Huawei P7 realizes the dream of tens of millions, and needs to climb over "three mountains"

The Huawei Ascend P6 was a success.

On June 18, 2013, the P6 was released in London, UK, priced at 2688 yuan. This is a brave exploration of Huawei’s brand road. Yu Chengdong, president of Huawei’s end point, released a bold statement that the sales target of P6 is 10 million units. In a year, P6 sales 4 million units, far from achieving the so-called goal. But this does not affect the success of P6.
Say it’s a success, because P6 is a pathfinding product. Since it’s a pathfinding, it doesn’t matter if you can reach your goal. The key is to see where the road leads. If the road is right, don’t be afraid of the distance.
Taking this road, Huawei wants profits, and related to it, there are brand premiums and reducing dependence on operators. Although thousands of people have invested in research and development and over 100 million in marketing investment, shipping 4 million at a price of about 3,000 yuan is enough to amortize these costs. According to Yu Chengdong, a certain brand premium has been formed. Huawei’s global brand recognition of consumer goods has increased from 25% in 2012 to 52%. P6 is indispensable. Xu Qinsong, vice president of Huawei’s consumer business, said that the ratio of Huawei’s intelligent end point in domestic public channels to operator channels is 1:1. It is speculated that P6 should not be delayed in reducing dependence on operations. In addition, Yu Chengdong continues to sit at the end point and continue the P6 strategy, which also reflects Huawei’s high-level recognition of the success of P6.
It is not easy for Huawei Ascend P7 to continue the P6’s dream of millions.
In recent days, Huawei Ascend P7 has held press conferences in Paris, France and Beijing, the capital. Yu Chengdong once again threatened that the sales volume of a single product will reach 10 million, and this dream of tens of millions has been transferred from P6 to P7. On the road of the brand, P6 is the way to explore, and P7 has already identified the direction and started to run. Huawei will have a sales forecast, even if it is less than 10 million, it will definitely not be a small number. The burden of P7 is really not light.
There are four advantages that can give Huawei the confidence to take the plunge on the P7:
First, the brand influence of Huawei and P6 can play a roleIt has been mentioned above, and it will not be expanded here.
Second, replication expansion can increase overseas market share.Huawei’s strength lies in getting operators. At present, most of the overseas markets are shipped through operators, which is highly reproducible. Although the situation in each country in the overseas market is different, the expansion experience can be learned. At the press conference in Paris, Yves Beyer, executive vice president of France Telecom Orange, was on the P7 platform, which can see the recognition of Huawei. This year, Huawei’s overseas marketing investment is still very large, including sponsorship marketing covering the five major European leagues. The first batch of P7 listing countries has risen from the original 8 countries to the current 33 countries. It is foreseeable that P7 will achieve good results in overseas markets.
Third, Huawei’s HiSilicon chip is a powerful backing for production capacity.The 4G end point has not seen scale, and the bottleneck is the chip. Huawei HiSilicon chip sold $2 billion in 2013, making it the largest chip solution company in China and ranking among the top 20 in the world. In the process of achieving the five-mode and ten-frequency requirements of operators, HiSilicon’s time progress is second only to Qualcomm (currently also Marvell and Ericsson have realized it, but the production capacity is limited). At present, Qualcomm accounts for more than 80% of the 4G chip, and the production capacity of general 4G end point products depends on Qualcomm. And Huawei can have no worries about production capacity with its own chips and good cooperative relations with Qualcomm.
Fourth, there is still a certain window period for the development of 4G end points.MIIT Telecom Research Institute released data show that from January to April this year, the cumulative sales volume of 4G mobile phones 16.36 million, which is far behind the sales target of the three operators totaling over 100 million. The current 4G market is still less than demand, at least from the perspective of operators. Although Huawei wants to reduce its dependence on operators, it still acknowledges that operators are the main body of its channel sales. With 4G subsidies from operators, it is relatively easy for P7 to form a certain sales scale.
However, to achieve the dream of selling tens of millions of units, it is still very difficult overall, and there are "three mountains" in front of you.
First, the operator’s channel end point subsidy will be tightened, and P7 sales will be affected.
Since the beginning of this year, the three operators have increased their investment in the construction of 4G networks; the inter-network settlement has greatly reduced the profits of Huawei P7’s largest partner. The implementation of the "business-to-business" policy after June 1 will bring pain to the operators in the short term. Overall, it will be an indisputable fact that the profits of operators will drop sharply. The SASAC, the regulatory department of the three operators, will not sit idly by and will definitely put forward requirements to reduce costs and ensure profits. The network is fundamental, and investment in it cannot be reduced. Then it must be made a fuss about end point subsidies and channel remuneration.
