Dong Yuhui brushed the screen! Yu Minhong and Sun Dongxu apologized; Dong Mingzhu denounced Meng Yutong; Weilai started a new round of layoffs? Li Bin responds to the dynamics of big companies.

[technology circle]

Lenovo Wang Chuandong: Lenovo AI PC will take the lead in carrying a personal model next year.

On December 14th, Wang Chuandong, vice president of Lenovo Group and chief marketing officer of China District, said that in the AI era, AI PC will become the preferred terminal of AI Pratt & Whitney, and Lenovo AI PC will take the lead in carrying personal big model next year to realize the mixed deployment of personal big model and cloud public big model. (Securities Times)

The first batch of vivo S18 series mobile phones are equipped with AI blue heart model.

On the evening of December 14th, vivo officially released S18 series mobile phones, all of which were equipped with the AI blue heart model developed by vivo, and joined the ranks of the first batch of AI large model mobile phones in the world.


Bilibili will lay off all its game research and development businesses? Here comes the response.

Bilibili will lay off all its game research and development businesses. In response, bilibili responded: "The relevant information is not true, and only some projects have been adjusted." (CSI Taurus)

PICO cancels PICO 5 R&D and turns to new projects? Insider: The "Swan" project has always been

Today, it is reported that PICO, a VR headset company owned by ByteDance, will cancel the original research and development plan of PICO 5, and instead develop a high-end MR headset code-named "Swan" to benchmark Apple Vision Pro. In addition, the news further pointed out that more than 400 employees were dismissed, more than 600 employees were transferred to ByteDance Central Taiwan, and PICO was reduced from more than 1,800 employees at the beginning of this year to more than 800 employees. In this regard, I asked PICO for verification. At present, PICO has not responded to the abandonment of PICO 5 R&D and layoffs. However, a person familiar with the matter revealed that "the Swan project has always existed and is promoting research and development." According to the news, the Swan project is currently in the experimental and conceptual stage, and it is not clear whether it can be commercialized in the end. (Sina Technology)

Big consumption]

Oriental selection is caught in the public opinion storm of "small composition" Yu Minhong and Sun Dongxu apologized.

Recently, the Oriental selection caused a storm because of who wrote the anchor Dong Yuhui’s "small composition". The wave swept the company, with fans losing nearly 100,000 yuan and the stock price plummeting. On 14th, Yu Minhong, the founder of New Oriental, posted a video statement on social platform, responding to the recent essay dispute. Yu Minhong said that what was originally an internal trivial matter turned into a surging network public opinion because of improper handling, and there was a big loophole in the management of the company, so he apologized to Yuhui. As for the controversial "rice circle culture", Yu Minhong doesn’t think there is any "rice circle culture" in the selection of the East, but also resolutely resists it. Sun Dongxu, CEO of Oriental Selection, Weibo sent a message to apologize to netizens, saying that "netizens and fans are our parents, and we will definitely work harder to provide better services for everyone".

Dong Mingzhu angered Meng Yutong: Turning Gree into online celebrity can no longer tolerate her in Gree.

According to the short video circulating on the Internet, Dong Mingzhu mentioned Meng Yutong again at the induction ceremony of the class of 2023 in Gree Electric on December 13th. Dong Mingzhu said that Meng Yutong was very diligent at that time, hoping that she could grow up, so she was asked to be a secretary around, but she couldn’t even write an article, and she became a online celebrity with the help of Gree platform, so she couldn’t stand being in Gree any longer.

Wuliangye dealers say that the contract will be reduced by 20% next year.

On December 14th, the reporter learned from Wuliangye dealers in Shanghai that the annual contract in 2024 has been signed, and each dealer in the new contract has been cut off by 20% of the "Puwu" contract volume. The dealer said that on November 25th of each year, the contract volume of the current year will end, and then a contract for the next year will need to be signed. Wuliangye insiders also confirmed the above news, saying that the reason for the shrinkage is that the eighth generation of Puwu is relatively scarce, and the company’s planned volume has been reduced, and there will be other arrangements in the future. (The Paper)

[Car ring]

The press conference of the M9 and Huawei Winter Scene will be held on December 26th.

According to the official micro-announcement of Yu Chengdong, the release conference of the whole scene of the winter of the M9 and Huawei will be held at 14:30 on December 26th, 2023.

Cyrus: About 40,000 new M9 cars have been booked.

