[Gathering Beautiful Anhui in the Net, Decisively Fighting Poverty] "The girl with the emblem of goods" brings a prosperous day.

  Zhongan Online and Zhongan News Client News In the Ming Dynasty, Wang Zhiluo, a Huizhou merchant, invested in the construction of the Shiban Road from Fucheng, Huizhou to Kaihua County, Zhejiang Province. This road is called Huikai Ancient Road. After thousands of years of rain, snow, wind and frost, the ancient road is still intact. In recent years, this charming ancient road has attracted the attention of many travelers, and with the rapid increase of the number of tourists, it has brought quiet changes to Lingjiao Village, Yucun Township, Xiuning County.

  The "prostitute" with goods is well known.

  Cheng Cailing, a villager, opened a farm house in Lingjiao in the village. Travelers who go hiking on the ancient Huikai Road usually choose this as the starting point for hiking. After a long time, the simple Cheng Cailing became friends with many donkey friends, who often asked her to help bring some authentic mountain products. Over time, Cheng Cailing became a famous "girl with a badge" in the local area. On September 24, the reporter came to Lingjiao Farmhouse, and happened to meet aunt Wang Qiaoxian and brother Wang Jiafeng, poor households, who came to the store with dried prunes and yam powder to ask Cheng Cailing to help with the goods.

  "Daughter", with a cordial address, 68-year-old Aunt Wang Qiaoxian talked with Cheng Cailing in the local dialect. After weighing, Cheng Cailing took out the account book and wrote it down. Looking through the account book, each piece of information represents each record of "taking goods". It can be said that this is a "diary of taking goods". It is understood that Aunt Wang Qiaoxian had undergone skull surgery and could not do heavy work. On weekdays, she planted some mountain products. Originally, there was no sales channel in the village, so she had to go a long way to the county to sell it, and sometimes it didn’t sell. Now, with Cheng Cailing’s help, we can not only sell it at home, but also sell it at a good price.

  The market price of ordinary vermicelli is around 7 yuan. The two kilograms of sweet potato vermicelli brought by Wang Jiafeng were sold by Cheng Cailing at the price of one kilogram of 25 yuan, and the demand was in short supply. The loofah made from three loofah vines at the door of poor households has sold for more than 800 yuan a year through Cheng Cailing. Since the delivery of goods in 2016, Cheng Cailing’s accumulated sales have reached more than 1.6 million yuan, driving poor households to increase their income by more than 200,000 yuan.

  On the first floor of Lingjiao Farmhouse, there is also a "selling point for agricultural products of poor households". On the counter, there are local specialties such as sweet potato vermicelli, dried bracken, dried bamboo shoots and ham, and on the ground, there are seasonal vegetables such as white gourd, loofah and farm pepper, which are sold to poor households for free.

  Take precautions and March into the live broadcast.

  Recently, Cheng Cailing often falls asleep at 1 o’clock at night. She told reporters that she has been learning and making progress in order to keep up with the times. "Look, this kudzu powder is brewed with 100-degree boiling water. After stirring, it will become a cool food with a little honey." A column of circular lights and three connected mobile phones, Cheng Cailing is doing a live broadcast of e-commerce.

  Guo Mibao, a sister-in-law, has been working outside the home. The year before last, she went back to her hometown to help her sister-in-law manage the agency in Wechat business. "My family opened a fan processing factory two years ago to help the villagers do OEM work." Although Cheng Cailing’s shop sells on behalf of others, everything that goes out through the shop is signed by the villagers, which is equivalent to a "quality guarantee form". If there is a quality complaint in the future, let the signer compensate the customer. "We must be responsible to the customer, and we must never be short of weight and ensure the quality."

  The things in the mountains are good, and it is even more important for the leaders to get rich to keep up with the times in time. "I am now helping my sister-in-law to do live broadcast, and also helping her to handle online orders. From June to September this year, the online e-commerce part has sales of 230,000. "

  Guo Mibao’s online order refers to the online trading platform for agricultural products built by Xiuning County itself. Li Xingbiao, the first secretary of the Party branch of Lingjiao Village and the captain of the poverty alleviation team, told the reporter, "This service center was built with 200,000 special funds for poverty alleviation in our village. If Cheng Cailing’s annual acquisition and sales can reach 1 million, it can be used free of rent." Next, Cheng Cailing plans to register her own sweet potato fan brand. "With the support of the local government, we will make our fan industry more standardized."