How big the impact on P7 will be depends on the time proposed by SASAC. The worst case scenario is that the three operators’ profits fell sharply in June and began to reduce end point subsidies in July. In a better case, it is not expected to be later than the end of the year.
The tightening of end point subsidies for operators will make the indicator orientation of mobile phone sales more prominent. The so-called indicator orientation, first, if operators want to retain or develop high-end customers, they must sell a certain amount of high-end mobile phones, such as Apple, Samsung, HTC, etc. Second, if operators want to expand the scale of users, they must sell a large number of low-end mobile phones to impact sales. Limited subsidies will flow to the high-end and low-end. The price of Huawei P7 is 2888 yuan, which is very embarrassing and may be separated from the operator’s key development models. There is not much time window left for P7. Whether it can reduce the impact depends on Huawei’s negotiating ability with operators.
The second one, the 2000-3000 yuan open market is almost monopolized, and the P7 competition has greater resistance.
The reason why the thousand-yuan machine market is in full swing is that the entry threshold for this price segment is low, the competition is fierce, and there is no monopolist. The mid-range and high-end are different. It is an indisputable fact that the high-end is monopolized by Apple and Samsung. The situation in the mid-end market is similar. There are two forces. One is the price-reduced version of foreign high-end products, such as Samsung, Apple, HTC, LG, Nokia, Sony, etc. The user base of this force is very clear. They want to buy high-end foreign brands. They only want to own them at a reasonable price, not early adopters. The other is the three major brands in the open market, Gionee, OPPO, and VIVO (among which OPPO and VIVO belong to BBK). No matter whether it is on a third-party e-commerce platform or a physical mobile phone store, the new products in this price range are basically dominated by these three companies.
From the perspective of product configuration, design and quality, P7 is not inferior in this price range, but it is not outstanding either. Four brands are on the table, each with their own strengths. In this case, it is marketing and channels that are at stake.
In terms of marketing investment, Huawei is much smaller than these three companies. Mainly because Huawei has long-term cooperation with operators, the need for marketing efforts is not large. The three open market brands are different, and they need to rely on their own strength and invest more in entertainment program titles, in-feed ads, soft advertising, etc.
In terms of channels, Huawei is in its infancy. The three open market brands are all their own fixed sales channels, which are spread all over the country. Thanks to long-term manufacturers’ profits, the channel loyalty is high. Huawei has also been expanding social channels in the past two years. Its expansion model is "4 + Top16", that is, it cooperates with agents of the four major chains of Sunny, Gome, Dixintong, and Leyu and Top16 in various provinces. This kind of cooperation has just started, and the channel support is difficult to match the three open brands. Channel construction does not happen overnight. Having channels is just the beginning. The key is the enthusiasm of the channel, which depends on the coverage rate and first push of the product in the channel.
The third block, the omni-channel layout product, poses a great challenge to P7 traders.
Generally, when a manufacturer launches a flagship product, they will choose one or several main channels for sales. This can not only cultivate channel feelings, but also improve the sales enthusiasm of the channel and invest more resources. The strategy of P7 is different. Just online, P6 has chosen 7 channels such as Huawei Mall,, Tmall, Ning, Gome, Yihaodian, and Amazon to sell at the same time. For users, this is a good thing, and products can be bought in various channels. For channel providers, they cannot reflect their own advantages, and their enthusiasm will not be very high. If you want which channel to launch P7 first or increase promotions, then most of this investment must come from Huawei.
The more channels there are, the more difficult it is to trade. It is mainly reflected in two aspects. One is price management. Each channel has its own small nine or nine, and has its own promotion strategy, so P7 will definitely form different prices in different channels. The appearance of random prices will affect the brand of P7. A shrewd channel provider will definitely require Huawei to provide a full price guarantee or a price guarantee for several months, transferring the risk to Huawei. The second is inventory management. Each channel provider forecasts market demand differently, and the sales situation is also different, so there will be a large amount of inventory spread on the channel. This is a great challenge for Huawei’s traders. Poor inventory management, even if a single product earns more profits in the early stage, it may be tied to the later clearance of tail goods.
The "three mountains" are all pressing on Huawei’s soft underbelly. If you turn over, both the P7 and Huawei’s brand strength will be greatly enhanced. If you can’t turn over, I think Huawei will continue to climb and explore on this road, and will not stop.
Author: Mei Garden Statement; WeChat official account: Statement (mhy_chenshu)

Return to the e era and test drive the new Mercedes-Benz E300.