On December 14th, the relevant person of Sailis confirmed to the reporter that nearly 40,000 new M9 cars have been booked. At the same time, Sailis’ factory in Chongqing is stepping up production and has started the production mode of two shifts a day. (SSE)

Weilai started a new round of layoffs? Li Bin responded: Nothing, but it will continue to optimize organization and efficiency.

In today’s 2023 Weilai media face-to-face, Li Bin, chairman of Weilai, once again responded that there is no need for a new round of layoffs, but Weilai will continue to optimize its organization and efficiency, which is something that needs to be done continuously. In November this year, in an internal letter, Li Bin announced a plan to reduce about 10% of jobs. Recently, it has been reported that Weilai may expand the original layoff ratio to 20% to 30%. Weilai responded that it was false news and there was no further layoff plan, and it will continue to make "dynamic adjustment" in the market it operates. (Sina Technology)

Nike settled in Pinduoduo? Official response: the information is not true

Today, some media reported that the Nike brand has settled in Pinduoduo. The official reply of Nike: The information about the Nike brand involved in the report or whether it will settle in Pinduoduo is untrue and has nothing to do with Nike. (36Kr)

The cumulative delivery in LI exceeded 600,000 vehicles.

According to LI official micro-news, the cumulative delivery of LI exceeded 600,000 vehicles, which took 48 months, making it the first new force vehicle enterprise in China to deliver 600,000 vehicles.

Xpeng Motors: Starting from now on, the second batch of 27 cities will be open for public beta.

Xpeng Motors’s official WeChat official account announced that it has no plans to drive the second batch of 27 cities to open public beta. From now on, the company will open the public beta of Xmart OS 4.5.0 to the users of Xiaopeng G9 and Tucki P7i, and Tucki G6 will also open the public beta on December 18th. The 27 cities opened this time are: Tianjin, Chengdu, Xi ‘an, Wuhan, Changsha, Xiamen, Fuzhou, Quanzhou, Jinjiang, shishi city, Nanjing, Zhenjiang, Taizhou, Yangzhou, Huai ‘an, Yancheng, Nantong, Yixing, Haining, Yiwu, Taizhou, Zhoushan, Huizhou and Zhuhai.

Zotye Automobile Manufacturing Company’s 1.2 billion shares were frozen.

Tianyancha App shows that recently, Yongkang Zhongtai Automobile Co., Ltd. added a piece of information about stock right freezing. The amount of the frozen stock right was 1.268 billion RMB, and the company whose stock right was executed was Zhejiang Zhongtai Automobile Manufacturing Co., Ltd., and the freezing period was from December 8, 2023 to December 7, 2026.

The expected delivery date of Tesla Model3/Y is shortened to 2-6 weeks.

According to Tesla official website, the expected delivery date of Model3/Y is shortened to 2-6 weeks, compared with 6-9 weeks.

[new energy]

Krypton released the first self-developed battery "BRIC battery", which will be launched on Krypton 007.

On December 14th, Krypton released the first self-developed battery "BRIC battery". The battery is a mass-produced ultra-fast rechargeable lithium iron phosphate battery, which will be first launched on Krypton 007, and its battery life will increase by more than 500 kilometers after 15 minutes of charging.

Real estate]

Country Garden sold Zhuhai Wanda stock right.

On the morning of December 14th, Country Garden announced on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange that on December 13th, 2023, Country Garden, Wanda Commercial Management Group and Zhuhai Wanying entered into an agreement, and Jinyi Global conditionally agreed to sell to Zhuhai Wanying or Wanda, who agreed to buy 1.79% equity of the target company from Jinyi Global at a consideration of 3.068 billion yuan. After the completion of the sale, Country Garden will no longer have any interests in Zhuhai Wanda Commercial Management.

Gree real estate: At present, the debt repayment is good, and the operation and capital turnover are normal.

Gree real estate said on the interactive platform that the company’s current debt repayment situation is good, and its operation and capital turnover are normal. This time, the Company purchased 100% equity of Zhuhai Duty Free Group by issuing shares and paying cash. The cash consideration will be paid by raising matching funds, and the part that cannot be paid by raising matching funds will be made up by the Company with self-raised funds. At present, the company and intermediary agencies are actively promoting the relevant work of applying for the review of reorganization.

Kaisa Group was forced to execute 100 million yuan.