  Voluntary assistance to agriculture makes good people.

  Helping poor households to bring goods free of charge, strictly controlling quality and being honest, Cheng Cailing herself has successively won the honorary titles of "Top Ten Entrepreneurship Stars" in Xiuning County, "Women’s meritorious pacesetter" in Huangshan City, "Women’s meritorious pacesetter" in Anhui Province, "Good People in Huangshan Mountain", "Five Good Families in China" and "March 8th Red Flag Bearer" in Anhui Province.

  "I have a heavier responsibility on my shoulders now." Cheng Cailing told reporters that in order to improve her ability, she constantly tried new forms of e-commerce live broadcast. Due to the large amount of goods, Lingjiao Village, which was originally not available for express delivery, also settled in several express delivery sites.

  With the help of the government, Cheng Cailing expanded the scale. "The government supports me so much, and the villagers trust me so much. I can’t slack off. I must keep working hard to sell more high-quality agricultural products for the villagers." (Reporter Zhang Yizhen, Liu Yuxin, Wang Binbin)

Products sold by Cheng Cailing

Cheng Cai ling de happy farmhouse

Cheng Cailing is bringing goods live.

Three loofah vines in front of Cheng Qumin’s house

Aunt Wang Qiaoxian and Brother Wang Jiafeng, poor households, asked Cheng Cailing to help with the goods.

Direct hit recovery pain point lead battery utilization has a target responsibility system.

  China is a big producer and user of lead-acid batteries, and the output of lead-acid batteries accounts for more than 40% of the world’s total output. At present, despite the rapid development of lithium batteries and hydrogen batteries, lead-acid batteries are still widely used in transportation, communication, energy storage, logistics and other industries because of their stable performance, safe use and high cost performance. Zhang Tianren, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Tianneng Group, told the Science and Technology Daily reporter that with the improvement of environmental protection and industry access, at present, the pollution source of lead-acid batteries has shifted from production to recycling and regeneration.

  The Interim Measures for the Management of Lead-acid Battery Recycling (Draft for Comment) (hereinafter referred to as the "Measures") drafted by the National Development and Reform Commission, etc., is precisely to grasp the weakest link in the prevention and control of lead-acid battery pollution throughout its life cycle, and requires that the standardized recovery rate should reach over 60% by the end of 2025.

  "Underground industrial chain" recycling accounts for 70%

  With the continuous exploitation of lead ore resources in China, there are not many primary lead reserves, which can no longer meet the domestic industrial demand for lead. The data shows that in 2018, China’s refined lead production was about 5.25 million tons, accounting for about 44% of the global lead production. Among them, there are about 3 million tons of primary lead and 2.25 million tons of recycled lead. At this development rate, China’s lead ore resources will be basically mined after 10 years. If the recycling of waste lead-acid batteries and lead-containing wastes is not accelerated, there will be a serious shortage of lead resources in China.

  Zhang Tianren said that the environmental pollution of lead-acid batteries in the manufacturing process can be prevented, cured and controlled, but the pollution situation in illegal recycling and disposal is serious. Some small business hawkers buy illegally in the streets and lanes. After simple crushing, they sell lead plates to unqualified small workshops and small smelters. Small smelters lack or even have no environmental protection facilities, and they can be smelted with just one pot; Batteries are disassembled at will, acid liquid is dumped at will, lead dust is discharged at will, and lead slag is disposed at will.

  According to incomplete statistics, about 198 million lead-acid batteries weighing more than 5 million tons are scrapped every year, of which only 30% are recycled through formal channels and standardized smelting, while 70% are recycled through "underground industrial chain". In China, more than 300,000 tons of lead-containing waste acid are directly dumped due to illegal recycling every year, which seriously pollutes the environment.

  In order to solve the problem of illegal purchase by small traders and hawkers, the Measures put forward the "ledger system and big data management", that is, the electronic ledger system for key nodes in the whole life cycle of lead-acid batteries is implemented, and lead-acid battery production (import), sales, collection, storage, transportation and resource utilization enterprises should establish ledgers as required to record the types, quantities, flow directions and other information of waste lead-acid batteries; Enterprises such as lead battery production (import), sales and resource utilization record electronic ledger information, and upload the last quarter ledger information to the lead battery life cycle management information system within the first 15 days of each quarter.

