A new force on university campus: the "post-00" schoolmasters attack.

  At present, colleges and universities have started classes one after another. This year’s freshmen are mostly children born in 1997 and 1998, and in addition, there are a few "post-00" figures. This group of "primary school tyrants" broke into the campus and took the lead in competing with the "post-90 s". Some of them entered school at the age of 4, some attended middle school at the age of 7, and some were repeat students in ideal universities. Immature face, shy smile, curious eyes … … All reveal their full expectations for future college life!

  The most independent "after 00":

  I hope to be a big tree at home

  Freshmen from the School of Chemical Engineering of Northwest University in pucheng county — — Dang Ming Fei, a 16-year-old boy, came to report for duty alone. Considering that his parents were busy taking care of the farmland, he decided to report to the school alone. "However, an elder sister from Xida University who met online and went to the same school in high school helped me a lot and took me through the first busy day of reporting."

  Dang Ming Fei’s parents couldn’t spare more time to take care of him because of the busy farming. Xiaoming Fei was sent to primary school at the age of 4. "My parents let me do farm work since I was a child, and let me taste the hard work of eating by labor." Dang Ming Fei said that it was this that inspired him to study hard, get into a good university and get out of the countryside. My brother and sister at home are also very disappointing and set an example for him — — The twin brother has just been admitted to China Shiyou University (East China) this year, and the elder sister has just graduated from university.

  Asked about his initial impression of Xida University, Dang Ming Fei described the quaint North Campus as "full of atmosphere", and he was particularly satisfied with the newly renovated dormitory.

  As one of the 16 "post-00 generation" among the 3380 freshmen of West University, Dang Ming Fei feels very lucky. In his understanding, the "advantage" of age gives him more time to work hard, grow up and become a big tree at home as soon as possible.

  Minimum "after 00":

  Become a knowledgeable person

  He is 1.7 meters tall, wears a pair of black-rimmed glasses, speaks slowly, and has a serious look … When his peers are about to face the senior high school entrance examination, Fu Yao, born in 2002, has been standing on the university playground for military training. It is understood that among the more than 5,200 freshmen of 2016 in Northwest A&F University, there are 34 "post-00" college students, the youngest of whom is Fu Yao, who is 14 years old.

  It took only one and a half years for Fuyao Primary School to pass the exam and enter junior high school at the age of seven. Last year, at the age of 13, he took the college entrance examination for the first time and scored 502 points, 22 points higher than the first line; I got 553 points in the second college entrance examination this year and was admitted to the Forestry Engineering Department of Forestry College of Northwest A&F University.

  Fu Yao’s roommate said that he only saw a 14-year-old boy go to college on the news before, but I didn’t expect to live in a dormitory with such a "prodigy" now. I really admire him. These days, everyone talked about games and cartoons together and got along very well.

  Fu Yao, who is undergoing military training, said that military training is very hard, but he will try his best to overcome the difficulties, and he will not relax his requirements because of his young age. He will also perform military boxing at the ceremony and adapt to college life from military training.

  For the university life in the next four years, Fu Yao intends to study professional courses well, strive for the number of postgraduate places in the college, continue his studies, and become a knowledgeable person.

  The most cute "after 00":

  Determined to be a high-end scientific and technological talent

  A month ago, Kang Ximeng, who had just celebrated her 15th birthday, received the admission notice from the School of Life Sciences of Northwest University as she wished. Kang Ximeng, with short hair and a cute baby face, looks very cute. Kang Ximeng said that she started primary school at the age of 4, so she finished high school at the age of 15. Knowing that he was the youngest student admitted to West University this year, Kang Ximeng said that he didn’t want to make everyone feel different because of his age.

  Kang Ximeng said that the seeds of her fate with Xida have already been planted. When she was five or six years old, her mother once took a photo of Xiao Ximeng at the gate of Taibai Campus of Xida University, which is still kept at home. Ten years later, the slim girl took another photo in the same place, but she was still watching her big brothers and sisters go in and out. This time it was her own school.

  Unlike most freshmen, she has a clear plan for her future at a young age — — Graduate school. "I like biology in middle school and dream of being a scientist. I am very lucky to be admitted to the School of Life Sciences as I wish. " Kang Ximeng said that he had known his major before, and he studied many subjects and had heavy schoolwork. If he wanted to learn English well, he had to put in a lot of energy and hard work, and he also needed to cultivate a solid spirit of research and exploration, as well as the ability to analyze and solve problems and exercise his hands-on ability. "If you want to be a senior scientific talent in this field, you must further study, so I will study hard in these four years and strive for graduate school and doctoral studies." (Reporter Jiang Wei Intern Lu Weijia)