  The arrival of the new E-Class is undoubtedly another charge to recapture the China market. Judging from the appearance, control, configuration and surprising price of the new E-Class, Mercedes-Benz is definitely prepared this time. Imagine what you will sigh when you see (|) instead of A6 all over the street.

  In China, Mercedes-Benz always seems to be overshadowed by Audi and Audi. Although it has been made in China, the market performance of C-class is still far behind that of Audi A4 and (|), and E-class has been oppressed by Audi A6 and (|) for a long time. Even the most popular S-class has to give way to Audi A8 and (|) when it comes to market data, and there is also a spoiler by SL. Mercedes-Benz certainly doesn’t want to be regarded as a "soft persimmon", what’s more, there is a huge and growing automobile consumption market in front of us.

run quickly

  The new E-Class has come, just after it was listed in Europe, and it came to China at the fastest speed, and it came with a very sincere price. On July 21st, 2009, Mercedes-Benz announced that the E 300 had officially entered the China market by way of import. There were two versions of the E 300: the elegant version and the fashionable version, and the price was 618,000 yuan and 668,000 yuan respectively. To be honest, this price surprised us a little. On the 20th day after the listing of E 300, this print also received an elegant test drive of E 300.

  If you don’t know enough about Mercedes-Benz E-Class, you don’t know how to appreciate the car in front of you. Mercedes-Benz E-Class was born in 1947, and now it is the 9th generation model. After 62 years of development and improvement, the new generation E 300 exudes an irresistible charm.

  Compared with the previous generation E-class (W211), the shape of the new E-class pays more attention to the use of straight lines. In fact, the previous generation of E-Class is recognized as the most classic E-Class. Perhaps the designers of Mercedes-Benz are tired of endless arcs, or they want to bring a sense of freshness to consumers at a glance, so they play a straight line on the new generation of E-Class. Starting with the headlights, the design of the previous generation E-class double-round headlights won a lot of praise for it, and it is also the most important identification sign of Mercedes-Benz E-class. The new E-class still retains this design of double headlights, but the outline of the lights has been changed from round to quadrilateral with great impact. The previous generation E-class hood is full and smooth, and the new E-class hood has several obvious folding lines, which makes the new E-class body look more refined and full of power. The use of straight lines makes the new E-class bumper look tougher. There are two more LED strips arranged in a broken line in the original fog light area. The use of LED daytime running lights first appeared on (|), and now this configuration has also appeared on the new E-class, which is undoubtedly an improvement for the appearance of the new E-class.

  Mercedes-Benz’s classic symmetrical chrome grille is expected to continue to be used in this century, but this simple and classic grille is more imposing against the straight headlights and bumpers, and the Mercedes-Benz logo is printed on the upper part of the grille. Like Mercedes-Benz S-Class, the front end of the new E-Class also stands a Mercedes-Benz three-pointed star logo, which is not only to let the driver know where the bumper is, but also to bring a distinguished experience to its owners. I’m afraid this feeling can only be realized by sitting in the driver’s seat and looking through the wide hood and falling on this shiny logo.

  The side of the new E-class presents a dive-forward trend. The roof is no longer a smooth curve, but two obvious corners are formed at the A-pillar and the rear windshield. A shiny chrome trim surrounds the whole window, and there is also a straight chrome trim at the lower end of the door, which echoes the window up and down, further improving the overall appearance. The biggest attraction of the new E-class tail is the taillight. Compared with the previous generation E-class, the new taillight is larger in size and also adopts a straight line design. The LED lighting element in the taillight is an indispensable configuration for this class of vehicles.

  It is worth mentioning that the E 300, which is full of straight lines, has a drag coefficient as low as 0.25, which directly shows that the car is still quiet even when driving at a speed of 140 km/h.

