[Gathering Beautiful Anhui in the Net, Decisively Fighting Poverty] "The girl with the emblem of goods" brings a prosperous day.

  Zhongan Online and Zhongan News Client News In the Ming Dynasty, Wang Zhiluo, a Huizhou merchant, invested in the construction of the Shiban Road from Fucheng, Huizhou to Kaihua County, Zhejiang Province. This road is called Huikai Ancient Road. After thousands of years of rain, snow, wind and frost, the ancient road is still intact. In recent years, this charming ancient road has attracted the attention of many travelers, and with the rapid increase of the number of tourists, it has brought quiet changes to Lingjiao Village, Yucun Township, Xiuning County.

  The "prostitute" with goods is well known.

  Cheng Cailing, a villager, opened a farm house in Lingjiao in the village. Travelers who go hiking on the ancient Huikai Road usually choose this as the starting point for hiking. After a long time, the simple Cheng Cailing became friends with many donkey friends, who often asked her to help bring some authentic mountain products. Over time, Cheng Cailing became a famous "girl with a badge" in the local area. On September 24, the reporter came to Lingjiao Farmhouse, and happened to meet aunt Wang Qiaoxian and brother Wang Jiafeng, poor households, who came to the store with dried prunes and yam powder to ask Cheng Cailing to help with the goods.

  "Daughter", with a cordial address, 68-year-old Aunt Wang Qiaoxian talked with Cheng Cailing in the local dialect. After weighing, Cheng Cailing took out the account book and wrote it down. Looking through the account book, each piece of information represents each record of "taking goods". It can be said that this is a "diary of taking goods". It is understood that Aunt Wang Qiaoxian had undergone skull surgery and could not do heavy work. On weekdays, she planted some mountain products. Originally, there was no sales channel in the village, so she had to go a long way to the county to sell it, and sometimes it didn’t sell. Now, with Cheng Cailing’s help, we can not only sell it at home, but also sell it at a good price.

  The market price of ordinary vermicelli is around 7 yuan. The two kilograms of sweet potato vermicelli brought by Wang Jiafeng were sold by Cheng Cailing at the price of one kilogram of 25 yuan, and the demand was in short supply. The loofah made from three loofah vines at the door of poor households has sold for more than 800 yuan a year through Cheng Cailing. Since the delivery of goods in 2016, Cheng Cailing’s accumulated sales have reached more than 1.6 million yuan, driving poor households to increase their income by more than 200,000 yuan.

  On the first floor of Lingjiao Farmhouse, there is also a "selling point for agricultural products of poor households". On the counter, there are local specialties such as sweet potato vermicelli, dried bracken, dried bamboo shoots and ham, and on the ground, there are seasonal vegetables such as white gourd, loofah and farm pepper, which are sold to poor households for free.

  Take precautions and March into the live broadcast.

  Recently, Cheng Cailing often falls asleep at 1 o’clock at night. She told reporters that she has been learning and making progress in order to keep up with the times. "Look, this kudzu powder is brewed with 100-degree boiling water. After stirring, it will become a cool food with a little honey." A column of circular lights and three connected mobile phones, Cheng Cailing is doing a live broadcast of e-commerce.

  Guo Mibao, a sister-in-law, has been working outside the home. The year before last, she went back to her hometown to help her sister-in-law manage the agency in Wechat business. "My family opened a fan processing factory two years ago to help the villagers do OEM work." Although Cheng Cailing’s shop sells on behalf of others, everything that goes out through the shop is signed by the villagers, which is equivalent to a "quality guarantee form". If there is a quality complaint in the future, let the signer compensate the customer. "We must be responsible to the customer, and we must never be short of weight and ensure the quality."

  The things in the mountains are good, and it is even more important for the leaders to get rich to keep up with the times in time. "I am now helping my sister-in-law to do live broadcast, and also helping her to handle online orders. From June to September this year, the online e-commerce part has sales of 230,000. "

  Guo Mibao’s online order refers to the online trading platform for agricultural products built by Xiuning County itself. Li Xingbiao, the first secretary of the Party branch of Lingjiao Village and the captain of the poverty alleviation team, told the reporter, "This service center was built with 200,000 special funds for poverty alleviation in our village. If Cheng Cailing’s annual acquisition and sales can reach 1 million, it can be used free of rent." Next, Cheng Cailing plans to register her own sweet potato fan brand. "With the support of the local government, we will make our fan industry more standardized."

  Voluntary assistance to agriculture makes good people.

  Helping poor households to bring goods free of charge, strictly controlling quality and being honest, Cheng Cailing herself has successively won the honorary titles of "Top Ten Entrepreneurship Stars" in Xiuning County, "Women’s meritorious pacesetter" in Huangshan City, "Women’s meritorious pacesetter" in Anhui Province, "Good People in Huangshan Mountain", "Five Good Families in China" and "March 8th Red Flag Bearer" in Anhui Province.

  "I have a heavier responsibility on my shoulders now." Cheng Cailing told reporters that in order to improve her ability, she constantly tried new forms of e-commerce live broadcast. Due to the large amount of goods, Lingjiao Village, which was originally not available for express delivery, also settled in several express delivery sites.

  With the help of the government, Cheng Cailing expanded the scale. "The government supports me so much, and the villagers trust me so much. I can’t slack off. I must keep working hard to sell more high-quality agricultural products for the villagers." (Reporter Zhang Yizhen, Liu Yuxin, Wang Binbin)

Products sold by Cheng Cailing

Cheng Cai ling de happy farmhouse

Cheng Cailing is bringing goods live.

Three loofah vines in front of Cheng Qumin’s house

Aunt Wang Qiaoxian and Brother Wang Jiafeng, poor households, asked Cheng Cailing to help with the goods.