Tianyancha App shows that recently, Kaisa Group (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. and its subsidiaries Dalian Shizhan Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. and Kaisa Real Estate (Liaoning) Co., Ltd. added a piece of information about the person to be executed, with an execution target of more than 100 million yuan, involving financial loan contract disputes. The enforcement court is Shenyang Intermediate People’s Court.

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More exciting content, all in the first financial APP.

 Source: People’s Daily Online-auto channel

    On July 13th, the 5th China Changchun International Automobile Expo was held in Changchun, one of China’s old industrial bases. Ssangyong motor catered to the theme of "scientific and technological innovation, energy saving and environmental protection" of this Expo, and brought its three swordsmen, namely three fully imported SUV models-Xiangyu 08, Aiteng and Lester II, to the exhibition, which became the focus of attention.

    The core of Ssangyong booth-Xiangyu 08

    Ssangyong Motor’s booth is located in Hall G, covering an area of 400 square meters. It is understood that as it is the first time to participate in Changchun Expo, Ssangyong Motor has made great efforts to show a complete image of "world-class SUV expert" to consumers in Northeast China. The SUV "Three Musketeers" formed by young and personalized Aiteng, dynamic and passionate Enjoying Royal 08 and honorable Lester II covers the mainstream range of 200,000-400,000, providing China consumers with more diversified choices. The strength of Ssangyong’s "world-class SUV expert" was also concentrated in this Changchun Automobile Expo, which once again showed its strong strength in the high-end imported SUV market in China.

    According to insiders of Ssangyong, Aiteng, the SUV participating in this exhibition, won the honor of "Best Shape Award of SUV" selected by the organizing committee of the auto show for its stylish and personalized appearance, while Xiangyu 08, as a key model, will compete for the "Best Imported SUV" award. Xiangyu 08 is a new imported diesel SUV that was launched not long ago. Its smooth design and high-quality interior configuration perfectly explain the connotation of "Power in Style" and the SUV spirit of "challenging and surpassing yourself".

    The Ssangyong booth shows a photo of Capello and Ssangyong Lester II.

    Ssangyong staff also introduced that during the auto show, Ssangyong booth not only arranged creative performances with themes, but also arranged an award-winning question and answer presentation for Real Madrid coach Capello’s autographed T-shirt, which was recently visited in Shanghai. Ssangyong Motor also hopes to take this opportunity of the auto show to lead the new trend of SUV and bring the world’s advanced diesel power to the revitalized Northeast market.


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Salary, social security, holidays … are related to your money bag in 2019!























































[Night Reading] Your problem is that you read too little and think too much.


  Cctv news: the Sri Lankan people have passed away, and the character still exists. In 2016, many people left us. He or she devoted all his life to filling and warming each of us, even a country. On the 24th, the night reading column launched the series "2016: The Far Back".

  All the way to the wind, dust, rain and snow, a long river of years, she has always been flexible and clear. Countless wisdom has been deposited in a hundred years of life. She once said, "Your main problem lies in reading too little and thinking too much." Tonight’s story is about Yang Jiang, a famous female writer and literary translator, and about "reading".

  She is the most virtuous wife.

  When Yang Jiang first met in Tsinghua University and Qian Zhongshu at the age of 21, she felt that his brow was "beautiful and beautiful". He described her as "smiling and remembering the first time, the new petals of roses were soaked". He won the Geng Scholarship, and she didn’t hesitate to interrupt her studies, accompany him to Europe to study, do chores outside of study, cook and dress, climb over walls and windows, and do everything.


  Many years later, Yang Jiang read a passage describing marriage: "I never thought of getting married before I met her;" I have been married to her for decades, and I have never regretted marrying her, nor have I thought about marrying another woman. " Qian Zhongshu immediately replied, "I am the same as him", and Yang Jiang replied, "Me too."

  She is the most talented woman.

  In 1943, Yang Jiang’s first play "Satisfied" was a blockbuster as soon as it was staged. She became famous before Qian Zhongshu. When Fortress Besieged was published, people all said "Who is Qian Zhongshu" — — Yang Jiang’s husband. Out of that famous narration — — "Those who want to escape from the city want to rush in. For marriage and career. Most of the wishes of life are like this. " Quoted by countless people, it actually came from Yang Jiang’s hand.

  Later, she wrote Six Chapters of Cadre School, Taking a Bath, The Three of us and other works. Even Qian Zhongshu said, "Yang Jiang’s prose is better than mine. Her prose is naturally good, and no one can learn it."