  Compared with the unique shape, the E 300 car has more contents, from the layout of the whole interior to the handling of details, from the selection of materials to the extremely meticulous workmanship, showing the extremely high car-making technology of Mercedes-Benz.

run quickly

  The overall interior design style of E 300 continues the design elements of Mercedes-Benz and adds more straight-line design, and many details are directly taken from S-class. The steering wheel is designed with four spokes. The shiny Mercedes-Benz logo is embedded in the raised base in the middle. A few simple buttons integrated on the left and right sides can control almost all entertainment functions and vehicle information. As for the feel of the steering wheel, just looking at it shows that it is extraordinary. The levers at the rear of the steering wheel are also very knowledgeable. The most important lever is set at the lower left, which is within reach. This lever not only controls the turn signal and the far and near headlights, but also integrates the control of the wiper. People who have just come into contact with Mercedes-Benz models may not adapt to it. Above this lever is a cruise control lever with speed limit function, but it is a bit cumbersome to operate. The electronic lever is placed on the upper right of the steering wheel, which is also directly transplanted to the S-class. The size of this electronic shift lever is almost the same as that of other shift levers, and it is not the same as what we usually say. The specific use method is that in the case of P shift lever, it can be converted into D shift lever when it is pushed down to the bottom and R shift lever when it is pushed up to the top. N shift lever is located between D shift lever and R shift lever, and P shift lever can be changed through the button at the top of the shift lever. Of course, you can also shift gears through the shift paddle behind the steering wheel. The five instruments in the dashboard are designed symmetrically, the speedometer is the largest in the middle, and the tachometer and clock are the symmetrical positions on both sides. Putting the clock in the dashboard has always been a unique design element of Mercedes-Benz. This design expresses Mercedes-Benz’s respect for every owner.For those car owners who have a strong sense of time, this is undoubtedly a very humanized design.

  Although the shape of the center console is more traditional, it faintly exudes a good atmosphere under the "fierce" air outlet embellishment. There is also a large-size LCD screen above, which is integrated with the dashboard through the design of the plate. This design is also like S-class. There is also an exquisite nameplate on the center console with the words "ELEGANCE" written on it, indicating that this is an elegant model, and such details may only be seen on Mercedes-Benz. Because there is no stop bar in the traditional position, it is not only transparent left and right, but also has more storage space. There is also an aluminum Comand system control knob behind the block, which is similar to the iDriver control knob on BMW.

  E 300 continues the all-glass roof of the previous generation E-class, so it is easy to realize that there is a skylight in the front and rear rows. The comfort of Mercedes-Benz seats is self-evident, and the E 300 has inherited this advantage to the letter, and both the front and rear passengers have received the same preferential treatment. Compared with the previous generation E-Class, the wheelbase of E 300 has been improved, but compared with its competitors (|) and the extended BMW 5 Series, it still has no advantage.

  The E 300 still uses the 3.0L V6 engine of the previous generation E-Class, and the previously rumored Blueefficiency series fuel direct injection engine did not enter China with the new E-Class. Matching this engine is a very mature 7G-Tronic transmission, which has a small impact on gear shifting. Under normal driving conditions, the gear shifting frustration and gear shifting gap can hardly be felt, so that when I first got this car, I wondered if this new E 300 was equipped with a continuously variable transmission. Even when the speed is raised and the paddle is used to shift gears, the impact of gear shifting is much weaker than expected. In addition, this transmission has excellent fuel economy because it has seven gears, and the transmission ratio of the seventh gear is very high. Even if the vehicle speed is close to 140km/h, the engine speed is still around 2000r/min.

run quickly

  E 300 is equipped with the newly developed "Direct Control" direct control suspension of Mercedes-Benz. At the same time, with the adaptive damping system, the damper can be adjusted according to the current driving situation: in normal driving, the damping force is automatically reduced with low damping pulse; When turning at high speed or avoiding danger urgently, the damping force will be increased to the maximum. There is a button marked with "S" and "C" next to the control knob of Comand system, through which you can directly switch between comfortable and sports driving modes. In comfort mode, the steering wheel, accelerator pedal and suspension, the whole vehicle’s driving and riding show soft characteristics. However, in sports mode, the steering wheel power seems to be lost, and it takes more effort than usual to complete the steering. This performance has only one purpose: more accurate steering. In addition to changes in steering, other parts of the vehicle have become "stiff", the most obvious of which is the suspension supporting four wheels. Especially when cornering at a certain speed, the suspension provides enough support, and the body has no inclination at all. This kind of chassis performance will make you more confident in the driver’s seat.

