"The power station is the gas station for electric vehicles", why did Luo Yonghao bombard the oil truck?

  Luo Yonghao has made another famous statement!

  Recently, Luo Yonghao, founder of Smartisan, said bluntly in the live stream of Make a Friend: "Electric cars can be said to be the trend of the times. Now as long as you have experienced trams, it is unlikely that the next car will choose an oil car."

  If this had been said a few years ago, it might have received a lot of criticism, but now whether it is realistic or not, ask your friends who already drive the trolley around you.

  It can only be said that the arrival of the tram era is even faster than we imagined.

  The latest weekly sales rankings of the passenger car market also confirm this point: among the top ten models sold, new energy vehicles occupy nine seats, and only one traditional fuel vehicle barely ranks among them. This data undoubtedly announces the full arrival of the era of new energy vehicles, and the market share of traditional fuel vehicles is rapidly being eroded.

  At the same time, the increase in redemption users, the favor of electric vehicles is more obvious, new energy vehicles become an important driving factor for the increase in redemption market. Data show that in 2023, individual redemption users drove new car sales to 7.48 million, accounting for 34.2% of the overall retail scale, a growth rate of 16.9%; among them, the proportion of new energy vehicles in the increase in redemption market reached 36.2%, an increase of 49.5% year-on-year, the growth rate is much higher than the overall growth rate of the increase in redemption market.

  Electricity is farther than oil

  Resolve the last trace of anxiety

  The increase in the penetration rate of electric vehicles is largely due to the easing of consumer mileage anxiety. Throughout the entire industry, many car companies are working hard to solve mileage anxiety and improve the charging experience, mainly through three ways: one is to expand battery capacity; the second is to layout replacement; the third is to layout ultra-fast charging. Among them, NIO is the car company with the most replenishment methods and the most complete replenishment experience in China. In recent years, NIO has been building up the ante charging and replacement construction.

  So far, NIO has deployed 2,400 power stations, 3,753 charging stations and 21,828 charging piles, and connected 1,000,000 + three-way charging piles, connecting 75 routes including the Chuanqing-Dian three routes to Tibet, the Silk Road, the Kanas Line, the Duku Highway, the Western Sichuan Great Ring Road, the Hulunbuir Grassland Line, the Shenzhou Arctic Line, the Huaxia East Pole Line, and the Wanli Great Wall Line, and will complete 100 routes in 2024.

  NIO has proved through long-term practice that replacing electricity is more convenient than refueling.

  "A power station is a gas station for electric vehicles," Luo Yonghao said bluntly in the live stream. NIO now has nearly 2,400 power stations across the country and nearly 800 power stations on highways. NIO users can change electricity all the way from Harbin to Sanya. "There is no anxiety about [mileage] going far, and it feels as convenient as a gasoline car." As Luo Yonghao said.

  NIO charging and swapping network layout diagram

  With national policies guiding and encouraging the development of the power swap model, more and more friends have begun to enter the power swap field, preferring to cooperate with NIO. Since November last year, Changan Automobile, Geely Holdings, Chery Automobile and () have successively reached power swap cooperation with NIO. The national team of central enterprises and private enterprise giants have chosen to join the power swap camp, which means that power swap is expected to become the mainstream energy supplement model in the industry.

  In Luo Yonghao’s opinion, NIO power exchange allows users to enjoy four core values such as "how fast and saving":

  More: There are many power stations, with nearly 2,400 power stations across the country, solving users’ mileage anxiety.

  Fast: NIO power change only takes 3 minutes, and power change is as fast as refueling;

  Good: one-click automatic power change, no need to get off the bus for power change, continuous power loss, no fear of severe cold, good user experience;

  Province: Every power change is a battery health check, allowing users to rest assured.

  In addition to "how fast and how economical", Luo Yonghao also highlighted the advantages of "flexible upgrade" of NIO power stations in the live stream. He said that NIO users can "temporarily upgrade to a 150-degree battery" by changing electricity, which can run farther than most oil cars.

  This is not to brag. On December 17 last year, Li Bin, founder, chairperson and CEO of NIO, personally tested the battery life of NIO’s 150-degree battery pack in a self-driving ET7, and finally achieved a driving range of 1,044 kilometers, which not only achieved the strongest pure electric vehicle in the industry, but also made it possible to "electric than oil".