  Even in turbulent years, Yang Jiang did not give up academic research. She is fluent in English and French. When she was nearly 60 years old, she began to learn Spanish from scratch and translated Don Quixote. When the Chinese version of Don Quixote translated by Yang Jiang was published in 1978, it happened that the Spanish king was visiting China, and Deng Xiaoping gave it to the Spanish king as a gift. Her translation has been recognized as a masterpiece so far, and nearly one million copies have been issued, which is the largest number of translations of this book.


Reading for pleasure

Text/Yang Jiang

  Reading is like visiting a teacher you admire or visiting a famous scholar.

  Of course, you have to work hard to study and study. You probably have to study hard to take exams, write papers and get a degree. Tao Yuanming is fond of reading. If he was born in today’s world, it would be difficult to go to college, graduate school or TOEFL. I’m only worried that he can’t pass the political economy, and it’s not because he "doesn’t want to know much." I have been hit with a "stick" several times, saying that I "pursue spiritual enjoyment" in reading. I had to bow my head and confess. I also admit that I am not really studying hard. However, "having fun" does not mean pursuing enjoyment. This can be said by those who know it, but not by others.

  I think reading is like dropping in — — The "invisible" string of doors. If you want to see an admired teacher or a famous scholar, you don’t have to say hello beforehand, and you are not afraid to disturb your host. Open the book and break into the door, turn over a few pages and enter the room; And you can go often, always, and if you can’t get to the point, you can leave without saying goodbye, or you can find another clever man and confront him. Don’t ask the host we want to visit whether he lives at home or abroad, whether he belongs to modern ancient times, what his major is, whether he talks seriously or chats and jokes, we can get close enough. We can listen respectfully to Confucius’ disciples recounting the master’s last words, or we may as well ask with a mischievous smile, "You must say what you say ‘ It is also called benevolence and righteousness ’ "Master Meng", if he was born in our same era, would he be an old Marxist-Leninist gentleman? We can stay with Socrates before his death and listen to him talking with a friend; You can also think about the stoic Epictetus’ Golden Jade and Good Words. We can listen to the anecdotes of the previous dynasties, and we can also learn the most mysterious innovation theory of the contemporary era or the deliberately amazing pretentious remark. Anyway, if the words are not speculative or hard to hear, you might as well pull out and even slam the door — — That is to say, the ground is in writing — — No one will blame. This is a rare freedom in the world outside books!


  Books are all-encompassing, so that you can know all kinds of people at all times and places without leaving home.

  In a pot hung by Hu Gong, there is no heaven, earth, sun and moon. Every book — — No matter novels, plays, biographies, travel notes, diaries, or even prose poems, there are different worlds, the sun, the moon and the stars, and there are people who live in them. We don’t have to rush to a certain place, spend money on tickets to see some fake products or "lifelike" body double. Just open a page, walk into the real world, and meet the real person, and we can enjoy it earnestly. Say "but you widen your view three hundred miles, by going up one flight of stairs"! We can even see the side of the earth under our feet, and we can reach it in an instant. Although the ancients described books as "vast", the world of books is really "and heaven remains our neighbourhood", which is by no means an idealistic comparison. No matter how big the world is, there is no barrier. The Buddha said "three thousand worlds", which is extremely large. As for the situation of the book, the "present world" is combined with "the past" and "the future world", which is really all-encompassing and runs through the three worlds. But we can stay at home, experience here at will, and ask for advice at any time. Who says that scholars are short-sighted, unreasonable and indifferent to the world? You can get rich experiences here and meet all kinds of people at all times and places.


  Life is limited and knowledge is limited. In the world of books, we are all tiny worms.

  Often "drop in" in the book, at least you can get rid of some ignorance and gain more attention. We don’t have to be discouraged and timid when we see people who are hypocritical and full of rhetoric, because although their own homes are not open and people are not allowed to break in, we have always been to their relatives and friends’ homes, and we will know their true faces behind their empty shelves. Once I drove across the grand bridge on the Seine River in Paris, and I saw the poor people who lived under the bridge, collecting garbage for a living and covering newspapers to keep warm. It’s not that my eyes can turn, just because I’ve been to that area to cross the door. It’s a pity that the "body" that "hides" when we "visit" is just a common bone after all. We don’t have the insight of the Tathagata, and we can take a glance at the wisdom accumulated in the world for thousands of years, so we have to always remember Zhuangzi’s famous saying that "life is limited and knowledge is limited." We are just insects in ephemerality (not just insects turned by Sun Dasheng’s hairs). We crawl into the world of books, crawl here and stop there. Sometimes we meet the right person, hear the pleasant words, or occasionally get something from the problems hanging on our hearts, just like we are obsessed with it and are happy to forget the words. This "joy" and "pursuit of enjoyment" are not the same thing, are they?