  Zheng Qiuhua, general manager of Guangdong Lvxun Energy Technology Co., Ltd., said that this enables the collection of each waste lead-acid battery to achieve the purpose of "traceability, quantity and responsibility", thus improving the standardized recovery rate of waste lead-acid batteries and reducing the risk of environmental pollution.

  Solve "difficulties" such as trans-provincial transshipment and network construction.

  "Supporting large-scale backbone lead-acid battery manufacturers to establish a standardized recycling system and bringing the recycling and disposal of used batteries into a standardized track will help protect the ecological environment." Zhang Tianren explained that there are three main difficulties in building a recycling system. First of all, it is difficult to transport lead-acid batteries across provinces. As waste lead-acid batteries are classified as hazardous waste, a hazardous waste transfer form must be filled in when transferring them across provinces. Generally speaking, even if the approval procedures are smooth, it will take about 3 months; Secondly, it is difficult to build outlets. According to the requirements of relevant national laws and regulations, it takes more than half a year to engage in the recycling business of used lead-acid batteries, and the procedures are complicated. It is also necessary to build a standardized recycling company in each prefecture-level city, which is costly. There is also a shortcoming in finance and taxation. Recycling enterprises disperse recycling from individuals or outlets. It is impossible for individuals to issue VAT invoices to recycling enterprises. However, when selling waste batteries to regular recycling enterprises, 17% VAT invoices are required, which is too expensive. Small business hawkers sell to small smelters through invoice-free transactions, and the cost is greatly reduced. "This is the main reason why regular enterprises can’t collect used batteries or buy them at a loss."

  The "Measures" propose that the undamaged waste lead batteries with intact tamper-proof labels should be conditionally exempted from hazardous waste management in collection, temporary storage, storage and transportation; If there is no tamper-proof mark, the tamper-proof mark is incomplete or damaged, it shall be managed as hazardous waste.

  "In the past, even the waste lead-acid batteries with complete packaging and no damage had to be transported by special vehicles for hazardous chemicals logistics, and the price of special vehicles for hazardous chemicals logistics was more than twice that of ordinary logistics transport vehicles." Zhang Tianren said that the differentiated management of the Measures has greatly reduced various procedures for formal recycling enterprises, reduced their operating costs and improved their market competitiveness.

  The Measures also put forward "joint recycling", that is, encourage lead battery manufacturers, sales enterprises, standardized recycling enterprises, resource utilization enterprises and harmless disposal enterprises to strengthen cooperation and jointly build a recycling network system for waste lead batteries; Encourage production enterprises to establish a reverse recovery network system of used lead batteries by relying on motor vehicle maintenance outlets and battery sales networks, and encourage production enterprises to adopt business strategies such as "trade-in" and "sell one for another" to improve the reverse recovery rate.

  Zheng Qiuhua said that countries such as Europe and the United States have started collecting and utilizing waste lead-acid batteries earlier, and have more standardized recycling systems and policies. If the United States implements the deposit system, users need to add a high recovery deposit when purchasing lead-acid batteries, forcing users to hand over scrapped lead-acid batteries to designated recovery points for recycling, otherwise the deposit will not be refunded; German law requires manufacturers of lead-acid batteries to sell and collect waste lead-acid batteries in a "one-for-one" way, otherwise the sales of lead-acid batteries will be prohibited. The "Measures" also absorbed foreign advanced experience and narrowed the gap between domestic and foreign countries in regulating recycling and recycling.

  Improve the punishment mechanism to prevent "resurgence"

  Waste lead batteries contain 65% lead plate, 20% sulfuric acid, 15% plastic and other auxiliary materials. The lead recovery rate of waste lead storage batteries in developed countries is over 98%, and that of large-scale recycled lead enterprises in China is generally over 90%, and some recycled lead enterprises adopting international technology and equipment even reach 99.9%. However, the process of small workshops and smelters is backward, and the lead recovery rate is less than 70%. Even if the recovery rate is 90%, the annual lead loss caused by small smelters is about 700,000 tons. Moreover, the cost of obtaining resources through regeneration is much lower than the cost of obtaining resources directly from smelting and processing of ores and raw materials.