  In order to obtain excellent handling performance, the static torsional stiffness of the car body is an important reference data. Compared with the previous generation, the static torsional stiffness of the new E-class has been improved by more than 30%. About 72% of all the body plates of the new E-class car are made of high-strength and ultra-high-strength steel, which has created a new record in the field of car manufacturing.

  Generally speaking, the sum of various features of this E 300 in front of us has completely exceeded its price. Previously, in my personal opinion, compared with the same class models, Mercedes-Benz lacked everything, the only thing lacking was the price advantage. Now, in the face of this sincere E 300, I don’t know what kind of countermeasures BMW and Audi, two old rivals of Mercedes-Benz, will take.

BYD Han EV Champion Edition starts at 209,800 yuan.

  [Aika Auto Domestic New Car Original]

  (|) The Champion Edition was officially launched not long ago, and now the new car has arrived in the store. Compared with the old models, the Chinese EV Champion Edition has been upgraded in three aspects: color, chassis and experience, and the price has been lowered — — Han EV Champion Edition has launched five models with a price of 20.98-29.98 million yuan.


BYD Han EV Champion Edition

BYD Han EV Champion Edition

BYD Han EV Champion Edition


BYD Han EV Champion Edition

BYD Han EV Champion Edition

BYD Han EV Champion Edition

BYD Han EV Champion Edition

BYD Han EV Champion Edition

BYD Han EV Champion Edition

BYD Han EV Champion Edition

BYD Han EV Champion Edition

BYD Han EV Champion Edition

  Editor’s comment:In the 200,000+mid-to-high-end car market, the sales performance of BYD Han family is quite outstanding. In 2022, the Han family not only broke 30,000 sales for four consecutive months, but also won the B-class +C-class sedan market sales crown in one fell swoop. The Han EV series also won the sales crown of 200,000+mid-to-high-end pure electric cars in 2022 with monthly sales exceeding 10,000. The launch of the Chinese EV Champion Edition further enhanced the competitiveness of the products, not only increased the configuration, but also lowered the price, which made it more emboldened to face a group of competitors.

Wonderful content review:

209,800 BYD Han/Tang Champion Edition was officially listed.

BYD Han DM-i Champion Edition /DM-p Ares Edition went on sale.

BYD Yunqi Intelligent Body Control System officially released.

May the "Starlight Project" of military training between Singapore and Taiwan Province end? Taiwan Affairs Office responded

According to a report by China Taiwan Province Network on September 27th, the Taiwan Province Affairs Office of the State Council held a regular press conference in the press room of the Taiwan Affairs Office at 10:00 am on the 27th. Ma Xiaoguang, director of the Information Bureau of the Taiwan Affairs Office and spokesperson, attended the press conference and answered questions from reporters.

Ma Guang Xiao, spokesman of Taiwan Affairs Office.

At the press conference, a reporter asked, recently, the proportion of classical Chinese in Chinese textbooks for senior high schools in Taiwan Province finally decided to reduce by 10%, returning to only 35% to 45%. What did the spokesman say?

Ma Xiaoguang responded that the "Taiwan independence" forces have been deliberately fiddling with the curriculum materials for a long time, which has been questioned and opposed by most conscientious educators, cultural circles and public opinion in Taiwan Province, but what the Taiwan education authorities are doing now will only make Taiwan Province’s education a victim of political manipulation.

On the topic of "constitutional reform" proposed by Tsai Ing-Wen at the "National Congress" in Democratic Progressive Party last Sunday, Ma Guang Xiao emphasized that we will pay close attention to relevant trends, the red line of cross-strait relations is very clear, and our determination to safeguard national sovereignty and territorial integrity is unshakable. As for Lai Qingde, the new "Premier", who publicly threatened his personal "Taiwan independence" proposition, Ma Xiaoguang reiterated that engaging in "Taiwan independence" is bound to pay the consequences.