Review ● Yang Jiang’s words

  Everything is born, and man is the spirit of everything. The purpose of heaven and earth to give birth to people should be a person who can be called the spirit of all things. Although people are small and life is short, people can learn, cultivate themselves and improve themselves. The value of people lies in themselves.

  — — Miscellaneous Memories and Miscellaneous Writing


  If we say that people are animals with spirituality and conscience, then life is nothing more than knowing yourself, training yourself, and voluntarily transforming yourself unless you are willing to be an animal.

  — — Take a bath

  I grew up in a harmonious and affluent environment, and I know nothing about the world. But I seriously consider what I should learn. The so-called "should" means that it is most beneficial to people, and I have not lived my life in vain. I know this "should" is very exaggerated, so I am ashamed to explain it. Father said, there is nothing that should be done. You should learn what you like best. I’m not at ease. Just ask what you like, right? I like literature. Learn literature? Love reading novels, learn novels? My father said that what I like is the closeness of sex, which is the most suitable for me.

  — — Will drink tea


  People have excellent qualities, but there are many evils mixed together, just like a stubborn iron that is burned in the fire and quenched in the water. It is burned and quenched again and again, and then tempered with a lot of tempering, so that the stubborn iron can be turned into steel for casting swords. Gold also needs to be burned to remove impurities before it becomes pure gold. The same is true for people. We learn wisdom from worry and refine virtue from pain.

  — — Walking on the edge of life


  The human feelings of the world are more delicious than the bright moon and the breeze; Can be used as a book to read, but as a play. The description in the book and the play, even if lifelike, are just literary works; The world of human feelings is a naive and natural expression, which is often beyond reason, shocking and surprising, giving people more profound benefits and wonderful entertainment. Only the humble people have the best chance to see the truth of the world and human feelings, not the artistic performance in front of the audience.

  — — Invisibility cloak


I don’t argue with anyone,

I don’t care who I fight with;

I love nature,

Secondly, art;

My hands are roasting the fire of life to keep warm;

The fire has died down, and I’m ready to go. "

— — Yang Jiang

The giant statue of Guan Gong in Jingzhou, Hubei Province, and the 99.9-meter-high Shuisi Building in Dushan, Guizhou Province were notified by the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development.

  Recently, the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, together with relevant departments, investigated the giant statue of Guan Gong in Jingzhou City, Hubei Province and the Shuisi Building in dushan county City, Guizhou Province, which were strongly reflected by the media and the masses. In order to effectively strengthen the management of sculpture construction in large cities and resolutely control the phenomenon of "cultural landmarks" such as the indiscriminate construction of giant statues, the giant statue of Guan Gong in Jingzhou City, Hubei Province and the Shuisilou Project in dushan county City, Guizhou Province are now notified.

  △ The picture shows the giant statue of Guan Gong in Jingzhou City, Hubei Province (Source: Network)

  The giant statue of Guan Gong built in Jingzhou City, Hubei Province, is 57.3 meters high, which violates the approved Protection Plan of Jingzhou Historical and Cultural City and destroys the style and historical context of the ancient city.

  △ The picture shows the Water Department Building in dushan county, Guizhou Province (Source: Network)

  The Shuisi Building, built in Jingxin Valley Scenic Area of Yingshan Town in dushan county, Guizhou Province, has a height of 99.9 meters and an investment of 256 million yuan. There are some problems such as being divorced from reality, building "cultural landmarks" indiscriminately and destroying the natural landscape.

  Hubei, Guizhou Provincial Department of Housing and Urban-Rural Development should cooperate with relevant departments to track and guide Jingzhou City and dushan county to do a good job in the rectification of the giant statue of Guan Yu and the water department building project; It is necessary to draw inferences from others, strengthen supervision, improve the system, intervene and correct problems in time when they are found, and resolutely put an end to the indiscriminate construction of image projects and performance projects such as "cultural landmarks".




  三是加强监督管理,建立社会监督和舆论监督机制,畅通群众举报渠道,发现问题及时处理并将相关情况报告我部。(总台央视记者 杨潇)