  In order to combat and put an end to illegal recycling and recycling, the Measures stipulate that units and individuals engaged in the sale, collection, storage, transportation and resource utilization of lead-acid batteries without obtaining industrial and commercial business licenses shall be punished; Those who sell waste lead-acid batteries to non-compliant enterprises shall be ordered to make rectification within a time limit and other relatively perfect "punishment mechanisms".

  In this regard, Zhang Tianren said that small recycled lead refineries built without environmental protection approval should be resolutely banned, joint law enforcement should be strengthened, a high-pressure situation should be maintained, and a long-term mechanism should be established to prevent "resurgence"; Those responsible for causing environmental pollution shall be severely punished and held jointly and severally liable; Give play to the role of public supervision, set up a reward mechanism for reporting, and investigate and deal with reports together; Increase consumer education, so that the whole people can establish the concept of saving resources and protecting the environment, and consciously resist the pollution in the process of disposal and regeneration of waste lead batteries.

  Including the planning and tightening of lead storage battery recycling management, the threshold of lead storage battery industry is being further improved. For example, at the beginning of July this year, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology punished seven lead battery manufacturers, including Jiangsu Jinchangxing Power Supply Co., Ltd. and Shenzhen Xiongtao Power Technology Co., Ltd., which did not meet the "Lead Battery Industry Specification Conditions (2015 Edition)" and "Lead Battery Industry Announcement Management Measures (2015 Edition)". (Reporter Li He)

Giant screen+long battery life can have both! Vivo X Fold did it.

Now, are you confident about your mobile phone life? I believe that most people can’t find the best solution when they encounter the battery life problem, and the author is the same, and he is a little weak when the opposite battery life is getting shorter and shorter.

So does the screen conference affect battery life? Will strong performance affect battery life? Conservatively speaking, these can be used as factors affecting battery life, but they are not the most important.

For example, in recent years, the folding screen mobile phone has exploded in the market, and all manufacturers regard it as the flagship product to show cutting-edge technology. Then, the power consumption of a mobile phone with two screens must be higher than that of one screen.

Next, the author takes the latest X Fold released by vivo as an example to discuss the relationship between big screen and battery life.

The folding screen must consume a lot of power?

First of all, we must be sure that the bigger the screen will really affect the battery life. Whether it is a large-screen mobile phone or a folding screen mobile phone, compared with a small-screen mobile phone of the same specification, the battery life performance must be unsatisfactory.

Even so, the big screen business flagship and folding screen flagship are still the key targets among manufacturers. Since the larger the screen size is, the better, it is an urgent problem for manufacturers to save electricity in the original large screen.

Giant screen+long battery life can have both! Vivo X Fold did it.

In order to extend the battery life of mobile phones, manufacturers are also racking their brains. It is precisely because of this that the LTPO technology has been promoted, so that everyone can enjoy the high screen brush and reduce the power consumption of the screen. vivo X Fold is the world’s first 120Hz internal and external adaptive refreshing E5 folding screen, which can meet the needs of most users for screen display.

Giant screen+long battery life can have both! Vivo X Fold did it.

LTPO, also known as low-temperature polysilicon and oxide hybrid TFT driving technology, is a technology applied to OLED panel driving circuit. It combines the advantages of two mainstream driving circuits IGZO and LTPS.

By reducing the energy consumption of excited pixels, it is used to reduce the power consumption of screen display. After combining the advantages of LTPS and IGZO.

LTPO retains the advantages of ultra-high electron mobility, faster reaction speed, lower power consumption, etc., and can bring a more lasting battery life experience on the basis of the current resolution of 5G, high brush and even 2K.

In addition to improving the screen function, vivo X Fold has also brought many upgrades to the battery.

Vivo X Fold is equipped with a 4600mAh large-capacity battery, which is composed of two independent batteries of 4.48V-3C system connected in series. The energy density of the system is 4.48V, and the battery capacity is larger in a smaller volume space.

According to the official introduction, vivo X Fold can realize 20.55 hours of continuous calls.The 12-hour video conference and 8-hour game play can basically meet the needs of heavy use for one day.

Measured endurance of 4600mAh

In order to give you a comprehensive understanding of the endurance of vivo X Fold, we selected seven most common scenarios and conducted a five-hour heavy endurance test. Let’s take a look.