In addition, some media have asked questions. Recently, Singaporean Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong reiterated his anti-Taiwan independence stance and adhered to the one-China principle after his visit to China. It is also reported that Singapore’s "Starlight Plan" of sending soldiers to Taiwan Province for training may also end?

Ma Xiaoguang replied that the relevant contents of the meeting between the leaders of China and New Zealand have been reported in the news. With the promotion of the mainland’s international status and the expansion of its influence, the pattern of the international community adhering to one China has been consolidated day by day, and there is no room for the "Taiwan independence" to split.

The full text of the press conference of the Taiwan Affairs Office is as follows:

[Ma Xiaoguang]: Good morning, friends from the media. The press conference begins now. Please ask questions.

[CCTV reporter]: Some time ago, we saw that Democratic Progressive Party held a "National Congress", and Tsai Ing-Wen proposed to form a new exposition to determine the direction and line of the party in the new era. I would like to ask the spokesperson what kind of response you have to her statement? Thank you.

[Ma Xiaoguang]: As we all know, the new cross-strait relations you mentioned are consistent and clear.Only by abandoning the "Taiwan independence" position can Democratic Progressive Party find a way out in cross-strait relations.We have also reiterated many times that the "1992 Consensus" is the common political foundation for the peaceful development of cross-strait relations. Only by adhering to the political foundation that embodies the one-China principle can we maintain the correct direction for the peaceful development of cross-strait relations.

[Shenzhen Satellite TV reporter]: It is reported that Lai Qingde, the new head of Taiwan Province’s administrative agency, said in a recent inquiry in Taiwan’s legislature that Taiwan Province is a "sovereign and independent country" and the two sides of the strait are not subordinate to each other. What is the spokesman’s comment on this? Thank you.

[Ma Xiaoguang]: Both the mainland and Taiwan Province belong to the same China. Cross-strait relations are not state-to-state relations, nor are they "one China, one Taiwan". Taiwan Province, as an inalienable part of the territory of China, has never been a country, and it will never be a country. The mainland resolutely opposes any form of "Taiwan independence" words and deeds, and will never allow the historical tragedy of national division to repeat itself. Splitting "Taiwan independence" will surely bring about consequences.

[CCTV reporter]: We saw that Tsai Ing-Wen raised the topic of "constitutional system" reform at the so-called "all-generation meeting" held in Democratic Progressive Party on the 24th, which aroused the concern of the island society. Some critics think that Tsai Ing-Wen is preparing for the legal "Taiwan independence", which is extremely dangerous to play with fire. What do you think of this issue?

[Ma Xiaoguang]: We will pay close attention to relevant trends.I would like to reiterate that the red line of cross-strait relations is very clear, and our determination to safeguard national sovereignty and territorial integrity is unshakable.

[Xiamen Satellite TV reporter]: The recent parade of Mazu statue in Meizhou has attracted attention in Taiwan Province. Please tell us something about it. Thank you.

[Ma Xiaoguang]: In order to satisfy the strong desire of Mazu believers in Taiwan Province, at the invitation of Taiwan Province Hon Hai Group, Banqiao Cihui Palace in New Taipei City and Mazu Friendship Association in Taiwan Province, the Mazu Statue of Meizhou Ancestral Temple in Fujian launched a 17-day parade in Taiwan Province from September 23rd to October 9th. This parade is another great event for people-to-people exchanges between the two sides of the Taiwan Straits. The parade involves ten counties and cities, including Taipei, Xinbei, Keelung, Taoyuan, Hsinchu, Miaoli, Chiayi, Yunlin, Changhua and Taichung, and covers 89 temples in Taiwan Province, making it the largest parade in previous years.

[Economic Daily reporter]: Recently, the Cross-Strait Industrial Cooperation Zone was established in Guangxi. Please tell us about it. Thank you.

[Ma Xiaoguang]: On September 15th, the Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council, together with the National Development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Commerce, awarded a license to set up a cross-strait industrial cooperation zone in Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. This cooperation zone is "one zone and three parks", including Fangchenggang Industrial Park, Chongzuo Industrial Park and Qinzhou Industrial Park. It is believed that the establishment of the cooperation zone will provide greater business opportunities for the development of Taiwan-funded enterprises in the mainland.

