Google Maps will add offline navigation and search capabilities today

  November 11 Internet NewsThe latest report,According to foreign media reports, at the I/O conference held in May this year, one of the important things announced by Google (Weibo) was to add offline search and navigation capabilities to the Google Maps app. Now, six months after the last announcement of this plan, this feature will finally reach users. Google Maps will launch a new offline mode that allows users to navigate driving directions and searches offline. This feature is designed to integrate seamlessly with online Google Maps, so that data links can be disconnected or connected without cutting off the app itself. These new features will be available to Android users from later today. Google said that similar features for iOS systems will be available soon.

  Since 2012, Google Maps has been able to store part of the map content offline, but this is the first time Google Maps has been equipped with offline search and navigation functions. This means that if a user saves a map of the city they live in, they can search for places such as restaurants without the need for an Internet connection, and get a timely response. Due to space constraints, the new feature will only store business names, star ratings and phone numbers, not corresponding photos or user comments.

  Similarly, offline navigation will only effectively display information about ordinary traffic hours on the road, but it is difficult to upload real-time traffic data. However, once the network connection is restored, the route information will be updated in a timely manner. At present, the initial release of Google Maps offline navigation function cannot navigate offline transportation or walking routes, mainly due to the consideration of data space. However, Google claims that future updates will add more functions to the old box.

  In any case, this new feature of Google Maps will be very important for users who want to navigate without an internet connection, especially those who are in the "dead zone" or somewhere abroad that requires a new SIM card. (Yuetong)