After the release of Xiaomi SU7, many netizens don’t understand why Xiaomi can build a car in three years! Lei Jun: Xiaomi has accumulated 14 years of experience in intellectual creation.

Fast technology news on April 18, this afternoon, Lei Jun started the live broadcast and talked with netizens about Xiaomi car.

Lei Jun said in the live broadcast that after the release of Xiaomi Automobile,Some people on the Internet don’t understand that it took Xiaomi Auto only three years to build a car, which is much faster than the industry average.

In this regard, Lei Jun introduced,Xiaomi has been established for 14 years. Behind the car built by Xiaomi Automobile for 3 years is the 14 years’ experience and technology accumulation of Xiaomi Group.

In addition, some time ago, Tamia Liu, CEO of Zhiji Automobile, also issued a document saying that Xiaomi Automobile started to produce the first complete vehicle from the platform in three years, and began to do research and development from the original platform, and it took 2-3 years to test and verify the complicated complete vehicle and parts.

It doesn’t seem to be enough to optimize it at will. Who knows how to achieve such high efficiency and speed?

Lei Jun also explained that Xiaomi has 14 years of experience and accumulation in starting a business, and has set up a very reliable R&D team.Now there are about three or four thousand engineers, of whom at least one thousand are experts. These experts help Xiaomi avoid many detours.

Moreover, the industrial chain in China has a good foundation, and it is perfect to be an intelligent electric vehicle. Therefore, if we don’t take detours and get the first car out in three years, there is a chance.

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Giant screen+long battery life can have both! Vivo X Fold did it.

Now, are you confident about your mobile phone life? I believe that most people can’t find the best solution when they encounter the battery life problem, and the author is the same, and he is a little weak when the opposite battery life is getting shorter and shorter.

So does the screen conference affect battery life? Will strong performance affect battery life? Conservatively speaking, these can be used as factors affecting battery life, but they are not the most important.

For example, in recent years, the folding screen mobile phone has exploded in the market, and all manufacturers regard it as the flagship product to show cutting-edge technology. Then, the power consumption of a mobile phone with two screens must be higher than that of one screen.

Next, the author takes the latest X Fold released by vivo as an example to discuss the relationship between big screen and battery life.

The folding screen must consume a lot of power?

First of all, we must be sure that the bigger the screen will really affect the battery life. Whether it is a large-screen mobile phone or a folding screen mobile phone, compared with a small-screen mobile phone of the same specification, the battery life performance must be unsatisfactory.

Even so, the big screen business flagship and folding screen flagship are still the key targets among manufacturers. Since the larger the screen size is, the better, it is an urgent problem for manufacturers to save electricity in the original large screen.

Giant screen+long battery life can have both! Vivo X Fold did it.

In order to extend the battery life of mobile phones, manufacturers are also racking their brains. It is precisely because of this that the LTPO technology has been promoted, so that everyone can enjoy the high screen brush and reduce the power consumption of the screen. vivo X Fold is the world’s first 120Hz internal and external adaptive refreshing E5 folding screen, which can meet the needs of most users for screen display.

Giant screen+long battery life can have both! Vivo X Fold did it.

LTPO, also known as low-temperature polysilicon and oxide hybrid TFT driving technology, is a technology applied to OLED panel driving circuit. It combines the advantages of two mainstream driving circuits IGZO and LTPS.

By reducing the energy consumption of excited pixels, it is used to reduce the power consumption of screen display. After combining the advantages of LTPS and IGZO.

LTPO retains the advantages of ultra-high electron mobility, faster reaction speed, lower power consumption, etc., and can bring a more lasting battery life experience on the basis of the current resolution of 5G, high brush and even 2K.

In addition to improving the screen function, vivo X Fold has also brought many upgrades to the battery.

Vivo X Fold is equipped with a 4600mAh large-capacity battery, which is composed of two independent batteries of 4.48V-3C system connected in series. The energy density of the system is 4.48V, and the battery capacity is larger in a smaller volume space.

According to the official introduction, vivo X Fold can realize 20.55 hours of continuous calls.The 12-hour video conference and 8-hour game play can basically meet the needs of heavy use for one day.

Measured endurance of 4600mAh

In order to give you a comprehensive understanding of the endurance of vivo X Fold, we selected seven most common scenarios and conducted a five-hour heavy endurance test. Let’s take a look.

Watch the iQiyi video: play the video with 1080P resolution for 45 minutes in full screen;

Brush vibrato short video: slide video browsing on the video interface for 50 minutes in total.

QQ chat: 20 minutes of text chat; 15 minutes of voice chat and 15 minutes of video chat, totaling 50 minutes.

Brush Weibo: Enter the list page and slide for 45 minutes.

Camera recording: record 1080P 30 frames of video for 15 minutes; By default, the main camera takes 15 minutes, totaling 30 minutes.

Play the glory of the king: The battle mode is "actual combat confrontation" and the map is King Canyon 5V5. The test lasts for 60 minutes.

Brush mobile phone Taobao: enter Taobao homepage and slide for 20 minutes. 

Giant screen+long battery life can have both! Vivo X Fold did it.

From the results, the power of vivo X Fold is 43% after 5 hours of testing, which is completely acceptable considering the influence of super-large internal screen on power consumption.

Especially in the video playback part, in the case of using the internal screen to watch, the power consumption for 45 minutes is only 6%. Combined with the full scene fast charging configuration of vivo X Fold, I believe that endurance anxiety will not be a problem that bothers you.

In addition, in view of the unique large-screen properties of vivo X Fold, we also conducted a 3-hour navigation test for it. The screen brightness was manually adjusted to the highest brightness, and 120Hz adaptive refresh was turned on.

Through the test, the remaining power of vivo X Fold is 15%, and the three-hour navigation consumes 28% of the power. It can be seen that when we turn on the GPS, the power requirements for the mobile phone are still very high.

Giant screen+long battery life can have both! Vivo X Fold did it.

During the test, we strictly classified the test items according to our daily habits, such as Tik Tok, QQ, Weibo, Taobao, etc. We used the external screen for the test, while we used the larger internal screen for the tests such as iQiyi, cameras and games.

The test results are also obvious, and the screen size has little effect on the power consumption of the mobile phone. Such a strong endurance is not only due to its excellent battery management system, but also the key to its long battery life is to strictly control the power consumption of the fuselage.

The author has something to say:

Nowadays, the big-screen mobile phone has become the flagship standard, and it is difficult to avoid problems in battery life and charging when you get the convenience brought by the big screen. What we need to do is not passively wait for the manufacturer to change the mobile phone, but we need to fully understand a product when choosing a mobile phone.

Giant screen+long battery life can have both! Vivo X Fold did it.

Through the actual test of the endurance of vivo X Fold, I believe everyone has a basic understanding of the endurance of this mobile phone. For a folding screen mobile phone, the endurance of vivo X Fold has far exceeded that of competing products at the same level, and its comprehensive endurance is excellent.

Long endurance performance can meet the needs of everyone in various scenarios. Today, the folding screen market is hot, and the long endurance performance of vivo X Fold will help it better stand out among competing products at the same level!