maximum friction force between each tire and the ground can be accurately calculated, the braking torque of four wheels can be distributed in real time, and the optimal slip rate of tires can be accurately controlled to keep the vehicle with the best braking performance. In addition, the response speed of this innovative braking system only needs 20 milliseconds, far exceeding the industry level of hydraulic braking of 200 milliseconds.

  Some people may ask, what is the significance of braking and steering without relying on mechanical structure for a car? First of all, this technology can play a great role in the small probability emergency when the braking system or steering system of the vehicle fails to work, helping the driver to realize the deceleration braking and turning of the vehicle and avoid accidents. Don’t underestimate these small probability events, which may cause extremely serious consequences.

  Looking up, I think that since I want to build a high-end, I need these security redundancies. In any case, we should praise the behavior of broadening the safety boundary of the whole vehicle and pushing the safety of the vehicle to a new height. The appearance of this concept car not only gives the automobile industry a new idea in safety, but also creates a new direction of integrated control of chassis and power technology, which provides more possibilities for automobile development.

Book six people and five people can’t enter the store? Online celebrity chain store is accused of overlord clause


  Have you ever had to wait in line for dinner, and people can’t go in to eat if they don’t arrive regularly? Recently, Xiaoyun, a netizen in Chengdu, encountered such a wonderful thing when friends were waiting in line for dinner. There are 6 people in the row, but because there are only 5 people present, the store said that they can’t enter the door, and they must be here to eat. Xiaoyun felt unreasonable. "This is simply the overlord clause!"

  Huaxi Dushi Bao-cover journalist found that the store’s practice is not a case. In response to this matter, lawyers believe that "this requirement of merchants is obviously unreasonable, and consumers can complain to the Consumers Association or industry and commerce."

  Netizen’s complaint: people who line up to eat can only enter the venue when they arrive.

  On March 22nd, Xiaoyun made an appointment with some friends to eat skewers after work, and the place was Xiaoyuejun liver skewers in the fifth district of the steel pipe factory in Chengdu Zongfu Road. Because she was working nearby, Xiaoyun hurried to the string store to wait in line after work, and got the "big table C2".

  "There are often many people waiting in line in this store, so I want to come early and line up first, and I can start eating immediately when several other friends arrive." Xiaoyun told the reporter, "I ordered five people when I ranked the number, and then I added one person, a total of six people. But when five of us had arrived, we were told by the staff of the store, ‘ People can’t enter the venue until they are all here ’ 。”

  Xiaoyun’s queuing receipt for reporters also clearly stated that those who take the B number must be at least 4 people, those who take the C number must be at least 6 people, and those who take the D number must be at least 8 people. But Xiaoyun felt unreasonable. "This is simply the overlord clause!"

  On-site visit: you can’t sit at a table when you have a table.

  On March 26, the reporter went to Xiaoyuejun’s liver in the fifth district of the steel pipe factory, located at 54 Huaxing main street, to string incense. At this time, it is already more than 6 o’clock in the afternoon, which is at the peak of work. The equal benches have been placed at the door of the shop, but no one has come to line up yet. In the store, there are already customers eating.

  Subsequently, the reporter asked the merchant as a customer: "Is there a place for six people to eat now?" However, I was told by the merchant that there is an empty table now, but I can’t enter the store because I am not here.

  The staff responsible for numbering at the door handed the reporter an equal receipt and said, "Let me know when everyone is here."

  The small ticket shows that there is still a table waiting in front. The staff member told the reporter: "None of them are here. The big table is too tight to occupy a seat. It takes at least four people to get in. Anyway, whoever gets here first will go first. "

  Store response: improve the utilization rate of tables and shorten the queuing time

  Why do chain stores have such regulations? A few days ago, the reporter met the person in charge of the store’s surname Xu.

  As for "people can’t enter the store until they are here", Manager Xu explained that this is to improve the utilization rate of tables and tables and the seating rate of guests, and at the same time shorten the waiting time of guests.

  "From the perspective of the catering format, the queuing time on our side is relatively concentrated, and some tables, especially middle tables and large tables, are relatively few. For example, some guests only have two guests. They occupy the table and don’t order, or their friends are not here, while other guests have already arrived, so they have to wait outside. This can’t turn the table, and the guests outside are also very anxious. "

  When the reporter asked, is such a request reasonable? Manager Xu bluntly said: "We are not the only one in this regulation, and so are some hot pot restaurants nearby."

  According to the industry, it is not a common phenomenon to avoid "occupying a table without spending"

  The reporter visited and found that it is not a case to string incense like Xiaoyuejun’s liver in the fifth district of the steel pipe factory. Through online search, it was found that netizens from Shenzhen, Hangzhou and other places also spoke out that "there has been such an experience that people can’t enter the store until they arrive."

  "This kind of situation is still rare, and it only appears in some restaurants with many people waiting in line and very hot." Yang Hang, a person in Chengdu catering industry, thinks that the requirement that "people can’t enter the venue until they are together" is actually a helpless choice for businesses. Yang Hang told reporters: "Because some very hot restaurants will have guests ‘ Placeholder ’ ‘ Occupy the table without spending ’ The phenomenon, even the equal guests will have a dispute. In the face of such a situation, the most important thing is that businesses and customers should communicate well in advance and fulfill their obligation to inform. "

  Some insiders also told reporters that the requirement of merchants is to maximize the passenger flow and income during business hours. "Sometimes there will be cases where guests and others don’t order or three or four people occupy a big table, which will reduce the turnover rate and passenger flow of restaurants." Law/teacher/view/point

  It is unreasonable for businesses to restrict consumer rights.

  "Whether it is from the consumption habits of the industry or the Consumer Protection Law, it is wrong for businesses to do so." Chen Fengfeng, a lawyer of Yingji Law Firm, told the reporter, "Even if only one of the six people comes, consumers can enter the store. And the merchant proposed ‘ You can’t enter the store until everyone is here ’ The requirements are unfair transactions agreed by themselves, which limits consumers’ consumption rights. "

  Luo Ping, a lawyer of Sichuan Xuxing Law Firm, also believes that "this requirement of merchants is obviously unreasonable, and consumers can complain." According to Article 16 of the Law on the Protection of Consumers’ Rights and Interests, operators should abide by social ethics and operate in good faith to protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers when providing commodities or services to consumers. Unfair and unreasonable trading conditions shall not be set, and trading shall not be forced.

  "If unreasonable and unfair regulations are imposed on merchants, and additional conditions are unilaterally added to normal consumption activities, which affects consumers’ normal consumption activities, you can call 12315 Consumers Association to complain or directly complain to the local industrial and commercial department." Luo Ping said.