[Reporter of Taiwan Province Wang Bao]: The proportion of classical Chinese in senior high schools in Taiwan Province has been reversed, and it was decided that it would be reduced by 10%, and only 35% to 45% would be restored to classical Chinese. How does the spokesman comment? Thank you.

[Ma Xiaoguang]: For some time, the "Taiwan independence" forces have been deliberately manipulating the teaching materials of the curriculum, which has been questioned and opposed by most conscientious Taiwan Province educational circles, cultural circles and public opinion. The practice of Taiwan’s education authorities will only make Taiwan Province’s education a victim of political manipulation.

[Voice of the Straits Radio reporter]: In early July, the Ministry of Education announced that it would relax the criteria for Taiwan Province high school graduates to apply for mainland universities based on their academic test results. The threshold for admission was lowered from the previous standard to the average standard, and the subsequent impact included arousing concern in Taiwan Province society about whether there would be a wave of Taiwan Province students leaving. What do you think of the spokesman?

[Ma Xiaoguang]: The Ministry of Education has taken this measure to create more convenient conditions for young people from Taiwan Province to study in the mainland, in order to further promote cross-strait youth and cross-strait educational exchanges. As for saying that if someone is worried about causing a "exodus", I think it is an unnecessary worry. Maybe Lenovo is too rich, because after all, the number of students enrolled is limited.

[Reporter of Fujian Straits Herald]: We have noticed that Singaporean Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong once again reiterated his opposition to the "Taiwan independence" after his recent visit to China, and adhered to the one-China principle. It is also reported that Singapore’s "Starlight Plan" for sending soldiers to Taiwan Province for training may also come to an end. What is the spokesman’s response to this?

[Ma Xiaoguang]: These two questions can be answered together. Not long ago, the leaders of China and New Zealand met, and the relevant contents have been reported in the news. I think with the promotion of the mainland’s international status and the expansion of its influence, the international community’s adherence to the one-China pattern is increasingly consolidated, and there is no room for the "Taiwan independence" to split.

[Reporter of China Radio International]: Recently, there was an earthquake in Mexico, and China’s embassy in Mexico rescued the trapped Taiwan Province compatriots. According to the analysis of Taiwanese media, the mainland has recently strengthened its emergency rescue service for Taiwan Province people abroad, and intends to implement the nationalization of Taiwan compatriots internationally. What is the spokesman’s comment?

[Ma Xiaoguang]: It is the consistent aim and policy of our embassies and consulates abroad to safeguard the rights and interests of overseas China people, including China compatriots. After the strong earthquake in Mexico, our embassy in China, when it got a call for help and learned that five Taiwan compatriots were trapped and their whereabouts were unknown, actively asked the relevant Mexican departments to do their best to rescue them. Within 72 hours of the gold rescue, the embassy closely followed up the rescue situation and visited the relatives of trapped Taiwan compatriots many times. On September 22nd, it was confirmed by relevant Mexican authorities and relatives of Taiwan compatriots that all the five trapped Taiwan compatriots were killed. Here, we express our deep condolences to the Taiwan compatriots who died and our sincere condolences to the families of the victims. Taiwan Province compatriots are our flesh and blood brothers. Our embassies abroad, including the embassy in Mexico, are willing to provide further assistance to the relatives of Taiwan compatriots concerned to properly handle the aftermath.

Reporter from China Review: A few days ago, Lee Teng-hui, the former leader of Taiwan Province, said that the United front of the mainland with Taiwan had joined Taiwan Province’s "underworld". What is the spokesman’s comment on this?

[Ma Xiaoguang]: Lee Teng-hui, the "godfather of Taiwan independence", I think he recently took the opportunity to attack the Taiwan Province unification faction and attacked those who advocate cross-strait exchanges and support reunification. His intention is nothing more than to further create green terror, and his intentions are extremely sinister. As we all know, Lee Teng-hui came to power at a time when black money politics was rampant in Taiwan Province’s political arena, and we all know who the "underworld" was.

[Taiwan Province TVBS reporter]: Mr. Lai Qingde made some clear statements about the current situation in Taiwan Province when he was questioned, but he also mentioned that if the two sides of the strait want to become brothers, couples or lovers, they must be recognized by the mainland. What is the spokesman’s comment?