Watch the iQiyi video: play the video with 1080P resolution for 45 minutes in full screen;

Brush vibrato short video: slide video browsing on the video interface for 50 minutes in total.

QQ chat: 20 minutes of text chat; 15 minutes of voice chat and 15 minutes of video chat, totaling 50 minutes.

Brush Weibo: Enter the list page and slide for 45 minutes.

Camera recording: record 1080P 30 frames of video for 15 minutes; By default, the main camera takes 15 minutes, totaling 30 minutes.

Play the glory of the king: The battle mode is "actual combat confrontation" and the map is King Canyon 5V5. The test lasts for 60 minutes.

Brush mobile phone Taobao: enter Taobao homepage and slide for 20 minutes. 

Giant screen+long battery life can have both! Vivo X Fold did it.

From the results, the power of vivo X Fold is 43% after 5 hours of testing, which is completely acceptable considering the influence of super-large internal screen on power consumption.

Especially in the video playback part, in the case of using the internal screen to watch, the power consumption for 45 minutes is only 6%. Combined with the full scene fast charging configuration of vivo X Fold, I believe that endurance anxiety will not be a problem that bothers you.

In addition, in view of the unique large-screen properties of vivo X Fold, we also conducted a 3-hour navigation test for it. The screen brightness was manually adjusted to the highest brightness, and 120Hz adaptive refresh was turned on.

Through the test, the remaining power of vivo X Fold is 15%, and the three-hour navigation consumes 28% of the power. It can be seen that when we turn on the GPS, the power requirements for the mobile phone are still very high.

Giant screen+long battery life can have both! Vivo X Fold did it.

During the test, we strictly classified the test items according to our daily habits, such as Tik Tok, QQ, Weibo, Taobao, etc. We used the external screen for the test, while we used the larger internal screen for the tests such as iQiyi, cameras and games.

The test results are also obvious, and the screen size has little effect on the power consumption of the mobile phone. Such a strong endurance is not only due to its excellent battery management system, but also the key to its long battery life is to strictly control the power consumption of the fuselage.

The author has something to say:

Nowadays, the big-screen mobile phone has become the flagship standard, and it is difficult to avoid problems in battery life and charging when you get the convenience brought by the big screen. What we need to do is not passively wait for the manufacturer to change the mobile phone, but we need to fully understand a product when choosing a mobile phone.

Giant screen+long battery life can have both! Vivo X Fold did it.

Through the actual test of the endurance of vivo X Fold, I believe everyone has a basic understanding of the endurance of this mobile phone. For a folding screen mobile phone, the endurance of vivo X Fold has far exceeded that of competing products at the same level, and its comprehensive endurance is excellent.

Long endurance performance can meet the needs of everyone in various scenarios. Today, the folding screen market is hot, and the long endurance performance of vivo X Fold will help it better stand out among competing products at the same level!

"Research" must be done! The postgraduate adjustment system will open this strategy on the 22nd to help you succeed.

2021 National Postgraduate Entrance Examination Adjustment Service SystemOpen today.

Candidates want to take part in the postgraduate entrance examination.

What should I pay attention to?question?

What are the postgraduate adjustments?step?

What should I do well in the second examination of postgraduate entrance examination?prepare?

This guide is for you, best wishes.success!

  Remember!Adjust the specific time

  The 2021 national postgraduate enrollment adjustment service system has been implemented inMarch 22ndOpen.

  According to the requirements of the "Regulations on the Administration of National Postgraduate Admissions in 2021", the time for candidates to adjust their volunteers is set by the admissions unit.No more than 36 hours.; Duration of each opening of the adjustment system by the enrollment unitNot less than 12 hours..

  Confirm!Basic conditions of adjustment

  Please pay attention to the qualification of postgraduate adjustment:Must meet the requirements of the national preliminary test results in the transferred areas, commonly known as "crossing the national line."

  △ Basic conditions for candidates to adjust

  Tips:Candidates can useI bind my own Xuexin account on WeChat., receive the adjustment notification reminder.

  △ Candidates can bind Xuexin.com account through WeChat.   

  Explain in detail!Operation steps of postgraduate adjustment

  I. Query the planned balance information

  Candidates are required to log in to the National Postgraduate Enrollment Adjustment Service System (https://yz.chsi.com.cn/yztj/) and inquire about the planned balance information of each enrollment unit through "accurate inquiry" or "fuzzy inquiry".