  A good time to replace the oil truck

  On March 13, the State Council issued the "Action Plan for Promoting Large-scale Equipment Renewal and Trade-in of Consumer Goods" (hereinafter referred to as the "Plan"), clearly stating that "promoting large-scale equipment renewal and trade-in of consumer goods is an important measure to accelerate the construction of a new development pattern and promote high-quality development." The "trade-in action" of automobiles as bulk consumer goods has been mentioned and paid attention to. The plan clearly states that it is necessary to "organize and carry out national automobile trade-in promotions, encourage automobile manufacturers and sales enterprises to carry out promotional activities, and guide orderly competition in the industry."

  In response to the "Trade-in Action for Consumer Goods", NIO launched a subsidy of up to 1 billion yuan for the replacement of oil vehicles in April, aiming to promote the renewal of old oil vehicles and bring real preferential benefits to consumers.

  NIO announced that it will introduce a maximum subsidy of 1 billion yuan for oil vehicle replacement. Oil vehicle users who replace NIO new cars will receive an additional 10,000 yuan in optional fund subsidies. NIO oil vehicle users who replace NIO can get up to 15,000 yuan in optional funds, a NIO Phone voucher worth 6,498 yuan, a power exchange voucher worth about 3,600 yuan, and a one-year NOP + (Global Pilot Assistance) worth 4,560 yuan.

  At the same time, if the replacement user uses the NIO battery rental plan to buy a car, he can also get a discount of 70,000/128,000 yuan on the car price, additional purchase tax reduction and battery rental service fee payment 4 get 1 free policy benefits. The minimum monthly battery rent is only 583 yuan, and the free replacement coupon will also be increased to 60 (worth about 6,000 yuan).

  According to industry insiders, as the first batch of car companies in the industry to respond to the policy call, the launch of NIO’s maximum 1 billion yuan oil vehicle replacement subsidy will further help the consumption growth of the automobile market and the market popularization of new energy vehicles.

  If you have plans to replace your gasoline car in the near future and just want to buy a high-end pure electric vehicle, NIO is a good choice.

  Smart + supplement double awesome

  BBA users accelerate their switch to NIO

  From the statistics point of view, in the high-end pure electricity market, NIO has obvious advantages. From January to February this year, NIO has a market share of 59.5% in the high-end pure electricity market above 300,000 yuan. From July to December 2023, in the market with an average transaction price of more than 300,000 yuan in Shanghai, NIO sales have surpassed BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Audi for 5 consecutive months, regardless of energy form.

  NIO’s advantage in the high-end pure electric market is mainly due to its leadership in product power and supplementary service experience. All NIO models are equipped with 4 Orin chips, with a computing power of 1016Tops, which has outstanding advantages in intelligent driving and cockpit experience. Some professionals said that the new energy automobile industry has entered the stage of intelligent arms race, which has put forward higher requirements for the intelligent hardware computing power of products. Most models with no more than 500Tops in computing power are prone to bottlenecks in intelligent driving experience.

  Based on the advantages of hardware pre-installation, NIO can bring continuous upgrades to the car experience for car owners. This year, the NIO Banyan · Rong 2.4.0 version brings more than 50 new and optimized functions, including the addition of 4D comfort pilot, GOA universal obstacle warning and assistance, omnidirectional AEB, NOMI full cabin memory, no wheat Karaoke, track mode and other blockbuster functions. In addition, NIO NOP + has covered 99% of prefecture-level cities and county-level cities, with a total of 726 cities and a usable mileage of 1.05 million kilometers. Global pilot assistance including highways, urban areas, power exchange, etc. will be fully pushed in the second quarter, and the end-side multi-modal large model NOMI GPT will also be launched soon.

  According to incomplete statistics, more than 50% of NIO’s existing users are replacement users, of which 30% are trade-in users. 48% of NIO’s replacement users are from BBA, and the proportion of some second-generation technology platform model users is as high as 56%. Combined with the current NIO subsidy policy, the proportion of BBA fuel vehicle users replacing NIO may increase.

  In fact, Luo Yonghao also had a sentence in the live broadcast, which is worth thinking about: "Send the oil trucks of the old world to the garbage heap of history!" Whether this sentence is exaggerated is unknown, but with the assistance of NIO, the best time for oil to turn to electricity may be now.