[Ma Xiaoguang]: I think that in order to improve and develop cross-strait relations, we must first clearly answer the question of the nature of cross-strait relations. As I said just now, both sides of the strait belong to the same China, which is not a state-to-state relationship or "one China, one Taiwan". Therefore, only when there is a clear answer to this question, the goodwill and sincerity mentioned are not lip service, and they are not flowers in the water and the moon in the mirror.

[Global Network Reporter]: Two questions. First, Democratic Progressive Party held a "National Congress" on the 24th. In a speech, Party Chairman Tsai Ing-Wen said that Chinese mainland is very different from the period when the Party was founded, and the rise of Chinese mainland is a situation that the whole world must face cautiously now. She also said that emotional hatred or blind flattery cannot honestly face up to the development of the rise of the mainland. How does the spokesman comment on this? Second, recently, the voice of Amnesty for Chen Shui-bian has been making a lot of noise on the island. More than 90% of netizens opposed Amnesty for Chen Shui-bian in an online poll held by the Kuomintang. At the same time, we noticed that more than half of the representatives of the National Congress in Democratic Progressive Party took the opportunity to slip away, resulting in the situation that the meeting was over before the "case of pardon" was discussed. What does the spokesman think of this? Thank you.

[Ma Xiaoguang]: Let me answer the second question first. We don’t comment on judicial cases in Taiwan Province. It remains to be seen what judicial value Democratic Progressive Party and Taiwan Province authorities insist on.

2024 China Tourism Leisure and Entertainment Industry Annual Meeting | Cultural Tourism Development: Breaking a New Game in the Crisis!

The 2024 China Tourism, Leisure and Entertainment Industry Annual Conference (hereinafter referred to as the "Annual Conference") hosted by China Amusement Machine and Amusement Park Association will be held in Beijing from March 19th to 21st.

In order to improve the media literacy of cultural tourism enterprises, enhance the awareness of crisis management and establish corporate brand reputation, China Amusement Machine Amusement Park Association will hold an exchange forum on crisis management and media literacy improvement of cultural tourism enterprises in conference room ·W105 of China International Exhibition Center (Shunyi Pavilion) on March 21st.

At the forum, Zhang Zhian, a professor at the School of Journalism of Fudan University and director of the Research Center for Communication and National Governance, Xiong Xiaojie, director of the Brand Marketing Committee of China Tourism Association and chairman of Times Wenlv (Guangzhou) Brand Marketing Consultant Co., Ltd., Liu Lei, vice president of Ailiai think tank, Qiao Dawang of independent filmmakers, author of the best-selling book Content Detonates Growth and Wang Ziqiao, a marketing consultant, and other industry experts will gather together to give keynote speeches, and finally set up a question-and-answer session for on-site communication.

It is reported that the annual meeting focuses on the development trend, market changes and product iterations of the tourism industry under the new situation, focusing on the innovation of "tourism+"format and scene changes in the new era, aiming at promoting the deep integration of cultural tourism and leisure, entertainment, education, science and technology, sports and other fields, expanding the space for industrial development and empowerment, enriching the supply of high-quality projects, helping the tourism industry to achieve effective improvement in quality and reasonable growth in quantity, further releasing the tourism consumption potential, and better satisfying the people’s diversification and multi-level.

Besides, The annual meeting will also set up the main forum of the 2024 China Tourism and Leisure Industry Annual Meeting, the China Tourism and Leisure Industry Safety Symposium, the China Tourism and Leisure IP Empowerment Forum, the China Tourism and Leisure Brand Marketing Forum, the China Cultural and Business Travel Project Innovation and Development Forum, the China City Park Transformation and Upgrading Forum, the China Indoor Park Innovation and Development Forum, the China Entertainment and Entertainment Innovation and Development Forum, the China Tourism and Leisure Development Trend Research Association, and the China Tourism and Leisure "Tide Entertainment New Species" Creation Forum. China Cultural Travel Planning Creative Innovation Forum, China Immersive Entertainment and Cultural Travel Digital Technology Innovation and Development Forum, China Tourism and Leisure Scene Promotion Forum, China Cultural and Sports Travel Unpowered New Business Development Forum and other sections. At that time, you will be invited to participate in the 2024 China Tourism and Leisure Industry Annual Meeting!

Author:Chen Mengyao

Editor:Gou Xiaoqing