  1. Candidates applying for transfer should meet the transfer conditions determined by the regulations on enrollment management.

  2. Candidates who do not meet the requirements for transferring to professional disciplines, preliminary test subjects or transfer application conditions of enrollment units,You will not be able to fill in the corresponding volunteers.

  3. Enrollment units and majorsFill in at least one item..

  4. Candidates’ scores should meet the basic requirements of the initial test scores of candidates who participated in the national unified examination in accordance with the first and second districts formulated and announced by the Ministry of Education.

  Zone 1Including Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei, Shanxi, Liaoning, Jilin, Heilongjiang, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Anhui, Fujian, Jiangxi, Shandong, Henan, Hubei, Hunan, Guangdong, Chongqing, Sichuan, Shaanxi and other 21 provinces (cities);

  Zone 2Including Inner Mongolia, Guangxi, Hainan, Guizhou, Yunnan, Tibet, Gansu, Qinghai, Ningxia, Xinjiang and other 10 provinces (regions).

  5. If there is no specific figure for the planned balance, you can consult the relevant enrollment units and departments.

  Second, apply for adjustment

  Candidates enter the application transfer page.Candidates who participate in the swap can fill in three parallel swap volunteers at a time.The submitted transfer volunteers are not allowed to be modified within the time set by the enrollment unit (no more than 36 hours) (each volunteer is timed separately). After the lock time arrives, candidates can continue to fill in other volunteers.

  △ Adjustment Volunteer Reporting Interface

  If you need to modify the adjustment volunteer,You can click the "Modify" button to enter the "Modify and Adjust Volunteer" page for modification, and then click the "Submit" button after modification.

  △ Modify the interface of voluntary adjustment.

  Third, participate in the second interview

  Please log in to the adjustment system in time after submitting the adjustment volunteer.If you receive the notice of re-examination, you should confirm the reply through the adjustment system within the time specified by the enrollment unit, and go through the relevant formalities according to the requirements of the enrollment unit.

  Candidates who fail the re-examination can still continue to fill in other adjustment volunteers.

  △ Re-examination Notice Receiving Page

  Fourth, wait for the admission notice

  After the second interview is passed, the admissions unit will send a notice of waiting for admission to the candidates through the adjustment system. Candidates who receive the "notice of waiting for admission" should log in to the adjustment system for confirmation within the time specified by the admissions unit, otherwise the admissions unit can cancel the notice of waiting for admission.

  Candidates can only accept one transfer volunteer to be admitted. Once they accept the notice to be admitted, it means that the transfer is completed, and they will no longer be able to fill in the transfer volunteer, accept the second interview or the notice to be admitted. Please choose carefully!

  TipsDue to the constant adjustment and changes in various aspects, the actual admission of candidates to departments and departments is subject to the actual admission of enrollment units.

  In case of online re-examination, pay attention to these details!

  1.Confirm in advanceVideo equipment and environment available

  2. Ensure that the power is sufficient, the storage space of the equipment is sufficient, the Wi-Fi does not delay the jam, and the alarm clock is turned off.

  3. When using the camera, don’t unplug the shooting equipment.

  4. Test the ambient light in advanceNon-backlight

  5. Sit upright during the exam.Facing the camera

  Adjust the operation of postgraduate entrance examination. Anyone who doesn’t understand can ask ↓

  01. Is the dispensing system started in the early morning of 22nd or in the morning?

  It will open in the early morning of the 22nd, but don’t wait to stay up late! It is most important to have a good rest and meet the information war with full spirit!

  02. Are the R&D network adjustment system and college adjustment started simultaneously?

  That’s not true. The official transfer system was opened on the 22nd, and the institutions decided when to open it according to the enrollment situation of their own institutions before the official transfer system was closed.

  03. When will the dispensing system be closed?

  Generally at the end of April each year.

  04. How long is the swap volunteer locked? And how long is it locked?

  When the transfer application is submitted, the transfer will be locked. Candidates’ voluntary lock-in time for adjustment shall be set by each enrollment unit independently, and the longest time shall not exceed 36 hours. After the lock-up time arrives, if the admissions unit does not clearly accept the opinions, the lock-up will be lifted, and candidates can continue to fill in other volunteers.

  05. How to fill in the three volunteer transfers? What is the difference?

  After the official opening of the dispensing system, you can fill in three parallel volunteer at the same time, and the three volunteers have no order. After filling in and submitting the transfer volunteers, all three volunteers will be locked, and the minimum locking time of the transfer volunteers will not exceed 36 hours.

  Judging from the adjustment information in previous years, the locking time varies from 7 hours, 8 hours, 12 hours, 24 hours and 36 hours. The specific time will be announced in the official adjustment announcement. If it is not found, you can only wait patiently. Once these three volunteers are locked, they are not eligible to fill in other institutions.

  Therefore, it is suggested that students fill in one or two volunteer peaks first. If they meet a favorite and qualified institution later, they will have the opportunity to fill in the report, so as not to miss the opportunity.

  06. Is the voluntary lock-in time for each swap counted separately?

  Yes The time when the volunteer is locked is determined by the institution. If the institution feels that it does not meet the adjustment conditions, it will be rejected and its adjustment volunteer will be unlocked.

  07. Will the corresponding three schools see the three volunteer transfers? Will other schools see it?

  After the application for volunteer transfer is submitted, the reporting institution and other institutions will see the progress of their three volunteers and the progress record of the previous re-examination. But don’t worry, transfer is a two-way choice. Colleges hope to have high-quality students, and students also hope to find their favorite colleges. Teachers understand.

  08. Will you remind yourself if the school transfer vacancy is full?

  Will not prompt. However, the dispensing system requires that the dispensing system of each school be open for no less than 12 hours.

  09. If you are selected by a school, but the second interview fails, or the volunteer for adjustment is rejected, can you adjust again?

  Yes, you can. No matter whether the re-examination fails or the voluntary adjustment is rejected, the adjustment can be continued. As long as three volunteers are not locked and have not accepted the admission notice, they can continue until the end of the system opening.

  10. Will there be a situation in which one person participates in the re-examination of three schools in the first transfer?

  This will happen, but it is very unlikely. As long as the second interview time is in time and there is no conflict, you can participate.

  11. Do I have to fill in the contact information when filling in the transfer volunteer?

  That’s right. When filling in the transfer volunteers, the contact information is an important way for the enrollment unit to contact the candidates actively. Please fill in the form carefully and make sure the phone is open.

  12. What should I do if my mobile phone number is wrong?

  If you fill in the wrong mobile phone number when volunteering, you need to wait until the volunteer can be modified before you can modify the filled mobile phone number. If the volunteer has been locked, please contact the admissions unit to solve it.

  13. I have confirmed the notice of waiting for admission. How to cancel it?

  If you give up the admission notice, you must obtain the permission of the unit to be admitted, and you need the enrollment unit to cancel the admission notice, and the candidates can continue to fill in the adjustment volunteer, accept the second interview or the notice to be admitted after logging in to the adjustment system for confirmation.

  14. Should the three volunteers be filled in together or one by one?

  After filling in the first volunteer, the second and third volunteers can fill in at any time. The three voluntary transfers are parallel, with no priority and no influence on each other. Three volunteers fill in the wrong peak, the first volunteer must be the school you want to go to most, and the filling time should be as early as possible. Because the earlier you fill in, the earlier it will be unlocked. If the college doesn’t send a notice, the school may unlock your application in advance. For the second and third volunteers, you can stagger the time a little.

  15. What are the contents of the application form? What do you need to prepare in advance?

  In general, it includes "candidate number, candidate’s name, gender, ID number, final education, application category, graduation institution, graduation major, entrusted training unit (to be filled in by candidates entrusted to apply for training), my contact telephone number and email address, the name of a volunteer application unit, the code and name of a volunteer application major, entrance examination results, and the code and name of the professional field to apply for adjustment" and so on.

The number of postgraduate students has reached this year.3.77 million people,

Every successful graduate student,

Have experienced many hardships that ordinary people have never experienced.

Initial test, second test and adjustment … …

We can’t give up the hope of struggle until the last moment.

I wish every postgraduate party a successful postgraduate entrance examination!

May your pen have a beautiful world,

May you write a brilliant picture,

To be no.1, thank you!

  Producer Tang Yi

  The producer is gentle.

  Planning Zheng Liheng

  Editor Chen Zhuoran